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Best Cold Email Software You Need To Close Deals

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on December 29th, 2023 1:14 pm

Sending cold emails is an efficient way to capture and generate leads. Many email marketing tools help you scale and automate your cold email prospecting. Cold email software expedites the lead generation process and helps you close deals faster. These tools can send out customized emails and follow-up with your leads, while also significantly improving deliverability, open rates, and reducing the bounce rates of your emails. When it comes to deciding a cold email software, various factors need to be considered to pick the right tool. Therefore, it is imperative to evaluate the features and focus on ways these can help you maximize the ROI. To make the selection easier for you, we have rounded up a list of the 12 best cold email software tools out there to provide you with an exceptional email marketing experience.

Best Cold Email Tools

Cold emailing is one of the harder forms of communication as you don’t have any relationship with your recipient yet, so you can’t amend the approach in real-time. This is why cold emails sometimes don’t work and fail. But they can work for you. An effective cold email starts with a well-rounded strategy that entices the receiver to open the email and read through it. Cold email tools, designed for email prospecting, can significantly impact your email marketing and can help you produce favorable results. You can also use the subject line testers and experiment with what works best for you and your audience. With so many cold email tools out there, it is imperative to understand what you want to achieve from your cold email marketing campaigns. We have curated a list of some email tools and software to help you decide on the best one to use according to your unique business requirements.
  1. Contact List Building And Lead Generation Software

  2. Lead generation and contact list building are cumbersome processes which require a whole lot of work. However, a great automated lead generation platform can essentially make it easy for you to capture and qualify leads without much hassle. These tools work like a charm. Not only do lead generation platforms help you find targeted leads, but they also enable you to nurture and ultimately retain them. Theyalso enable you to build a relevant audience and convert them into your customers, which goes a long way. Here are some of our top picks for contact list building and lead generation.
    • UpLead

    • UpLead is a feature-rich platform that is ideal for lead generation. It focuses on helping you find and provide quality leads. You can leverage the tool to build relevant and targeted contact lists while using its advanced search filter option that lets you find job function, job title, industry, etc., which streamlines the contact list building process. What makes UpLead stand out from the competition is its unique function that allows you to build a contact list based on the specific technologies your prospects are using. This helps you find the intended audience instantly and connect with them. UpLead also supports integrations with some of the most popular email marketing tools, including HubSpot, Reply, Mailshake, Salesforce, Lemlist, and more. UpLead is an ideal tool to get started with finding potential leads, drive conversions, and stay ahead of the curve by taking your email marketing efforts to the next level.
    • Clearbit

    • Clearbit is an effective lead generation platform that empowers your business with robust data and intelligence. It accurately understands your customers and helps you align your marketing and sales efforts to your target audience, and streamlines the overall processes. Since it provides data in real-time, it also eliminates the concern of getting stale or outdated data. Clearbit is a great platform for customer interactions related needs.
    • Lead411

    • Lead411 is yet another B2B intelligence software that provides you with contacts and helps you generate leads and drive conversions more efficiently. Its verified technology amplifies the marketing strategies according to your most relevant audience list obtained from accurate and reliable methods. The platform provides an all-inclusive outlook of potential customers and their contact information that helps you find the best opportunities to close deals with the prospects.
  3. Email Verification Software

  4. Email verification software guarantees the legitimacy of leads’ email addresses with a number of validation techniques. It filters any invalid email address and prepares a deliverable and clean email list ready for email marketing purposes. These tools ensure email deliverability, reduce bounce rates, and improve the overall email outreach campaign efforts. Additionally, it removes inactive users from a business’s mailing list and keeps it updated at all times. Here are some of the best email verification software that can help you maximize your reach and improve your email open rates.
    • ZeroBounce

    • ZeroBounce is a well-known email verification software that has various effective email verification processes and supports multiple integrations with popular email service providers seamlessly. It allows you to verify individual emails as well as the bulk email list. In addition to that, it offers a real-time verification API and provides you valid email addresses. ZeroBounce minimizes deliverability issues and improves your inbox rate.
    • NeverBounce

    • NeverBounce primarily offers single email and bulk email list verifications. It validates the mail servers and removes syntax errors and duplicate emails. Moreover, it has the ability to verify numerous emails from a number of different sources, including CRM tools, registration forms, contact forms, etc. It also allows you to instantly analyze your email list and filter it before you send out mass broadcast emails. You can also integrate NeverBounce with other email marketing tools and ensure increased deliverability rates.
    • BreadCrumbs

    • Breadcrumbs is a powerful email verification software tool that helps maintain data hygiene and maximizes the impact of email campaigns by keeping all the right contacts on your list. It allows you to instantly verify emails and optimize the entire email process by providing you with a refined list of references, maintaining the sender’s credibility, and maximizing deliverability. It’s a cost-saving solution for your email marketing contact lists that gives exceptional results.
    • Clearout

    • Clearout is the go-to solution for quick and bulk email verification of your leads before sending your cold email campaigns. It employs advanced validation checks that detect and removes disposables, duplicates, gibberish and all the other forms of invalid email addresses. And here's the best part - Clearout guarantees a bounce rate of less than 3% on all their verified emails, ensuring your messages land right where they belong - in the right inboxes! It also has an email finder and a LinkedIn chrome extension, using which you can build a list of your ideal customers' email addresses.
  5. Cold Email Outreach Software

  6. Cold emails are the emails that are sent to a recipient without prior contact. Essentially, businesses use it to reach out to people interested in their offerings, who qualify as your prospects. Cold emails target a specific audience and work well to get in touch with new prospects. Cold email outreach software automates the entire email process, including follow-ups, targeting recipients, and more. These tools work as a growth engine that ensures timely emails and boosts your deliverability and open rates. Here are some of the top cold email outreach solutions that can help you optimize your email campaigns.
    • SalesHandy

    • SalesHandy is an email outreach software that lets you build personalized campaigns, track emails and documents you send to your prospects and automate follow-ups. In addition to that, it enables you to send emails directly to your prospects’ inboxes instead of their promotion tabs, which increases the open rates. SalesHandy also allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your email outreach efforts. One of its best features is its integration with Gmail, making it extremely useful and increasing your email open rates. You can conduct all your email activities in this centralized platform and get started instantly.
    • QuickMail

    • quickmail home page - appypieQuickMail is a cold outreach software that allows you to send out personalized emails at scale. Agencies, marketers, and business owners who want to take their cold email game to the next level can benefit from it. QuickMail has built-in deliverability tools and it natively integrates with MailFlow, which is a free email warmup tool that makes sure that your emails don't land in the spam box. One of the standout features of QuickMail is their new QuickMail Lite plan, which allows you to send up to 3,000 emails/month for completely free.
    • Mailshake

    • Mailshake is another powerful email outreach software that helps you with personalized email sales templates, lead generation, content promotion, and optimizes the process of cold emailing. It allows you to search for potential leads, plan your campaign, automate emails, and follow-ups for the prospects. Mailshake also lets you personalize your email campaigns and monitor the key metrics such as email clicks, bounce rates, open rates, and follow-ups. In addition to that, it provides you with valuable suggestions to improve your email marketing efforts and their effectiveness.
    • Lemlist

    • Lemlist is a typical email outreach tool that offers features like drip email campaigns, in-depth reporting, event-based emails, template management, email scheduling, lead tracking, A/B testing, and more. Lemlist’s unique selling point is that it lets you create custom images and visuals that you can include in your emails. You can add logos, screenshots, and tailored content over your image, which allows you to stand out from the other cold email software while ensuring higher open rates.
    • Reply

    • Reply is a streamlined cold email outreach tool that offers numerous automation features such as responses, cold emails, follow-ups, and more. It provides personalized email templates in which you can also include an email signature that makes your outgoing emails more legitimate. On top of that, it has an intuitive interface and a user-friendly dashboard that summarizes all the information. Reply facilitates free LinkedIn integration, which makes networking easier and efficient. Moreover, it has a robust reporting feature that delivers insightful data regarding your email campaigns, such as email deliverability rates, open rates, bounce rates, clicks, and more.

    • is one of the foolproof platforms when it comes to cold outreach automation. It allows you to generate leads, leverage mailing tools in order to simplify your outreach campaigns. This all-in-one cold email toolkit offers multiple email related search features, triggers drip email campaigns, text personalization, 7-step email verification, email integrations, and tracker. provides high-level automation to your email campaigns, follow-ups, replies, etc. With it, you can access targeted leads with just a few clicks. It also has a Chrome extension feature that lets you filter out relevant email addresses.
    • Woodpecker

    • Woodpecker is a powerful tool that empowers B2B companies with lead nurturing and cold email outreach. It allows you to send out cold emails tailored to your potential leads. Additionally, you can schedule email campaigns while ensuring timely follow-ups. The best part is that it sends no more than one email per recipient every day. This gives the impression to the recipient that the email was sent manually, reducing the chances of emails getting marked as spam.

Wrapping Up

These cold email software can help you generate qualified leads and optimize the overall process. But remember, it’s not merely about which cold email tools you leverage but also what approach you take. You can also use a marketing plan template to enhance your lead generation efforts in an impactful way and gauge what works best for you. Moreover, don’t forget to keep the flow of your message correct, clear, and smooth when sending emails.

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