How to make a marketing video for your small business?

How to create Marketing Videos for your Business?

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In this blog post I am going to take you through the right process of making a marketing video. So, here is an overview of all the things that you are going to learn in the post below.

  • What is a marketing video?
  • Tips for making a good marketing video
  • Types of videos
  • Create your marketing video
How to make a marketing video for your small business

What is a marketing video?

In the recent years marketing videos have been making inroads in digital marketing. The known fact that visuals can be retained for a longer duration makes marketing videos the best promotional tool for your business. Marketing videos for small businesses use visual medium to attract and retain new customers. They provide comprehensive data that gives customers all the information they need.What is a marketing videoVideos help you pull traffic directly to your site instead of depending on a third-party platform. It is recommended to create captivating video content on a regular basis as a part of your marketing strategy. Creating a series of videos every week or month builds brand identity, engages your customers and gets them hooked as they wait for new ones. Marketing videos also help in humanizing your brand. Here is our ultimate guide to video marketing for beginner’s that can help you in easily getting started in no time.

How to create a marketing videos for your business?

Following is a list of some really simple tips for creating marketing videos:

#1 Keep it short and crisp

The first and foremost point is to create a marketing video which is short and crisp. Online viewers like optimal length videos. It is recommended to keep business videos between 1 to 2 minutes, or as short as possible making sure that it includes all the pertinent information.

#2 Create an attractive title

When you create marketing videos always have an attractive title to grab your viewers’ attention. Apart from that, it is a good idea to use relevant keywords in your video title. The correct keywords can help your video show up on popular search engines. Remember a strong beginning will get you the viewers’ attention immediately.Tips for making a good marketing video

#3 Send out a clear message

While creating marketing videos remember to give a clear message to your audience. If the content of your video is simple and clear, it will be accessible and will be understood by a larger audience. The main aspect of effective communication is to be clear and correct.

#4 Have a solid script

To create a marketing video a solid script is one the most important aspects for achieving success. A well written script will help you engage your audience. Remember with a well written script you have a smooth flow and if the flow is broken the audience tends to get distracted.

#5 Focus on the mission of your business

It is important to be focused on the mission of your business while making a marketing video but don’t brag too much because as the minute you turn the focus of your marketing video towards how great you are, your audience is going to lose interest.

#6 Educate and engage your viewers

Videos offering advice, information and tips are more effective than purely promotional videos. Have conversations with the customers or prospects, as it helps in engaging them for longer.

Types of Videos

Listed below are the best types of videos to incorporate into your marketing plan. Certain types of videos tend to perform better on social media, so while making your own marketing videos decide what works best for you and what fits your business the best. However, the types of videos listed below fit almost all types of industries.

Brand Videos

The sole goal of brand videos is to create awareness. These videos tell your audience about your brand with the intent of convincing them that your company is reliable. These videos should be engaging, short, simple and unique. A brand video should showcase the best of your company. Animation is an excellent way to portray your ideas. Animation stimulates the mind of the viewer and allows them to understand the concept better.

Company Culture Videos

Company culture videos portray the company culture through a series of videos. Customers love good products, but more than that, they love products that come from good places. Company culture videos showcase the faces, the infrastructure behind your business. In this way customers can relate better to your brand. These videos can include a tour of the office or even some employee interviews. However, remember culture videos should be simple because over-the-top culture videos may end up having the opposite effect.

Event Videos

Event videos portray a company event. The best example of event videos is Apple Events. Just like your actual event, event videos are also quite effective in promoting your product. Event videos take the viewer behind the scenes. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat allow you to showcase your event in a variety of formats. Event videos should be professional and real and you should hire a professional videographer for them. The catch here is that the event videos are usually a little more expensive than the other kinds of marketing videos listed here.

Interview Videos or Q/A Videos

Interactive content is great for driving consumer engagement. A Q/A video can be directed at answering product related questions or questions that are frequently asked by customers. These videos help with brand awareness, engagement or product awareness. Q/A videos should be made regularly and have an excellent outreach. The Q/A marketing videos should be shot with one of the important members of your company. Q/A videos increase your social media presence.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos involve people who have used your product and have had a happy experience. Though testimonial videos are extremely effective, but they are difficult to make, as they require active and willing participation from your customers. They have a positive effect on the audience. People are more likely to watch a customer testimonial video than they are, to read testimonials pages. A great way to acquire testimonial information is during an in-store event or tradeshow. The key for these videos to be a success is that they need to be genuine.

Webinars or Vlogs

Webinar is a term coined by combining two different words – web and seminar. Webinars are practically the best way to sell your products as they are comparatively more personalized than other forms of video marketing. Consumers are always looking for instant information and knowledge, and webinars can help them by providing interactivity and the ability to discuss. Webinars give you the chance to dive deeper into the topics.

Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos help you educate your audience in an engaging manner. This is done by talking about your product and how to use it in the right way. A well-made tutorial video gives direct insight into your product. It should focus on addressing and answering all the questions from a customer’s perspective. They should be simple and easy-to-follow, as their main goal is to help and not to create any confusion about your product.

Announcement Videos or Product Update Videos

Announcement videos are made for making important announcements like product updates, an expansion or a new product in line. It is a great way to connect with your current customers. They act as a great opportunity to connect with your consumer on a personal and emotional level. Due to its vast reach and engagement, social media is the best platform for announcement videos.

Creating your Marketing Video

Irrespective of the type of video you choose for your business, the basic steps of creating a marketing video are almost the same. Like many companies, you might not have in-house resources to create a clip or time to learn video editing.Create your marketing videoThis should not be a cause for concern as good video marketing software can take care of all the technical work and make the video production process easier. However, if you choose to create your own video, here’s how you can do it. Additionally, there are several options for free video editing software available that can help you create professional-looking videos without breaking the bank. It is essential to choose a reliable video editor tool with all the features you need.

Choose your audience

Developing content that suits your audience is a great place to get started with your video marketing efforts. Plan the video as per your audience. If your video is entertaining and informative you will be able to hook your viewers and encourage them to view the complete video.

Outline a video content plan

Once you have decided your audience, make a key strategy for your videos. The strategy should include the timeline of your videos, the number of your videos, a schedule and type of videos you to plan to use for promotion. These videos could be webinars, testimonials, how to do videos, event or culture videos. After planning out your videos, you need to figure the platform you plan to use for publishing your videos.

Start working on your videos

Once you have finalized your content strategy and chosen the publishing platform, you can start working on the videos. The task list for creating your videos will include the following:
  • Create a storyboard
  • Record and shoot videos
  • Add media, soundtrack to your video
  • Edit videos

Host your video

Once you have finished the video, you can share it directly to the platform of choice, email the link, or save the video to your machine. Once you have finished the video, you can share it directly to the platform of choice, email the link or save the video to your machine. Many companies, especially B2B perfer to rely on a good video hosting platform. This enbales them to showcase their videos securely and provides them with insights into who's watching their videos.

Promote your video and seek response

Promote your video and persuade your viewers to share it on various social media platforms. Ask for a feedback of your viewers to make your videos more effective. Video marketing is a team work, though the team could consist of many people or just few people with different roles. The following list describes your video production team Camera operator: Controls the camera, ensures proper lightning and gets the shots. Director: Plans the look and feel of the production by managing actors and crew members and all other elements of the video Editor: Constructs scenes, create graphics Production Department: This department includes actors if any, soundperson, script writer etc.


Video marketing has a great prospect and will increase in the coming years. It is likely to become the single most important marketing strategy in future. With a little time, effort, and a planned video marketing strategy you too can share video content with your potential clients and build trust and connect with them.

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