Tushar Sachdev

Tushar Sachdev

Senior Sales Manager at Appy Pie


Tushar Sachdev, Senior Sales Manager at Appy Pie, expertise in B2B sales, Prospecting lead generation, Sales, Inside Sales, SAAS Sales, Customer on boarding, Servicing, Customer success manager, Relationship building in the mid-space and enterprise market space.

How to Perfect the Art of Sales Prospecting - Appy Pie

Answered! How to Perfect the Art of Sales Prospecting

Tushar Sachdev
By Tushar Sachdev | May 3, 2020 | 3-min read

Table of Content What Is Sales Prospecting Easiest Sales Prospecting Methods Essential Sales Prospecting Techniques Closing Thoughts If you want to sell, you have to ask a prospective customer if they want to buy what you are offering. Most probably, the first ninety-nine would turn down your offer. There is no embarrassment in it. But the hundredth one may buy. It is a matter of numbers. The more people you ask, higher would be the sales. What Is Sales Prospecting In the [...]

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