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To implement a payroll processing system for a small business, securing additional funds becomes imperative. Consequently, the company must resort to manual payroll processing initially. To navigate this process effectively, it is crucial to familiarize oneself with the state's laws and regulations governing payroll methods and obtain the employer identification number. After that, you’ll have to calculate the total number of employees, their working hours, and the deductions. Finally, you’ll have to provide pay stubs to all your employees which is a very important part of the payroll process. The pay stubs help all your employees in order to keep track of their financial information and also help your organization to maintain payroll records.

However, instead of creating these technical pay stubs manually, now you can generate them using Artificial Intelligence. In this blog, let’s go through the meaning, importance, and benefits of using pay stubs and a list of the top free AI pay stub generators.

What is a paystub?

A pay stub also known as a paycheck stub is an attachment to your paycheck consisting of all the details regarding your YTD earnings and the salary of all employees in an organization. The pay stub could be electronic or physical, depending on the preference of the organization.

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What does a pay stub look like?

The pay stub typically includes all the details of your employee's salary so that they have the knowledge of their compensation. The details include the gross income per pay period and pay rate of all employees. Also, the deductions such as income tax and other employee benefits are also included.

What information should be included on a pay stub?

After researching numerous paystub templates, I have compiled a list of suggested items you can add to your pay stub.

  • Pay Date and Pay Period

    The pay date is the day the employee gets paid, and the pay period is the time duration that the pay date covers.
  • Gross Wages

    Gross wages are the total amount paid to the employee before deductions. They typically include salary, hourly wages, overtime wages, double-time wages, holiday pay, vacation pay, commissions, tips, bonuses, and expense reimbursements.
  • Hours Worked

    Whether the employees work hourly or are salaried, the pay stub should indicate the number of hours the employee worked during the pay period.
  • Pay Rate

    For hourly employees, it is the regular hourly rate, and for salaried employees, it is the salary amount due for the pay period.
  • Pretax and After-Tax Deductions

    The pretax deductions like traditional 401(k) contributions and Section 125 health insurance premiums are deducted from the gross wages before the taxes are deducted. After-tax deductions like Roth 401(k) contributions and wage garnishments are deducted from gross wages after taxes. The idea is to mention pre and after-tax deductions separately on the pay stub.
  • Taxable Wages

    The part of the pay subject to taxation is the taxable wage. This is the pay you get after pretax deductions from the gross salaries and does not include after-tax deductions.
  • Taxes

    Taxes include federal income tax, social security tax, medicare tax, and applicable state and local taxes deducted from the taxable wages.
  • Year-to-Date Wages and Deductions

    Year-to-date wages, or YTD wages, are the total money earned by the employee so far for the year, and the YTD deductions are the full money deducted for the year.
  • Net Pay

    This is an employee's pay after all the deductions and taxes.
  • Paycheck Adjustments

    This includes adjustments like retroactive pay or deductions for an overpayment made to the employee's wages.

Top 8 Free Paystub Generator Tols Online

  1. Appy Pie Design's AI Paystub Generator

    Appy Pie's Paytsub Generator

    Appy Pie Design Paystub Generator is an easy-to-use online tool that allows users to create professional pay stubs quickly and easily. With a simple and intuitive interface, users can input all the necessary information, including employee name, pay rate, hours worked, and deductions. The tool then generates a detailed pay stub that can be downloaded and printed. The design templates are customizable, allowing users to add their company logo and branding. The tool is also affordable, with various pricing plans to choose from, making it an excellent choice for small businesses or individuals who need to create pay stubs on a regular basis.

  2. CheckStub maker

    The CheckStub maker is an online paystub maker that can help you manage your company’s payroll and create employee stubs. You can add all the company details, employee data, payment details, and even your brand logo to the Paystub Maker. The platform lets you do more than just create paystubs. You can calculate salaries and automate calculations for deductions, taxes, bonuses, and more.

  3. Shopify pay stub generator

    Shopify's free paystub maker lets you create pay stubs and print them quickly with this powerful online paystub maker. The pay stub generator from Shopify is perfect for creating paystubs that look professional and can be published quickly and easily.

  4. Wix Pay Stub Generator

    The pay stub generator tool from Wix lets you create pay stubs and customize them to your unique requirements. Like all other Wix tools, the online paystub maker is easy to use. The paystubs you make can be easily downloaded on your computer and filled in internally before printing them.

  5. Create Pay Stubs

    Create Pay Stubs is a great pay stub generator tool that lets you create stubs for freelancers and businesses. It also offers state-specific paystub templates. The tool also has a calculator that helps you calculate payroll dues and taxes to create stubs that can be handed along with the paycheck.

  6. EZ Paystub Generator

    EZ Paystub lets you create custom paycheck stubs where you can add business information, logo, brand colors, and images. The pay stub creator lets you manage your payroll while designing pay stubs with the correct fields and the perfect layout using their desktop software. In addition, the pay stub creator enables you to automate the payment calculation and design stubs in bulk for many employees.

  7. PayStubs Now

    The paystub creator lets you create other payroll documents as well, like W-2 and 1099 forms. All you need to do is fill in all your employee and company information. Preview the document and check if it looks exactly like it should. Once you are happy with the way your paystub looks, you can choose to receive it at your email address.

  8. The PayStubs

    This online paystub maker, The PayStubs, is known particularly for its great ease of use. The entire process takes less than 2 minutes, and your paystub will be ready to print! You only need to enter all the company and employee information, choose a theme and your paystub is ready to download.

Benefits of Using Pay Stub Generators

  • Printable & Shareable: With the help of a paystub generator, you can share your paystub in just a single click. Also, you can easily download it and print out or save it as an interactive PDF files.

  • Fast & Efficient: A paystub generator helps create a professional pay stub in just a few seconds. Also, it's straightforward to use and quick.

  • Error-Free: A paystub generator reduces the chances of human error, such as miscalculations and misspellings, because of the automation of pay stub creation.

  • Cost-Effective: One of the best parts of online pay stub generators is that most are free. So you don't have to pay anything to generate pay stubs or any cost required to edit it.

How to create a custom paystub online?

There are various ways of creating a professional-looking pay stub. However, one of the simplest ways is downloading the most suitable template for your pay stub and then filling out all the required details of your employees one by one. If your organization has numerous employees and you really don’t have the time or enough resources to do that manually, you can opt for a pay stub generator.

Appy Pie's AI Paystub maker is an online tool that allows you to create custom paystubs easily and quickly. With Appy Pie Design, you can create a custom paystub that is professional-looking and accurate, which can be very useful for both employers and employees.

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