The 6 Best Speech To Text Software and Dictation Apps [2023]

By Snigdha | September 18, 2023 3:12 am

We have come a long way from the early days of dictation software, which was often tedious and imprecise. Today, we have the privilege of experiencing dictation technology that truly pays off. It's remarkably accurate, allowing you to speak naturally, and it even offers voice commands for increased productivity. The popularity of dictation and voice to text apps can further be demonstrated by the fact that 50% of U.S. consumers use voice search daily (Source). Ahead, in the blog, we'll explore different types of speech-to-text software, share tips for maximizing their utility, discuss the potential of app integration, and present our top picks for the best speech to text software and dictation apps in 2023.

What Is Dictation Software?

Dictation software, also known as speech-to-text, voice recognition, or voice-to-text software, refers to programs that convert spoken words into text in real time. While searching for dictation software, you may encounter various apps and services, some of which transcribe audio files rather than real-time speech. It's essential to distinguish between these different offerings to find the right solution for your needs.

For this blog, we're focusing on software, whether standalone or integrated into devices, designed specifically for transcribing spoken words into text.

Why Use Dictation Software?

Let's explore the compelling reasons to embrace dictation software and delve into the unique benefits it brings.

Enhanced Productivity: Dictation software is a productivity powerhouse. Whether you're a student working on research papers or a busy professional crafting emails, reports, or articles, this technology allows you to streamline the process. With the best speech-to-text software at your disposal, you can efficiently transcribe your thoughts and ideas, saving valuable time and effort.

  1. Accessibility and Inclusivity: Dictation software isn't just about convenience; it's a game-changer for individuals with disabilities. For those who may have physical limitations or language-based challenges, dictation technology levels the playing field. It empowers them to access digital tools, create documents, and navigate the web using their voices, promoting accessibility and inclusivity.
  2. Multi-Tasking Made Easy: The best voice-to-text apps enable users to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Imagine dictating emails or taking notes while driving, walking, or performing other activities. This multitasking capability transforms the way we work and boosts efficiency. It's like having a personal secretary at your beck and call.
  3. Language Support: One of the standout features of dictation software is its language support. Leading speech recognition apps cover a wide array of languages, making them accessible to a global audience. Whether you're communicating in English, Spanish, Mandarin, or any other language, you can find dictation software that suits your linguistic needs.
  4. Accuracy and Precision: When using the best dictation apps, you'll experience remarkable accuracy. These tools excel at transcribing your spoken words with precision, even accommodating for natural speech patterns, minor errors, or stumbles. This level of accuracy instills confidence in users, allowing them to focus on their content rather than correcting errors.
  5. Voice Commands for Efficiency: Dictation software isn't just about converting speech to text; it's about enhancing your control. With voice commands, you can seamlessly integrate punctuation, formatting, and other instructions into your dictation. This feature streamlines the editing process and ensures your documents are structured correctly.
  6. Platform Versatility: Whether you're an Apple enthusiast, a Windows aficionado, or a dedicated user of Google Docs, you can find dictation software that seamlessly integrates with your preferred platform. The availability of dictation apps for various operating systems ensures flexibility and accessibility for all users.
  7. Customization for Specialized Needs: For professionals in specific industries like healthcare, legal, or education, customizable dictation software, such as Dragon by Nuance, provides tailored solutions. These specialized apps cater to industry-specific vocabulary, ensuring accurate transcriptions in specialized fields.

Whether you're seeking the best voice to text app for your iPhone or the best voice to text app for your Windows desktop, embracing dictation technology can revolutionize the way you work and interact with digital devices. Its accuracy, language support, and customization options make it a valuable asset for users from all walks of life.

What Makes a Great Dictation App?

A great dictation app can significantly impact your productivity, accessibility, and overall user experience. There are several key factors that makes a dictation app exceptional. Let's explore these factors to understand what makes the best voice typing software:

  1. Accuracy and Precision: The foremost hallmark of a great dictation app is its accuracy. It should excel at transcribing spoken words into text with a high level of precision. The best app for dictation can handle natural speech patterns, minor errors, and even stumbles without compromising accuracy, allowing users to focus on content creation rather than correction.
  2. Ease of Use: A great dictation app should be user-friendly and intuitive, requiring minimal effort to get started. Users should be able to grasp its functionality within seconds, enabling a smooth and hassle-free dictation experience. A simple, well-designed interface is key.
  3. Language Support: Language diversity is vital, and top dictation apps should support a broad range of languages. Whether you speak English, Spanish, French, or any other language, the app should cater to your linguistic needs, ensuring that you can comfortably dictate in your preferred language.
  4. Voice Commands: Efficiency is enhanced when a dictation app offers voice commands. These commands allow users to integrate punctuation, formatting, and other instructions seamlessly into their dictation. The availability of voice commands streamlines the editing process and helps structure documents correctly.
  5. Platform Compatibility: A great dictation app should be versatile and compatible with various platforms. Whether you're using Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, or web-based applications like Google Docs, the app should seamlessly integrate with your chosen platform, ensuring accessibility across devices.
  6. Customization Options: Flexibility is key for different user needs. Some users may require specialized vocabulary or commands tailored to their industry, such as medical or legal terminology. A great dictation app should offer customization options, allowing users to adapt the software to their specific requirements.
  7. Mobile Accessibility: In today's mobile-driven world, a dictation app's mobile version is crucial. The best speech recognition software should be accessible on smartphones and tablets, enabling users to dictate notes, messages, and documents while on the move. Mobile convenience ensures that inspiration can be captured anytime, anywhere.
  8. Real-Time Transcription: For users who need real-time transcription, such as professionals in meetings or students in lectures, a great dictation app should offer this capability. Real-time transcription enhances productivity and ensures that important information is captured accurately.
  9. Regular Updates and Support: To stay at the top of its game, the best voice to text app should receive regular updates. These updates may include bug fixes, improvements in accuracy, and the addition of new features. Additionally, responsive customer support is crucial for addressing user queries and issues promptly.
  10. Cost and Accessibility: While some dictation apps may come with a price tag, a good dictation app should offer accessible pricing options. Users should have the flexibility to choose between free and paid versions based on their needs and budget.
  11. Security and Privacy: Security-conscious users will appreciate dictation apps that prioritize data privacy. The app should provide clear information on data handling, encryption, and user privacy rights to instill trust and confidence.

When these factors are harmoniously integrated, users can experience a seamless and efficient dictation process, making the app truly exceptional and valuable in various aspects of life and work.

Best Speech To Text Software

We know what is dictation software and what makes the best voice to text app. Now, let's dive into the best dictation software options for different platforms:

  1. Apple Dictation - Best Dictation App for iPhone and other Apple Devices
  2. Apple Dictation is a built-in dictation feature found on Apple's desktop and mobile operating systems, providing users with convenient speech-to-text capabilities.

    Top Features:
    • Accessibility on macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and Apple Watch.
    • Offline dictation with Enhanced Dictation.
    • Voice commands for formatting, navigation, and actions.
    • Support for multiple languages.
    • Advanced commands for math, currency, and more.
    Price: Included with macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and Apple Watch.Accuracy: Achieved a 97% accuracy rating during testing.Recommendation: Ideal for occasional dictation, while Voice Control with Enhanced Dictation is suitable for users requiring custom voice features.Supported Languages: Supports 31 languages.
  3. Windows 10 Speech Recognition - Best Dictation Software for Windows
  4. Windows 10 Speech Recognition, also known as Voice Typing in Windows 11, is a built-in feature that allows users to dictate and control their Windows devices with voice commands.

    Top Features:
    • Accessibility and integration with Windows 10 and Windows 11.
    • Extensive punctuation and symbol commands.
    • Six dictation languages are available.
    • Voice commands for actions within documents.
    • Ease of use across various applications.
    Price: Included with Windows 10 and Windows 11.Accuracy: Achieved a 97% accuracy rating during testing.Recommendation: Highly recommended for Windows 10 users willing to invest time in voice training.Supported Languages: Supports several languages, including Chinese Simplified, English, French, and German.
  5. Dragon by Nuance - Best Voice to Text App
  6. Dragon by Nuance is a leading dictation software available on multiple platforms, offering advanced features and customization options tailored to various industries.

    Top Features:
    • Specialized industry vocabulary support.
    • Mobile app (Dragon Anywhere) with a free trial.
    • Customization of vocabulary and commands.
    • Words feature for challenging words.
    • Shortcut creation for frequently used phrases.
    • Integration with various applications for document handling.
    Price: Starts at $15/month for Dragon Anywhere (iOS and Android) and $200 to $500 for desktop packages.Accuracy: Achieved a 97% accuracy rating during testing.Recommendation: Suitable for committed users looking for specialized industry vocabulary support and advanced features.Supported Languages: Available in English (US, UK, Canada), French, and German.
  7. Gboard - Best Free Dictation App
  8. Gboard, developed by Google, is a versatile keyboard app that includes powerful dictation capabilities, making it easy to transcribe voice into text.

    Top Features:
    • Fast and accurate transcription.
    • Personalization to adapt to users' speech patterns.
    • Minimal latency between dictation and transcription.
    • Support for a wide range of languages.
    • Voice input for quick messaging and note-taking.
    • Ability to dictate and send text messages.
    Price: FreeAccuracy: Achieved an impressive 98% accuracy rating during testing.Recommendation: Perfect for users looking for fast and accurate dictation on both Android and iOS platforms.Supported Languages: Supports 69 languages.
  9. Google Docs Voice Typing - Best Voice Typing Software for the Web
  10. Google Docs Voice Typing is a web-based dictation feature available on the Google Docs platform when using the Chrome browser.

    Top Features:
    • Real-time voice-to-text transcription in Google Docs.
    • Voice commands for punctuation, formatting, and editing.
    • Language support for various dialects and languages.
    • Accessible within Google Slides for speaker notes.
    • User-friendly interface with built-in help and commands list.
    Price: FreeAccuracy: Achieved a 95% accuracy rating during testing.Recommendation: Highly recommended for Google Docs power users seeking accurate dictation and a wide range of voice commands.Supported Languages: Supports multiple languages and dialects.
  11. SpeechTexter - Best Speech Recognition Software
  12. SpeechTexter is a web-based and Android dictation solution that offers users the ability to transcribe their spoken words into text with ease.

    Top Features:
    • Support for numerous languages and dialects.
    • Real-time transcription with word count display.
    • Customizable voice commands.
    • Auto-save feature to prevent data loss.
    • Privacy-focused with minimal ads.
    • Editable text for further refinement.
    Price: FreeAccuracy: Achieved a 95% accuracy rating during testing.Recommendation: A great choice for Chrome users who occasionally need dictation with good accuracy and ease of use.Supported Languages: Supports speech-to-text in 73 languages, including various dialects.


Voice to text apps have come a long way, offering accessibility and productivity benefits to users across various platforms. Whether you're a student, professional, or casual user, there's a dictation solution that can help you save time and effort. Explore the options mentioned here and find the one that best suits your needs. Dictation technology allows you to "write" using your voice from anywhere, making it a valuable tool in today's fast-paced world.

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