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Appy Pie's Online Movie App Maker to Create Your Own HD Movies App without Coding.

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Movie App Maker to Make an Movie App for Android and iOS

You will be able to create your own Movie App in all-possible easy steps with Appy Pie’s Movie App Builder, which is a no-coding web application that allows you to create iOS & Android apps for Movie Apps, Movie Showtimes and Movie Tickets. The great thing about Movie App builder is that it doesn’t require any coding skills.

How to Create a Movie App in easy steps?

Follow these steps to create your own Movie app:

  1. Choose a Movie App template and enter details

    Choose a Movie App Template and enter the information about your Movie App, including the app title, your app icon, and the category your app belongs to.

  2. Select your features

    Choose the features you need for your movie app. You can choose from the following features: Movie App, Movie Showtimes, Movie Tickets, Movie Reviews, Movie Trailers, Movie News, Movie RSS Feeds.

  3. Customize the look

    Choose your Movie App’s color and style, background, texts, fonts, and more.

  4. Preview and publish your Movie App

    After all the steps are done, you will get a preview of your Movie App. Now you are ready to publish your Movie App and you are done!

Make your own Movie App with Appy Pie’s Movie App Builder

Appy Pie’s App Builder is the easiest way to create your own App. We have all the tools you need to make a great App. If you want to create your own movie app and make it look stunning and professional, then you will want to check out Appy Pie’s Movie App Maker. Appy Pie helps you to create an amazing movie app with no app development knowledge required. Appy Pie’s Movie App Maker is a drag and drop app builder that allows you to make a movie app with no coding knowledge required.

With Appy Pie’s Movie App Maker, you can use our pre-made templates or you can choose to design your app from scratch. This app maker comes with tons of features including a stunning admin area, a movie database, a built-in gallery, and much more.

Why choose our online Movie App Builder?

  1. No technical knowledge: You do not need any technical knowledge, coding, or design experience to create your own app.
  2. Free templates: You can have multiple app templates, and you can also create your own app from scratch.
  3. Customizable: You can use your own customized app icon, or you can use the default Appy Pie app icon. You can add your movie information, release dates, or links on your app
  4. Uses of multiple features: You can customize your app with unlimited color and text options. You can add and customize unlimited images, video, audio, or links on your app.
  5. Compatibility: Your app will be available on major app stores i.e; iOS and Android play
  6. Multilingual: You can localize your app with multiple languages and break language barriers as Appy Pie’s app builder comes with a multilingual feature.
  7. User friendly: Appy Pie’s Movie app builder is highly user friendly. It has a visually appealing codeless interface that allows users to build a Movie app in a few easy steps.
  8. Push Notifications: You can also add push notifications service to your Movie app. Push notifications can notify your users of the latest features added, upcoming movies, Cost of subscription, Streaming quality etc. and help you to stay connected with the users.

What are the features a Movie App should have?

  1. A way to organize movies and tv shows in one place. Users don’t like to spend all day adding movies to different lists and then go to a different app to see them.
  2. The ability to add movies and tv shows to my watch list from the movie info.
  3. Ability to sort movies and tv shows by letter or by year.
  4. The ability to view a movie or tv show and look at the actors in it.
  5. Ability to see the entire cast of a movie.
  6. Ability to search all movies or tv shows.
  7. Visibility of release date and runtimes of movie or tv shows
  8. Users should be able to search for movies by title, genre, cast, rating, and year.
  9. Once a user finds a movie, he/she should be able to see a movie’s trailer.
  10. The ability to view all seasons of a tv show and skip forward to a certain episode.
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