A Comprehensive Guide To App Clips

Neha Singh
By Neha Singh | Last Updated on May 23rd, 2024 12:42 pm

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you urgently needed a specific feature or function from an app but didn't want to download the entire application? That's where app clips come in. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll understand app clips by Apple, exploring what they are, how they work, popular applications and uses, and the benefits of offering app clips to consumers. So, let's learn about app clips!

What are App Clips by Apple?

what are App clips

App Clips are bite-sized versions of iOS applications that allow users to access specific features or functionalities of an app without having to download the entire application. They provide a lightweight and seamless experience, allowing users to quickly accomplish tasks or access information without the need for a full app installation. App Clips can be triggered through various entry points, such as NFC tags, QR codes, or even links shared through messages or social media. With app clips, users can access the core functionality of an app in an instant, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

How do App Clips Work?


App Clips gives the power of Apple's iOS platform to deliver a seamless and efficient user experience. When a user encounters an app clip entry point, such as scanning a QR code, the app clip is downloaded in the background and quickly launches on the user's device. It is designed to be lightweight, typically ranging from a few megabytes to tens of megabytes in size. Once launched, the user can interact with the app clip to complete a specific task, such as making a purchase or booking a table at a restaurant.

Key Points:

  • Seamless Experience: App Clips provide a smooth and efficient user experience, allowing users to quickly access and interact with specific app features.
  • On-Demand Usage: App Clips are triggered by entry points like QR codes or NFC tags, offering instant access without a full app download.
  • Lightweight Design: Ranging from a few to tens of megabytes, App Clips are designed to be small and fast, taking up minimal space on a user's device.
  • Integration with iOS: App Clips are built to integrate seamlessly with iOS, utilizing features like Apple Pay and Sign in with Apple for a consistent, native feel.
  • Task-Specific Functionality: Each App Clip is designed for a specific task, such as purchasing or booking, providing a focused and streamlined user journey.

Popular Applications and Uses of App Clips

App Clips have found their way into various industries and applications, revolutionizing the way users interact with iOS applications. Let's explore some popular applications and uses of app clips:

  1. Food Ordering and Delivery
  2. One of the most popular uses of app clips is in the food ordering and delivery industry. Imagine you're walking by a restaurant, and you want to quickly order some takeout. With an App Clip, you can simply scan a QR code displayed on the restaurant's window and instantly access a streamlined ordering interface. You can select your desired items, customize your order, and make a payment using Apple Pay. The entire process is quick and seamless and doesn't require you to download the restaurant's full app.

  3. Ride-Sharing and Transportation
  4. App Clips have also made their way into the ride-sharing and transportation industry. Instead of downloading a separate app for every ride-sharing service, users can now access app clips to hail a ride. For example, if you're in a hurry and need to quickly book a ride, you can scan a QR code displayed on a billboard or use an NFC tag. The App Clip will launch, allowing you to book a ride and pay for it, all without the need for a full app installation.

  5. Retail and Shopping
  6. App Clips have transformed the retail and shopping experience by enabling frictionless interactions. When you're browsing a physical store and want to learn more about a product, you can simply scan an App Clip QR code associated with that product. The app clip will provide you with detailed information, reviews, and even the option to make a purchase. With app clips, retailers can seamlessly bridge the gap between the physical and digital shopping experience, enhancing convenience for customers.


Many brands getting benefits from this feature. Let’s have a look at some very popular app clip examples that you can take inspiration from:

  1. Flash Note Cards
  2. Flash Note Cards utilize app clips for quick access to study materials, allowing users to review key information without downloading the full app, enhancing study efficiency and convenience.

  3. SignEasy
  4. SignEasy integrates app clips for swift document signing on the go, streamlining the signing process without the need for a complete app download, ensuring seamless and efficient document handling.

  5. Parcel
  6. Parcel offers app clips for effortless package tracking, enabling users to track shipments conveniently without installing the entire app, providing a user-friendly and efficient parcel tracking experience.

Benefits of Offering App Clips To Your Consumers

Now that we've explored the concept of app clips and their popular applications, let's learn the benefits of offering app clips to consumers:

benefits of offering app clips

  1. Enhanced Convenience and Efficiency
  2. App clips provide users with a quick and efficient way to accomplish tasks or access information without the need for a full app installation. By offering app clips, you can cater to users who prefer a lightweight and seamless experience, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

  3. Increased Discoverability and User Acquisition
  4. App clips serve as a powerful tool for user acquisition and app discoverability. By providing users with a taste of your app's functionality through an App Clip, you can spark their interest and encourage them to download the full app. Additionally, app clips can be easily shared through messages or social media, allowing users to discover your app through word-of-mouth.

  5. Seamless Integration with iOS Features
  6. As mentioned earlier, app clips seamlessly integrate with iOS features like Apple Pay and Sign in with Apple. By implementing these integrations, you can provide a frictionless experience to your users, eliminating the need for them to enter payment or authentication details repeatedly. This seamless integration enhances user satisfaction and encourages repeat usage.

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Step 3: Test & Launch

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App Clips by Apple have revolutionized the way users interact with iOS applications. They provide a lightweight and seamless experience, allowing users to access specific features or functionalities without the need for a full app installation. With popular applications in food ordering, ride-sharing, retail, and more, app clips has proven to be a game-changer in various industries. By offering app clips to your consumers, you can enhance convenience, increase discoverability, and seamlessly integrate with iOS features.

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