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How to Convert Your Website into an Android & iPhone App?

By Snigdha | August 16, 2022 4:03 pm  | 4-min read

The digital identity of your brand and business has two critical components – website and mobile app. As your prospects get to know about your business and services, the first thing they do is look for your website to know more about you. Your website acts as the introduction to your business and builds authenticity.

Once the prospects or customers are aware of a business and start trusting them enough to consider a purchase, they will definitely go looking for a mobile app. The popularity of mobile apps is demonstrated by the fact that the global leader in eCommerce, Amazon, attributes 85% of its mobile activity to its app.

However, as a small or even medium-sized business owner, it can be a bit of a challenge to invest resources in creating a mobile app from scratch. Such projects may take months, even years sometimes, and, of course, a good amount of financial investment for successful completion. Appy Pie, in its mission to democratize technology, offers an affordable solution that requires no coding and very little time investment – a website to app converter which lets you convert your website into an Android and iOS app.

Why convert your website into an app?

It’s a valid question. Before we address the question – how to turn a website into an app, let’s evaluate why we should do it. Yes, we have talked about the fact that mobile apps are almost a necessity for any modern business, but it is time to get into the details and find the top reasons why you should convert your website into an Android and iOS mobile app.

  1. Meet user expectations

    Everyone is always on their mobile phones, and the chances of them going for repeat business is higher for mobile apps than websites. A mobile app encourages a more lasting relationship between the customers and the business by meeting the expectations of a modern-day busy customer.

  2. Enhance user experience

    The user experience of a mobile user is enhanced manifold as they can access the mobile app with just a single click. Web pages, on the other hand, come with multiple distractions in the form of additional tabs that the user may have opened.

  3. Gain user loyalty and enhance engagement

    As the user experience is so much better, naturally, the engagement levels of the users are greater on an app than on websites. A mobile app makes the entire experience a little more intimate and personal. This is why mobile apps increase brand loyalty and engagement.

  4. Send push notifications

    One of the most effective ways to stay in touch with your customers is through push notifications. Mobile apps let you send out timely and targeted push notifications announcing any new deals, discounts, or offers. This is also a great way to bring back inactive users to your business.

  5. Presence on the app store

    People go looking for services or businesses on the app stores and having your business appear on the search results. This gives you an added channel of exposure to the right kind of audience.

  6. Enhanced SEO

    Having a mobile app definitely gives your SEO efforts a big push as it helps your business appear higher on search engine results on search engines like Google. And, we all know how much those rankings on search engines matter.

  7. Native feature integrations

    This is one of the most significant advantages you get with a mobile app. A mobile app lets you integrate native mobile app features like camera, GPS, phone contacts, etc., which genuinely enhances the functioning and experience of your mobile app – a feature web browsers do not have.

How to convert website into app?

Mobile app development can be highly complex, particularly, if you attempt to do it from scratch. Not only does it require a lot of money if you have to hire an expert or an agency to do the coding and programming for you, but it also requires you to invest a lot of time. And, if you do not have the budget to hire a resource or an agency, you will have to learn to code before you can make your own app. In fact, if you want to really complete your digital identity, it is important that you have both Android and iOS apps for your business. Developing both Android and iOS apps would definitely double the cost and time investments as well.

Now, if you already have a website, we have a solution that eliminates all the challenges, from money to time to knowledge gaps! Appy Pie has a no-code website to app converter, which lets you convert your website to Android and iOS apps in mere minutes.

Here is how you can convert your website into Android app and iOS app:

  1. Type in your website URL

    Choose the appropriate app category, design theme, and an app layout. You can also add your brand logo to your brand new Android & iOS app.

  2. Add additional features to your app

    Once you have clicked to convert your website into Android and iOS app, you can also add a few additional features to make your app truly valuable.

  3. Test & Launch

    Make as many edits to your app as you want, test your app on real devices and your app is ready to go live on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


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