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20 Best WordPress Websites of 2023

Garima Singh
By Garima Singh | October 31, 2023 1:15 pm

WordPress is a free and open-source software that allows you to create and manage websites, blogs, online stores, and more.WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS), powering more than 43% of all websites on the internet.WordPress also holds 64.2% of the CMS market share, which is more than 10 times greater than its closest competitor.

WordPress is popular because it is versatile, flexible, and easy to use. You can use WordPress to create different types of websites, such as personal blogs, business websites, e-commerce stores, online magazines, portfolios, social networks, and more. You can also customize your website with thousands of themes and plugins that add functionality and features to your site. WordPress also has a large and active community of developers, designers, and users who contribute to its development and support.

• WordPress powers 14.7% of the world’s top websites, such as The New Yorker, Spotify, Sony Music, BBC America, Facebook Newsroom, The Walt Disney Company, The Rolling Stones, The Obama Foundation, Vogue, Mercedes-Benz, TechCrunch, Time, Quartz, Variety, MTV News, The New York Times, National Geographic, PlayStation.Blog, Star Wars, and more.

• WordPress has a 65.1% market share in the CMS market, which is more than 10 times greater than its closest competitor Shopify (3.9%), followed by Wix (2.5%), Squarespace (2.1%), Joomla (1.8%), and others.

How to Use WordPress to Create Different Types of Websites

WordPress is a versatile and flexible software that can help you create different types of websites for different purposes. Whether you want to share your passion, educate your audience, build your reputation, or make money online, WordPress can help you achieve your goals.

Here are some of the steps to use WordPress to create different types of websites:

• Choose a domain name and a hosting service for your website. A domain name is the address of your website on the internet, such as A hosting service is the company that provides the server space where your website files are stored. You can choose from various domain name registrars and hosting providers, or use Appy Pie’s free domain and hosting service.

• Install WordPress on your domain and hosting. You can install WordPress manually by downloading the software from and uploading it to your server via FTP, or use a one-click installer provided by your hosting service or Appy Pie’s AI WordPress Website Builder.

• Choose and customize a WordPress theme for your website. A theme is a collection of files that define the appearance and layout of your website. You can choose from thousands of free or premium themes available on the WordPress Themes Directory or other marketplaces, or use Appy Pie’s AI WordPress Website Builder to generate a custom theme based on your input. You can also customize your theme using the WordPress Customizer or a page builder plugin like Elementor or Divi.

• Install and activate WordPress plugins for your website. A plugin is a piece of software that adds functionality and features to your website. You can choose from thousands of free or premium plugins available on the WordPress Plugin Directory or other marketplaces, or use Appy Pie’s AI WordPress Website Builder to suggest the best plugins for your website based on your needs. You can also activate or deactivate plugins using the WordPress Dashboard or a plugin manager plugin like Jetpack or WPBakery Page Builder.

• Create and manage WordPress posts and pages for your website. A post is a type of content that is displayed in reverse chronological order on your website, such as a blog post or a news article.

A page is a type of content that is displayed in a static order on your website, such as a home page or a contact page. You can create and manage posts and pages using the WordPress Editor or a page builder plugin like Elementor or Divi. You can also categorize and tag your posts, and use menus and widgets to organize and display your content.

• Configure WordPress settings and options for your website. You can configure various settings and options for your website using the WordPress Dashboard or a plugin like Yoast SEO or WPForms.

Some of the settings and options you can configure are:

• General: You can set the site title, tagline, URL, language, timezone, date format, etc.

• Writing: You can set the default post category, format, editor, etc.

• Reading: You can set the homepage display, posts per page, syndication feed, search engine visibility, etc.

• Discussion: You can set the comment settings, moderation, notification, avatar, etc.

• Media: You can set the image sizes, cropping, uploading, etc.

• Permalinks: You can set the URL structure, category base, tag base, etc.

• Privacy: You can set the privacy policy page, cookie consent, data export and erase, etc.

These are some of the basic steps to use WordPress to create different types of websites. However, WordPress offers many more possibilities and features that you can explore and use to create your own unique and attractive website.

WordPress is a powerful and versatile platform, and its popularity is well-demonstrated by some of the most renowned websites that use it. In this section, we’ll delve into the features and benefits of the top 20 WordPress websites to understand why WordPress is the preferred choice for building diverse online platforms.

  1. The New Yorker
  2. Features: The New Yorker’s WordPress-powered website excels in delivering engaging long-form articles, multimedia content, and a clean, easy-to-navigate design. It offers a robust commenting system, allowing readers to actively engage with the content.

    Benefits: WordPress provides The New Yorker with a user-friendly content management system, making it easy for their editorial team to create and publish content seamlessly.

  3. Spotify Newsroom
  4. Features: Spotify Newsroom’s WordPress website showcases the latest news and updates in a visually appealing and organized format. It incorporates multimedia elements and offers an efficient search feature for locating specific content.

    Benefits: WordPress allows Spotify to manage and update their newsroom with ease, keeping their audience informed about company developments and events.

  5. TED Blog
  6. Features: TED’s WordPress site is known for its high-quality multimedia content, including video talks and insightful blog posts. It’s organized, mobile-responsive, and encourages user engagement through comments.

    Benefits: WordPress’s multimedia capabilities and user-friendly interface enable TED to share inspiring ideas with a global audience.

  7. Sony Music
  8. Features: Sony Music’s WordPress website is visually striking, offering an immersive experience with artist profiles, music releases, and dynamic visuals. It integrates seamlessly with social media for easy sharing.

    Benefits: WordPress’s customization options empower Sony Music to showcase its artists and catalog effectively while maintaining a user-friendly experience.

  9. BBC America
  10. Features: BBC America’s WordPress site is a hub for entertainment news, show information, and video content. It provides easy access to streaming schedules and interactive content.

    Benefits: WordPress’s flexibility and scalability allow BBC America to serve its audience with the latest in British and American TV entertainment.

  11. Facebook Newsroom
  12. Features: Facebook Newsroom’s WordPress-based platform highlights company news, product updates, and policy announcements. It offers a well-organized archive of news articles.

    Benefits: WordPress enables Facebook to maintain transparency and provide a reliable source of information to its users and stakeholders.

  13. The Walt Disney Company
  14. Features: Disney’s WordPress site is a magical blend of multimedia content, including news, stories, and video. It offers an inviting design and seamless integration with Disney’s brand.

    Benefits: WordPress helps Disney maintain its enchanting online presence, catering to audiences of all ages worldwide.

  15. The Rolling Stones
  16. Features: The Rolling Stones’ website boasts a rock ‘n’ roll vibe with tour information, merchandise, and historical content. It incorporates social media feeds and interactive elements.

    Benefits: WordPress empowers The Rolling Stones to engage with fans, promote their music, and offer a platform for a global fan community.

  17. The Obama Foundation
  18. Features: The Obama Foundation’s WordPress site shares the organization’s initiatives, stories, and calls to action. It’s visually engaging and facilitates user engagement through events and volunteer opportunities.

    Benefits: WordPress enables the Obama Foundation to reach a global audience, inspiring positive change and community involvement.

  19. Vogue
  20. Features: Vogue’s WordPress website is a fashion and lifestyle paradise, featuring articles, interviews, and high-quality images. It offers user-friendly navigation and supports e-commerce elements.

    Benefits: WordPress’s content management capabilities help Vogue stay on the cutting edge of fashion journalism and e-commerce.

  21. Mercedes-Benz
  22. Features: Mercedes-Benz’s WordPress website is a showcase of luxury and innovation. It displays the latest car models, features interactive tools for configuring vehicles, and offers a seamless user experience.

    Benefits: WordPress empowers Mercedes-Benz to present its product lineup effectively and engage with potential buyers through a visually appealing and user-friendly platform.

  23. TechCrunch
  24. Features: TechCrunch’s WordPress-powered platform is a tech news powerhouse. It offers a clean design, easy navigation, and features like article categorization, search functionality, and comments to foster a tech-savvy community.

    Benefits: WordPress’s content management and community-building tools make it an ideal choice for a tech news website, allowing TechCrunch to provide timely and relevant content to its readers.

  25. Time
  26. Features: Time’s WordPress site is a well-organized source of news, analysis, and feature articles. It boasts an extensive archive, multimedia integration, and seamless sharing options.

    Benefits: WordPress facilitates Time’s mission to deliver high-quality journalism while offering an extensive archive for readers to explore historical content.

  27. Quartz
  28. Features: Quartz’s WordPress site is known for its innovative approach to digital journalism. It offers a mobile-first design, interactive charts, and personalized news feeds.

    Benefits: WordPress’s adaptability allows Quartz to experiment with new forms of journalism and engage its audience in unique and interactive ways.

  29. Variety
  30. Features: Variety’s WordPress-based platform is a comprehensive source of entertainment news, reviews, and industry insights. It features multimedia content, event coverage, and user-friendly navigation.

    Benefits: WordPress’s flexibility enables Variety to cover the ever-changing entertainment landscape and provide readers with an engaging and informative experience.

  31. MTV News
  32. Features: MTV News’ WordPress website combines pop culture news, interviews, and multimedia content. It integrates social media and supports community engagement through comments.

    Benefits: WordPress allows MTV News to stay in tune with its young and dynamic audience, offering a platform for pop culture discussions and content sharing.

  33. The New York Times
  34. Features: The New York Times’ WordPress site is a global news giant with a well-organized interface, multimedia content, and comprehensive categories for in-depth coverage.

    Benefits: WordPress is a robust foundation for The New York Times to deliver accurate and timely news to a vast international readership.

  35. National Geographic
  36. Features: National Geographic’s WordPress site is an exploration of the world’s wonders. It offers captivating visuals, educational content, and interactive maps.

    Benefits: WordPress allows National Geographic to share the wonders of the natural world and educate a global audience on environmental and cultural issues.

  37. PlayStation.Blog
  38. Features: PlayStation.Blog’s WordPress-powered site is a hub for gaming news, updates, and interactive elements. It provides a space for gamers to connect and stay informed.

    Benefits: WordPress offers PlayStation.Blog is a versatile platform to engage with the gaming community and share exciting updates about PlayStation products and games.

  39. Star Wars
  40. Features: The Star Wars WordPress website immerses fans in the galaxy far, far away with multimedia content, news, and merchandise. It supports user accounts and offers a unique user experience.

    Benefits: WordPress empowers Star Wars to create a digital universe for its fan base, offering a dynamic and interactive platform for fans of all ages.

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