How To Create a React Native App in 3 Easy Steps?

  1. Select an app layout to your liking

    Personalize it for an amazing user experience.

  2. Drag and Drop your desired features

    Make a react native app without coding in just a few minutes.

  3. Go live on app Google Play Store and Apple App Store

    Make it easy for users to find their way in unknown places.

Top 7 Must-Have Features in a React Native App

  • Push Notifications

    Push notifications allow you to send out alerts and information to your app users through your app. You can send reminders, news, and updates about your app, features, rewards, and in-app purchases. Push notifications help increase engagement within your app.

  • App analytics

    With ‘App Analytics’, you can easily gather accurate data about in-app user behavior, which can then be leveraged to serve the users in the best possible way. App analytics can be used to analyze the performance of your app and its various features. It can also be used to find user pain points.

  • In-App purchases

    In-app purchases are an excellent way for a business to generate revenue. With in-app purchases, businesses can sell extra features, specialized subscriptions, and more. With Appy Pie, in-app purchases are made easy.

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  • Social sharing

    The social sharing feature helps your users share your app’s content on social media. Social sharing helps increase engagement and the user base for your mobile app. Social sharing also helps increase brand awareness indirectly.

  • About us

    The About Us section helps the app owners introduce themselves and explain their vision about their app. A react native app can use the About us section to introduce users to your business. This can help increase customer engagement for your app.

  • Contacts

    The Contact feature allows your users to connect with you. They can contact you for support and more with the help of this feature. This feature can also be used by your users to communicate with each other.

  • Group chats

    The group chat feature enables instant messaging within the app. This feature helps fellow app users communicate with each other. It can also be used to provide customer support through the app.

React Native App Builder

The React Native App Builder from Appy Pie is unique and is favored by developers because of the following reasons:

  • Create an App without Coding in Minutes.
  • No Coding Skills Required.
  • React Native Apps get Published & Shared on Apple’s App Store and iTunes Store.
  • Apps can be easily Monetized with Ads, earn from your apps while you sleep.
  • App publishers get real-time App Analytics, make changes to increase the user base of your app.

Appy Pie’s App Builder is your one-stop shop to make your react native-like apps. With Appy Pie’s React Native App Builder, you can make your new react native app within minutes. React Native apps require a lot of expertise to create but our app builder makes it easy for you by saving significant amounts of your time.

What is React Native?

React Native is a completely open source app framework launched by Facebook in 2015. Within a few years, it manages to dominate the app building industry. React Native is free to use for anyone to create their very own apps through it.

Facebook created React Native to provide an alternative to Objective-C and Java. React Native is supremely capable as an app building software and can create native apps for smartphones.

Benefits of React Native Apps

There are various benefits of developing your app with React Native. Here are some of them:


Creating a react native app with Appy Pie gives you unmatched performance. Each app made on our platform is optimized just right to ensure that any smartphone can utilize it.

Reusability of code

One special feature of react native is that its code can be reused whenever needed. Appy Pie goes a step further. Appy Pie provides a no-code interface where you can simply choose the feature you want and drag and drop it into your app.

A large community of developers

React Native is very popular with developers around the world. Its widespread adoption makes getting support for your problems easier.

3rd Party Plugin support

React Native supports a lot of 3rd party plugins including the ones provided by Appy Pie. This allows you to create the perfect possible app for your business.

Modular architecture

React native apps are highly customizable and easily updatable thanks to a strict modular architecture. With Appy Pie, this architecture is further simplified and can be utilized to the maximum to make apps easily.

Why Appy Pie’s React Native App Builder?

Appy Pie’s React Native app builder compiles react native code and gives you an excellent user interface to make your apps with ease. With Appy Pie’s react native app builder, your apps will be fast, reliable and secure. Appy Pie adds a level of encryption that is missing on react native and makes your apps secure ensuring user data is never leaked.

Here is why you should choose Appy Pie’s React Native app builder:

  • Fits the smallest of budgets
  • Using React Native with Appy Pie’s App Builder is a great choice for any budget. Appy Pie is known for their budget friendly solutions and their React Native App Builder is no exception.

  • Supports cross-platform mobile app development
  • React Native app builder lets you use a common code for developing Android and iOS apps. This not only saves a whole lot of time but also a lot of money.

  • Easy conversion from web page to mobile app
  • Using Appy Pie’s React Native app builder you can convert your website to an app in minutes. This requires no additional effort on your part – just a click, and you’re done!

  • Offers native app like experience
  • The mobile apps built using Appy Pie’s React Native app builder offer a superior, native app like experience. This means your users would love using it!

Create your react native app with Appy Pie’s react native app builder today. Good Luck!

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