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Best Mortgage Calculator Apps [Loan Calculator for iPhone & Android]

By Snigdha | Last Updated on May 17th, 2024 5:52 am

Taking out a loan or going into debt is scary, but sometimes you cannot avoid it. So, if you cannot avoid it, you need to go into it well-prepared. Naturally, you can hire someone to do the calculations for you or ask for advice from someone with expertise in the financial sector. However, not everyone has the privilege or access to such resources.

Hence, loan calculator apps have become indispensable for most of us who are not financial experts. The best ones have multiple features like an EMI calculator, loan calculator, rental income calculator, and more.

In fact, if you do not like any of the existing loan calculator apps in the market, you can decide to create an app on your own with Appy Pie!

Best loan calculator apps for iPhone

Ahead in the blog, I have put forth a list of the best loan calculators for iPhones based on functionalities like calculating the fees you will need to pay on the loans, drafting your own budget, and tracking your spending habits. The following apps can help you manage your finances better.

  1. Debt Payoff Plan Calculator

    Like the name suggests, this is one of the best finance management apps for iPhone when it comes to debt management. This debt payoff and loan calculator app is really easy to use and helps you pay off your debt faster. All you need to do is enter all your debt related information into the app before caiculating the optimal payment strategy that will let you get out of your debt at the earliest. The app offers detailed debt payment schedules, graphs, your debt stats, and a thorough comparison of different payment strategies.

  2. Mint: Budget & Expense Manager

    Sometimes your daily expenses can get away from you and at the end of the month you may be surprised at the numbers. This personal financial management app that makes money management simple and convenient. On the app, all the details, including your investments, credit cards, and bank accounts will appear in one common space. This will help you set up bill reminders, track your spending, before creating a customized personal budget. Additionally, the app can also come up with suggestions on how to save money and reduce the fees on your loans for poor credit score.

  3. Car Loan Calculator Plus

    Car Loan Calculator Plus is one of the easiest to use car loan calculators available on the Apple App Store. On the app, you can input all the numbers, including the extra payments, down payments, trade in value, sales tax, and more which will give you a comprehensive car loan calculation. You also have the option to change the currency for your car loan calculation. The app is equally useful for car buyers, car loan seekers, dealerships, and financial advisors.

Best loan calculator apps for Android

Moving on to Android users, we have managed to compile the top loan calculator apps for Android. The list features loan calculators, EMI calculators, mortgage EMI calculators and more. Take a look at the list and pick the one that suits your purpose.

  1. Loan Calculator

    Loan Calculator is exactly what the name says. This popular loan calculator app for Android is free to use, and helps the users calculate monthly payments or EMIs, interest amount paid, total cost of credit, and amortization schedule. Simply enter the required numbers and you will receive the loan calculations easily. If you are using it for yourself, you can send the number to a professional for consult and if you are a professional, you can send the numbers to your clients as a quote or estimate. The app has offline capabilities and has no in-app purchases built into it.

  2. EMI Calculator – Loan Planner

    This loan calculator app for Android is perfect for the layman is simple, easy-to-use, and very lightweight. The app can be used for all loan and mortgage calculations. You can also calculate the mortgage or loan EMI for home, car, or personal loans. The app also generates a realistic repayment schedule while letting you share your calculations and schedules through emails.

  3. Loan EMI Calculator – Bank

    Another useful free app, Loan EMI Calculator – Bank is perfect for calculating EMIs for any of your loans. You can use the app to get the details of the monthly EMI amount for any type of loan from home loan, car loan, two wheeler loan , personal loan, and more. Additionally, on this app, you can also get other pertinent details, including the details of the interest amount, principal amount, and total balance amount remaining on your loan.

However, if you have some unique requirements and the available loan calculator apps do not live up to these needs, we have a solution for you. Make your own app for calculating loans and add other useful features like rental income calculator, loan calculator, mortgage calculator, and EMI calculator.


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