Neha Singh

Neha Singh

Customer Success Manager at Appy Pie


Neha, Customer Success Manager at Appy Pie, with over 3 years of experience in customer onboarding has an excellent progressive track record. Expertise in Customer on boarding, Servicing, Customer success manager, Relationship building in the mid-space Client Retention.

Real Device vs Simulator and Emulator

Real Device Testing v/s Emulators & Simulators: A Concise Study

Neha Singh
By Neha Singh | August 29, 2019 | 5-min read

App testing is often an underrated field in the app development process. Testing is a very time-consuming activity and there are hardly any ways to cut down time spent on testing. Testing will depend on the nature of the app, the systems it is designed for and the nature of its execution. Hence, testing software is a lot of hard work and an important part of making an app. The smartphone industry has made software testing harder. Originally, testing was done for computer software. Computer sp[...]

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