How to Convert Images and Digital Art to NFT?

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Have you heard of NFTs? Of course, you have! Unless you have been living under the rock. This new phenomenon, along with cryptocurrency, has brought about a revolution in the digital space. If you are a digital artist, meme maker, tech enthusiast, or simply someone looking for a new area to invest in, this article can be of great interest to you. It may be a buzzword today, but it is definitely here to stay. However, despite its novelty, it is possible to make an NFT in minutes with Appy Pie’s NFT generator. One of the most exciting ways to make an NFT is to convert the image to NFT. Appy Pie helps you do this without any coding.

You can use NFTs to represent your digital creations in a secure, transparent way. Though cryptocurrency and NFTs belong to the same world, the rules for them both are quite different. It is due to these differences that NFTs have gained a unique importance within the cryptocurrency space. Many NFT enthusiasts often find themselves asking questions like can I turn my photos into NFT, or how do I turn my art into NFT. While that is a very good question and warrants a detailed explanation, first, we will talk about the basics like what is NFT and what is an image to NFT converter.

What is NFT?

An NFT or non-fungible token is a non-interchangeable data unit stored on a blockchain. It is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like music, art, online games, etc. They are usually bought and sold on NFT marketplaces with cryptocurrencies, with which they also share their underlying technology.
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Can I turn my art into NFT?

Yes, it is possible to turn your art into NFT. However, the path you choose may vary, depending on whether you want to convert digital art to NFT or physical art to NFT. More often than not, converting physical art into NFT is equivalent to converting photo to NFT.

What is an image to NFT converter?

Once you know what you can achieve by simply creating an NFT and putting it out in the market, it is impossible to get it out of your head unless you have tried it at least once. An NFT presents itself as a lucrative opportunity to monetize your hidden talent. The easiest way to create an NFT (especially for an amateur) is to convert an image to an NFT using an image to NFT converter. So, what is an image to NFT converter? It is exactly what it sounds like. It is a piece of software that is used to convert images to NFTs. Did you know that Appy Pie, with its JPG to NFT converter, makes it possible to do it all in just a few clicks!

How to convert images to NFT?

If you are plagued by the question of how to convert a photo to NFT or how to convert your art into NFT, here is the step-by-step process.
  1. Choose the image or artSelect the image or the artwork that you want to convert into NFT. This image could be anything from a priceless capture to a celebrity portrait or even artwork you created in the digital or physical medium. While choosing this image or art, think about whether it makes sense for you to covert this image into an NFT. Would someone want to buy it? Would you be able to sell it and make a profit through it?
  2. Select the blockchainThere are multiple blockchain platforms in the market today, and while each one may appear the same to you, you must do some serious thinking before choosing one. We say this because an NFT created in a specific blockchain platform can buy and sell only on that platform. Think about your specific requirements, your unique audience, and what you want to do with your NFT. Each blockchain platform is associated with its own NFT token standard, and comes with its own wallet and a marketplace.
  3. Purchase or acquire your preferred cryptocurrencyDepending on the platform you choose, you need to acquire the associated cryptocurrency. This is primarily because the platform you select would require you to pay some fees to list your NFT for selling.
  4. Connect your wallet to the NFT marketplaceOnce you have purchased the cryptocurrency, choose the right marketplace to enroll in NFT. Once you have chosen the platform, you need to select the preferred wallet. Did you know that you can create your own NFT marketplace without coding?
  5. Create an account and log inThe next step is to register on the platform. After completing the registration and furnishing all the required information, you will have an account on the platform and a space to list your NFT collection.
  6. Create the NFTUse Appy Pie’s image to NFT converter to upload the image and convert it into NFT art in minutes. Here are the three steps.
    • Choose your photo/artwork
    • Click to convert it into NFT art
    • Save it on the cloud or share it on social media
  7. List and sell the NFTOnce you have created your NFT, it is time to put it in front of the right audience. For that, you need to list your NFT on an NFT marketplace so that your prospective buyers can find it and make a purchase.
At Appy Pie, we help our platform users create NFTs without coding, create an NFT marketplace website, and start selling your work to the right audience. So, if you have NFTs on your mind and have an image or work of art that you want to convert into an NFT, get going now!

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