Newspaper Website Builder

How to Build a News Website for Free in 3 Easy Steps?

Follow three simple steps to create your own news website:

  1. Write your news website name

  2. Choose a unique name for your news website

  3. Add required features

  4. Build your news website and add your preferred features to it

  5. Publish your website

  6. Test your news website and launch it

How to create a news website using Appy Pie?
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What pages are important for a News Website?

News is an important factor of the society. It is mainly to inform public about the events that are around and may affect them. News is also for the entertainment purpose. News channels create websites to catch the attention of the audience, create brand awareness. The essential pages for an online news platform are stated below:

  • Headlines / Briefs
  • A news website should have a page that has all the headlines for the news published in the different sections. This page gives an idea of what is going on around and has the details in the news specific section.

  • Live TV
  • Live TV has the videos of live events going on. It is a broadcast in real-time that shows the vents that happen at present. They are mostly not edited or rehearsed and recorded as they were prior to be aired. This page is important as the events watched live are well-remembered, sometimes they are already a part of some breaking story. Live streaming offers the engagement and interaction that promotes the brands and individuals.

  • Blogs
  • Blogs have to be a part of every news website. They are the articles that show leadership and expertise on a particular topic. Blogs are the great way to develop a fresh content on a website and helps drive search traffic.

  • Weather
  • Every news channel website should have the weather section that displays the weather conditions of various locations.

  • All Sections
  • A news channel website has various sub-sections such as fashion, drama, economy and industry news, business news, science and education, sports, technology etc. This part of the website has all the details for all the sections’ news.

Why you should use Appy Pie’s Website Builder for a News Website?

  • Website does not need a code
  • Code is not needed while creating news website using Appy Pie website builder. The website builder not only provides codeless designing and but also simple dragging and dropping feature to add pages.

  • Offers SEO Friendly Websites
  • Appy Pie website builder helps user create SEO friendly websites that make ranking in Google an easy affair.

  • Fast-opening Websites
  • Website builder creates fast opening and feather-light websites to provide users a delightful experience.

  • Immediate Customer Support
  • The company has the immediate customer support available, in case anything goes wrong, it also provides support in the form of tutorials and guides.

  • Websites are Time-Friendly
  • Appy pie provides a team of trained and qualified developers that help users develop websites a very less time.

  • Own domain
  • Smart Assistant feature in Appy Pie website builder helps users purchase their own domain.

Why you need to make a News Website?

A news channel needs a website to promote its brand name and awareness. It is an online platform where the channel can publish the information related to the events happening around. It is a medium of broadcasting the news, live tv, sports and entertainment news and many more.

News plays an important role in students’ life as it helps them improve their vocabulary, makes them aware of different matters, keeps them updated. It is also important for businessmen as they get the latest business updates. A news website could be an online platform for all of this.

Accessing news websites is a part of a modern life as it provides news about sports, country’s economy and its economic situation, games, trade and commerce, entertainment and many more.