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How to add a review on app with Appy Pie’s Review app maker in 3 easy steps?

  1. Give your app a name

    Choose a design layout & theme that suits your brand

  2. Add desired features to your review app

    Drag and drop the features you want to your review app without coding

  3. Submit your review app on app stores

    Publish your app on Play Store and App Store to showcase your reviews

Why use Appy Pie to make your Review app?

It is a common practice today for customers to look for recommendations before making the final purchase. Your marketing copy is not enough anymore to convince an educated consumer. This is why Yelp reviews or Zomato reviews have assumed great importance for businesses.

Appy Pie’s review app maker lets you fetch app reviews from other review sites, that too without any coding.

Adding Yelp Business review or Zomato review on an app helps your customers gain confidence in you and your business. Adding third-party reviews about your business conveys to your audience that you have nothing to hide and that all your customers love your products.

Top features for your Review app

  • Push notifications: Whether you are running a promotion or simply want to update your app users about delivery status, effective communication is paramount. Push notifications feature lets you notify your app users about every new offer, feature update, festive discounts, and more with just a click.
  • Review & rating: Pull in all the stellar reviews from third-party review sites, including your Yelp reviews and Zomato reviews, by adding the reviews and rating feature. Let all your app users read and write reviews. Let customers know how much your customers love your services and products.
  • In-app purchase: Once your customers are convinced about your products and services, they are ready to make the purchase. Don’t let your customer wait too long. Add the in-app purchase feature to your review app so that they can start buying from you immediately.
  • About us: Add a brief introduction about your company in the About us section of your app. Talk about the most significant milestones, awards, and initiatives of your company. Let your achievements shine on this page so that your customers can bond with you.
  • Contact: A critical feature that you must add to your review app. Add all your contact information, including address, GPS coordinates, phone number, email address, website URL, or any other way you would like your app users to get in touch with you. It builds faith and makes you accessible to everyone.
  • Social network: Everyone uses at least one social network platform to connect with people, share their thoughts and other content. Add the social network feature to your review app so that your app users can share it with their friends and family. Let your app users spread the word about you.
  • Photo/Video: Add photos and videos to your products and services to showcase them in the best light. A visual is always more convincing than just a text description of a product. A demo video helps the customer get a better idea of the product and how it can be used.
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