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How to create a Practo clone App in 3 Easy Steps?

Follow these steps to create a Practo clone app for Android and iOS:

  1. Enter app name and select a category

    Choose a unique design for your Practo clone app.

  2. Add features, like video conference, appointment, etc.

    Make an app like Practo for Android and iOS without any coding.

  3. Go live on Google Play Store and Apple App Store

    Stay connected with your users from anywhere at any time.

Build a Practo Clone App without any coding!

Use Appy Pie’s Practo Clone App Maker and get a complete practice management app to streamline orders, appointments, payments, and much more. Practo app builder lets you build an app for your practice in minutes, without writing a single line of code. Allow your users to find and book an appointment and avail of medical services with just a few taps on their smartphone. Our app builder lets you add a plethora of features that help your users schedule, cancel, reschedule their appointments on the go. Appy Pie’s Practo app builder helps you grow your practice in both traditional and digital ways, catering to all your healthcare needs.

Why you should choose Appy Pie’s Practo clone App Maker?

Appy Pie’s Practo Clone App maker is an ideal mobile app development platform to build a beautiful and feature-rich mobile app for iOS and Android. It is super easy to use, clean with an intuitive drag and drop interface and offer comprehensive mobile app features for non-technical users to develop apps in minutes. Our Practo clone App maker helps you create a Practo clone app that works well on all platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Android, and others with ease.

Still, wondering why you should choose Appy Pie’s Practo clone app maker over the rest of the world? Here are the top reasons.

  1. Video Conferencing

    Allow patients to consult with doctors through video conference, irrespective of location, time, and other such difficulties, hence can get prescription from them.

  2. Appointment Form

    Minimize the efforts of your patients by enabling them to book an appointment at their own convenient time. You customers also have the comfort of changing or canceling a booking anytime.

  3. Blog

    Add goodwill to the app by linking informative health articles to helps users keep track of their health for self-care and well-being.

  4. Push Notifications

    Keep your users informed about upcoming booking and other related information through push notifications.

  5. Review

    Build your credibility online through patients/users’ feedback – keep track of what your patients are saying about you and engage in a conversation with them.

  6. E-wallet

    Let your users store funds and pay the doctors by adding a secure payment feature. Users can also instantly check his/her balance in their wallets.