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iOS 18 is here: What to expect from Apple’s latest iOS update?

By Anuj | March 29, 2024 11:44 am

With more than a billion iPhone users globally, iOS plays a vital role in Apple's business and brand power. Users around the world are eagerly awaiting new product releases and software updates, and anticipating the innovations that iOS update will bring. As anticipation builds for the iOS 18 release date, users are eagerly awaiting the biggest software update in iPhone history. Scheduled to be previewed at WWDC 2024 in June and expected to be released in September 2024, iOS 18 is sure to redefine the future of mobile operating systems. The compatibility extends to iPhone 11 and later, and promises a slew of groundbreaking features, from generative AI capabilities (likely reserved for the more powerful chips in iPhone 16 models) to major Siri improvements and a more customizable home screen.

To meet the expectations of using iOS 17, the upcoming latest iOS version iOS 18 update will improve the user experience, integrate artificial intelligence into the Messages app to proofread potential spelling errors, and mark a shift towards better software and hardware integration. Now, in this article, we shall be looking at iOS 18 and its next-generation updates. In these upgrades, you will get to see innovations that have been part of the system to maximize the user experience and integration within the community.

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  • What changes with the latest iOS software update?
  • When is iOS 18 coming out?
  • How does iOS 18 impact iPhone app development
  • How to develop iOS apps with Appy pie?
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  • What changes with the latest iOS software update?

    iOS 18 is a big step forward, bridging the gap between users and their devices. It introduces a variety of features that cater to diverse needs. By incorporating Generative AI and RCS support, Apple is set to revolutionize the way we communicate. This overhaul is not confined to Siri but extends to improved interaction between iOS apps and Android users. Rumors suggest that the AirPods Pro 2 might introduce a new “hearing aid mode.” With Apple’s substantial investment in AI research and hardware, the updates in iOS 18 highlight Apple’s dedication to innovation and inclusivity.

    In addition to advancements in communications, iOS 18 will bring a new level of navigation customization. Apple Maps is expected to support custom routes, letting users choose their own routes rather than being limited to the options provided by Apple. This feature allows users to choose their preferred path, whether to enjoy the scenery or familiarize themselves with the route. Additionally, Apple may bring watchOS 10’s terrain map feature to iOS 18. These maps include trails, contours, elevations, and points of interest, and are especially useful for outdoor activities.

    iOS 18 update – The major developments

    1. AI Features

      Apple is about to set the trend with the thrilling iOS 18 update. It's a new software version that will however put AI right in front of your iPhone. While all-AI features like those found on the Galaxy S24 series may not be provided, Apple is more likely to adopt a strategy of cleverly integrating AI capabilities into its major apps and services.
       iOS 18 release date
      The firm has been working on an AI language model named Ajax, which could have chat-like capabilities like ChatGPT, increasing the power of Siri in the next possible updates. On the contrary, there will probably be no Apple's own chatbot in iOS 18 update. On the other hand, it could decide to provide a chat solution based on the technology of the likes of Google and OpenAI.

    2. AI-Powered Siri

      The iOS 18 update will introduce some important innovations to Siri, Apple's virtual assistant, by applying AI technology. One of the main goals of Apple is to leverage LLMs (large language models). These are the key components that power chat bots such as ChatGPT. The LLMs study lots of data and they use algorithms to generate content, and that makes the interaction more natural and intelligent. This shift will extend to Siri and other native apps. Here are some key points of this shift:

      iOS 18 supported devices
      • The AI features aim to enhance Siri's ability to handle complex queries and provide auto-complete suggestions for sentences.
      • Apple is exploring generative AI features for various apps, including Apple Music, Pages, Keynote, Xcode, and Shortcuts.
      • These features are designed to enable seamless task automation, particularly for handling difficult tasks.
    3. Apple Maps

      With iOS 18, mapping may see Apple Maps getting a much-needed makeover. Users are also able to create the custom route allowing them to plan their own specific route option instead of Apple's predefined one. Whether you want to go a long way or shortcut, the feature would allow you to navigate any path you choose.
      iOS update
      Furthermore, Apple Maps will bring the line of topographic maps to the iPhone for the first time. These maps typically provide a detailed description of the area, including the landscape features such as the contour lines, hill shading, elevation details, and points of interest. If you are a nature lover, you can quickly find the neighboring trails, locate the trailheads, and get precise info about the trail length, type, and difficulty level.

    4. AirPods Pro 2 Hearing Aid Mode

      Apple could potentially release a new Hearing Aid Mode with the AirPods Pro 2. In this function, Apple will try to improve upon the pre-existing accessibility features like Conversation Boost which is available in iOS 15. Hearing Aid Mode would be a keeping up to the Airpods Pro experience for people with hearing issues. The exact features of this mode are yet to be determined, but it will surely offer excellent audio processing characteristics for clarity and sound amplification. This can practically help those who use hearing aids by making the noises more easily discernible and audible.

      iOS 18 features

      On the contrary, Apple could be in a position to market AirPods Pro 2 as an alternative to hearing aids if it was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Fortunately, the recent FDA directives permit the over-the-counter hearing aids to be utilized, and they may be helpful to AirPods Pro 2 users.

    5. RCS for Better Texting With Android Users

      In iOS 18, Apple is going to adopt RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging, which is a chat experience that provides more functionality and modern look than standard SMS and MMS. Developed by the GSMA, RCS is aimed at upgrading texting by offering features that are similar to popular messaging services like iMessage.

      iOS 18 features
      Key features of RCS in iOS 18:
      • Cross-platform availability: Seamless communication between iPhones and Android devices.
      • Support for higher resolution photos and videos: Share media without compromising quality.
      • Support for larger file sizes and file sharing: Easily share large files.
      • Audio messages: Send audio recordings for a more immersive chat experience.
      • Cross-platform emoji reactions: Respond to messages using emoticons, regardless of the device.
      • Real-time typing indicators: Know when someone is typing a response.
      • Read receipts: See when your message has been read.
    6. Design Changes

      In iOS 18, Apple is expected to give users greater control over how they design and arrange app icons on their Home Screen. Users will finally be able to place app icons anywhere on the grid, creating blank spaces, columns, and rows between them – similar to the flexibility offered on Android devices. This new level of customization will allow users to truly personalize and design an app layout tailored to their preferences.

      iOS apps

      Moreover, the improved customization on the Home Screen, iOS 18 is also reported to include design elements from VisionOS, which is Apple's operating system designed for its AR experiences. These changes, such as the navigational bars that are clear and remind us of the Apple TV app from tvOS 17.2, among the stock apps like Safari and system menus, will be those to comply with the new aesthetic. This way, the entire experience on Apple's devices will be visually matching.

    When is iOS 18 coming out?

    Apple has supposedly had a little setback during the development of the future iOS 18 version. As per the report, Apple took a week off in November 2023 owing to regular setbacks preventing devices running on iOS 17. But, this deferred release will not have a serious effect on the schedule of iOS 18 introduction. Apple will probably announce the new iOS 18 OS at their annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this June 2024. The developers will be provided with early access for testing purposes on iOS 18 compatible devices, after the release announcement. In July, public beta testers will be added to the mix, with the last update being released with many corrections and improvements.

    Provided everything goes as planned, Apple should present the public with the main version of the iOS 18 in September 2024. This time frame is generally coupled with the release of new iPhone models every year. Hence, the combination of the iOS 18 launch and the release of the iPhone 16 series is expected to bring a new software experience to users, who will have the option to run iOS 18 on the latest iPhone hardware.

    How does iOS 18 impact iPhone app development?

    The latest Operating system version, iOS 18, is going to be a game changer for iOS professionals in application development. With the iOS 18 major update, we are excited to announce the new features that will empower you to create innovative applications using the App Builder tools. Here's what you can look forward to:

    • Generative AI Takes Center Stage:

      One of the most exciting feature introductions in iOS 18 is going to be the introduction of generative AI powers. The most trending apps such as Pages and Keynote are expected to get AI features including auto-summarization and auto-completion through AI. As a developer, it is possible to integrate the mentioned AI capabilities into your own iOS apps or simply adapt the products and services you provide so that the customer can always enjoy using the best the market has to offer.
    • Privacy and Security Remain Paramount:

      Apple's commitment to user privacy is Resolved. iOS 18 might introduce new restrictions on data access or privacy settings. Developers will need to stay updated on these changes and adapt their apps accordingly to ensure compliance.
    • New Tools for App Development:

      It is quite common to Apple that with every major upgrade of iOS, they introduce new development tools, APIs, and frameworks with iOS 18. These additions will leave you at your almighty App Builder facility to bring more innovative and feature-rich iOS apps into life, which was never possible before.
    • A Refreshed Visual Experience:

      There are rumors that a hardware UI overhaul is being planned that is similar to that of VisionOS, the operating system developed by Apple for better reality experiences. This could include modifications to app icon appearances and generally updating the iOS look and feel. As a developer, you may be required to modify the interface of your iOS apps to come into line with the latest UI guidelines.
    • Seamless Compatibility Across Devices:

      It is important to be aware of iOS 18 device compatibility, as this will help ensure an optimal user experience. It is to remind us that not all iPhones will be able to support all features in iOS 18. As a developer, you will need to accurately pick the audience and see to it that those applications function properly across iOS 18-enabled devices.

    How to develop iOS apps with Appy Pie?

    Appy Pie iOS app builder is a no-code platform for app development with no coding expertise required. In fact, it takes only a few minutes to create an iOS app. The platform comes with an easy to use, drag-and-drop interface that allows users and businesses to design their own mobile apps to perform different tasks like e-commerce, business management and others.

    With Appy Pie iOS app builder, you can build apps for Android and iOS that may be installed on such devices just in a couple of clicks which is very convenient if you have no skills for programming and wish to enter the app market. Let's see how to create your app using Appy Pie's iOS app builder.

    Step 1- Give the Prompt: You need to only give a few sentences to describe the kind of app you want to create.

    Step 2- Signup with Appy Pie: This is to inform you that with Appy Pie you first need to register or login in order to create your app. You will have done this and then you will see how the whole process of AI application development and what the basic appearance of the generated app looks like.

    Step 3- Customize the App: The next phase is to adjust your app's look and feel to make it a unique application by Appy Pie's iOS app builder. The Design Customization section, where you can play around with various visual elements that make your app unique, comes under the stage of the Design Customization section.

    Step 4- Test your App: There are no better testers than yourself when you develop your own application. So, you must be careful and test thoroughly. The application is complete based on the results you get from the process, and the next step would be to put it live!

    Step 5- Publish your App: Wow, now that you have set all up and are ready with your app, it's time to publish it on app stores. The way to submit your app is different depending on the app stores you are targeting and we have created, respectively, dedicated guides to help you with both.


    The article has provided the readers with a detailed look into the new iOS 18 features that will be available on the iOS 18 supported devices. The upcoming iOS 18 update will set the mobile experience at a new level due to the integrated generative AI, smarter Siri, and stronger privacy and security measures. Paying attention to user-pleasing additions like AI run system optimization and RCS for smooth communication between iPhones on iOS 18 and other Android devices, Apple still puts user experience at the frontline. With the expected iOS 18 launch, Apple is displaying its vigor for innovation and making sure users get a more interconnected, user-friendly and secure digital environment.

    The much anticipated iOS 18 updates would go beyond the borders of app developers’ communities and would affect the daily usage of every user. Developers would now have more choices for developing apps that are highly customized and secure as possible, and for the users, their iPhone will now feel like a very personal device when they are running iOS 18. These updates are of course a result of Apple’s commitment to innovation and a desire to keep users ahead of the curve.

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