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How to make a News App without coding?

Here are the steps to help you create a News app using our no-code News app builder:

  • STEP
  • Give your app a name

    Pick a name for your News app, and choose its theme and design layout.

  • STEP
  • Add features to your app

    Drag and drop the features you want in your News app and customize it accordingly.

  • STEP
  • Test and Go live

    Test your app on your device and launch it within minutes!

How to create a News app with the help of AI?

Below are the steps to create your own News app in minutes, using our AI News app builder:
  • STEP
  • Type a detailed text prompt

    Describe in detail the exact expectations you have from the News app you want to create.

  • STEP
  • Customize and test your app.

    Customize your app to match your preferences, and then test it on your device.

  • STEP
  • Go Live!

    Launch your own News app on the app stores and enjoy limitless downloads!

Build Your Own News App with News App Maker

Create a newspaper app with Appy Pie’s news app builder
and attract journalists and media persons to your app by publishing it on all the major app stores including Google
Play Store and Apple App Store and promoting it there.

But promotion is not all, you also need to regularly update your news app with the latest and breaking news content,
if you want to retain viewers for your news app. Our media app builder is the perfect tool to fulfill your wish of
being a prominent owner of a news channel, which is available in every hand.

We also have a journalist app builder for those journalists who put in great efforts to cover various news reports but never get highlighted. They can use this app builder to build a news app where they can publish their news pieces and get the recognition they deserve. The apps built using the journalist app builder or media app builder can also help journalists and media persons earn a handsome revenue by monetizing these apps.

We also provide an app builder platform for those who wish to make an app for bloggers. App users can upload their blogs instantly through mobile devices and can even promote them on various app stores.

In this digital era, with thousands of online streaming platforms available, newspapers, TV news channels, and other such traditional media are losing their popularity. Whether you are thinking of starting a news channel or are an existing entrepreneur, you must create a news app to take your business to the next level.

Benefits of building a news app

News, in its essence, connects the world. In the past, we relied on newspapers delivered to our doorsteps, and broadcasts transmitted to our radios and televisions. But the digital age has redefined the way we consume news. With smartphones becoming a staple in most people’s lives, the demand for instant access to current events has soared.

People no longer want to wait for the morning paper or the evening news. They seek real-time updates, wanting to stay informed on the go. The immediacy and ubiquity of smartphones have paved the way for a more interactive, personalized, and accessible means of staying updated: the news app.

As technology evolves, so do the habits of its users. We live in an era where convenience is paramount. When someone hears about a significant event, their instinct isn’t to turn on the TV or radio but to pull out their phone and check their go-to news source. This shift towards mobile news consumption underscores the importance of a platform that caters specifically to the needs of the modern user.

Given this backdrop, developing a news app seems like a logical step for publishers, broadcasters, and even independent journalists. But building an app might sound like a complex task reserved for those with deep technical knowledge. With Appy Pie news app builder, you can easily create your own news app in just a matter of minutes, and too with absolutely no coding skills and technical expertise. Listed here are some of the benefits of creating a news app.

  • A channel of your own
  • Your news app effectively becomes your very own news channel and is far more economical than making online space bookings. This means you have a greater control over the things you are putting out and a direct connection with the audience.

  • Superior user experience
  • It is an established fact that mobile apps offer a much-evolved user experience as compared to websites or any other digital or traditional channel. They draw on the device’s native functionality to serve the app users better.

  • Higher engagement
  • People check their phones multiple times in the day. This means when they have your app on their phone, chances of them using your app are a lot higher than typing in your website URL in their browsers. Your news app is bound to engage your audiences more effectively.

  • Strong communication
  • Mobile push notifications make it possible for you to send out communication to all your app users with a single tap or click, straight to their lock screens. You can use the feature to send information about discounts, transactions, important information or just check in with them.

  • Additional revenue channel
  • You can easily monetize your news app to add to your revenue. There are multiple ways to do this, but as your reach increases with mobile apps, you stand to gain an additional revenue channel that will let you put up ads, sell merchandise, or subscriptions to your unique bulletin.

  • Greater visibility
  • When you publish your app on the app stores, you must make sure that your brand name and the most relevant keywords are right there in your app name and description. This makes your brand name and your news app easily visible to the right audience who are looking for an app like yours.

Here we are with the Appy Pie’s News App Maker that helps you create news applications for your news firms using some excellent features. Some of them are quoted below

Explore the benefits of our News App Maker

Features of Appy Pie’s News App Builder

Appy Pie’s News App Builder creates News apps with a range of multiple brilliant features. Let us know them in detail.

  • Convenient to use
  • Appy Pie’s News App Builder creates easy to use news applications that show the location-based news.

  • Add more channels
  • Appy Pie’s News App Builder adds more channels to the news application. The app catches news from multiple sources.

  • Smart View
  • The news app gets a smart and simple application database and even the users new to the app can use it easily.

  • Share and Report
  • Appy Pie’s News App Builder offers to share and report option in the application. Users can share the application with their knowns and, report if they have any issues with the application.

  • Categories and Sections
  • News apps made by Appy Pie’s App Builder have multiple sections and news categories such as political news, regional news, etc.

Go for Appy Pie’s News App Builder to create an excellent application for your news channel and attract more and more users.

Elevate Your News Platform with Our News App Builder

In an era where information is paramount, delivering news at the fingertips of your audience is crucial. With our News App Builder, you can seamlessly create a platform that ensures your news reaches audiences swiftly and in a format they love – mobile apps.

Pick An App Template You Love

Appy Pie’s AI-driven App Builder offers numerous app templates designed to suit diverse business needs and inspire unique app ideas. Choose an app template you like and customize it to suit your app needs!

Create a News App That Engages and Informs

  1. Kickstart Your News App Journey: Simply input your app details, and our AI-driven News App Builder will weave together a platform where your news will shine.
  2. Secure Your News Ecosystem: New to our platform? Sign up to unlock a myriad of features designed for your news app creation. Existing member? Log in to continue your news dissemination journey.
  3. Personalize Your News Experience: Utilize our real-time customization tools to ensure your app aligns with your brand and captivates your audience.

Why Opt for Our News App Creator?

  1. Effortless News App Design for All

  2. Navigate through the world of news app creation with ease, even without a technical background, using our intuitive News App Creator.

  3. Robust Security for Your News Platform

  4. We prioritize the security of your digital content, employing advanced encryption techniques to safeguard your news and user data.

  5. Real-Time Updates for Continuous Engagement

  6. Keep your readers hooked with real-time updates, ensuring your app remains a dynamic platform for news dissemination and interaction.

  7. Optimal Performance for a Seamless User Experience

  8. Ensure your readers enjoy every news article with our cloud-based News App Builder guaranteeing smooth app performance.

  9. Cost-Effective Solutions with High ROI

  10. Create your own News app at a fraction of the cost with our News App Builder, offering unmatched ROI and becoming a top choice for news agencies and independent journalists alike.

Additional Features to Enhance Your News App

  • Universal Device Compatibility: Ensure your News app provides a seamless reading experience across various devices.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: Utilize our analytics tools to monitor reader behavior, aiding you in making data-driven decisions to enhance user engagement.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you with any queries or challenges.

Final Thoughts on News Apps

In today’s digital age, a News app is not merely a platform—it’s a direct channel to your audience. With our News App Builder, you can create an app that not only brings the latest news to your readers but also provides an interactive and engaging user experience. Dive into the world of digital news with us today and create your own News app!



Top Frequently Asked Questions

There are many popular news apps. Flipboard is considered to be the most popular news app.

There are many free news apps like Google News, Microsoft News, Flipboard, News360, and Feedly

Here is how you can create a news app without having any prior coding knowledge

  1. Go to and click on Get Started
  2. Enter the business name and click on Next to continue
  3. Pick the color scheme of your choice
  4. Select the category that best fits your needs
  5. Choose the test device where you want to test your app later on
  6. Click on Save and Continue
  7. If you have already created an account with Appy Pie, login, else Sign up
  8. You will be redirected to app customization section, change the look and feel of your app as per your needs and click on Save and Continue
  9. Please wait while your app is getting ready. Once the app is built, scan the QR code or send the app installation link to your device via email or SMS, and test your demo app
  10. Go to My Apps section and click on Edit option
  11. You will see the Basic plan. You can either go with Try Now or Buy Now option. The ‘Try now’ option comes with a 7-Day Trial so that you are fully satisfied with the app before you make the purchase.
  12. Please note whichever option you choose, you need to provide credit card details. We use credit card details to check the authenticity of the users
  13. Add the news feature
  14. Once you have added the news feature, click on Save and Continue to finish creating your news app

You can make a news app using Appy Pie AppMakr under free trial option. However, to publish it on Google Play Store or App store, you need to upgrade to one of our paid plans. Go to

You can start an online newspaper by creating a website or an app using Appy Pie’s website and mobile app building platform.

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