New Themes

Customize your app to look like it just landed out of your own imagination

Apps no longer need to have a drab or boring look. Nor do you have to stay contented with pre-set formats. Introducing the all new themes that can help you design your app like a work of art. The theme for the app would determine the subsequent Navigation Layout, Color schemes and Backgrounds. From Nature to Geometric shapes to Shade variations – a myriad of themes help you create your masterpiece with a simple click of a button.

For those who wish to create the App design from scratch, there are hundreds of background templates for the app to choose from. Nature, Vintage, Art and pattern, Geometric, Blurred are the various categories of backgrounds to be explored for creating an app with killer looks.

You can now make an app with new themes and new templates with the help of the Style and Navigation section. Here you can change things like your theme, you can select your navigational layout, you can change the style of your app, and you can change colors of all the content. You can change an app background, and you can also change any of your app info, such as the name of your app and your app icon.

Features of Appy Pie’s Theme App Builder

App Themes help users unify various elements of the application profile. The attractive themes for apps help them look different from all the other mobile applications. For example, if we are creating a college application, there are millions of students out there looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. A strong and effective application theme can instantly set applicants apart and offer a compelling story to college admissions readers.

Having a clear image of what you want can help you choose the desired colors and patterns. Finding the perfect themes for apps is not that simple. However, with Appy Pie’s Theme App, you can find the perfect one just in a few minutes. Appy Pie’s Theme App Builder helps you create an app that contains thousands of high-quality themes for apps with quality functionality and beautiful designs.

Let us talk about some features of Appy Pie’s Theme App Builder.

  • Cost-Effective
  • Appy Pie’s Theme App Builder creates themes for apps free of cost. You can download the theme you like and apply it to your mobile application in just a few easy steps.

  • Plugin Support
  • The app builder offers theme configuration and plugin settings that are easy to use. If the plugin for the theme that you pick is not compatible with your device and doesn’t work, you can simply choose another one.

  • Fast-running Apps
  • Appy Pie’s Theme App Builder creates Themes App that works faster in comparison to any other app available online. Using this app, you can download free themes for apps just in a few seconds. Moreover, you can apply these themes to your mobile applications with just a tap. To make this process quick for the users, Appy Pie performs extensive testing on the themes before they are published.

  • No Coding Required
  • Another major reason why you should go for Appy Pie’s Theme App Builder is that you can create your app without any coding. Appy Pie offers a themes app that contains a variety of customized colors, layouts, social icons, fonts, and other variables.

Create your Themes App using Appy Pie’s Theme App Builder and find new attractive themes to beautify your apps and make them look more interesting!