In this highly technological era, mobile devices have not just remained an accessory, rather evolved as a necessity. From hiring cabs to booking a meal, today almost every task is carried out on mobile devices. And, the same goes for learning. The advent of mobile learning apps by the day has not only changed the entire way of imparting quality learning, but has also maximized the individual’s capacity of learning, with fun and excitement. With mobile apps, educational institutes can provide study materials to their students even on the fly, thus empowering them to learn new things easily, without any hassle.

Here, at Appy Pie, our mobile application developers go that extra mile to better understand their client’s requirements, and provide them the best apps that fulfills their mobile learning needs. Our developers expertise in building mobile learning apps for multiple operating systems, such as, Android, iOS, Windows, etc. With our app development services, you can rest assured of getting an amazing mobile learning app with following features and benefits:

  • Instant access to eBooks and pdfs
  • Interactive assessment solutions to help learners achieve high-quality learning
  • Constant feedbacks after analyzing learners’ skills, attitude, values and interests
  • Quizzes with different complexity levels
  • Feedbacks from learners for improving learning materials
  • Discussion forums and social media networks for learners, wherein they can share their experience and other queries
  • Push notifications, text messages, and emails for reporting

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Benefits of using Mobile Learning Programs

Let us explore the benefits of using mobile learning apps. After going through the advantages, you will become a mobile learning believer for sure.

  • Higher Engagement:
  • Existing statistics and researches reveal that the engagement increases when courses are delivered using the mobile format. This advantage of personalization that mobile learning offers, increases the sense of motivation and engagement among the users. Additionally, the fact that mobile learning is open any place, any time by the users, helps learners focus on their training, which results in fewer dropouts.

  • Collaborative Learning:
  • Getting the learners engaged in the formation of online learning communities is more efficient using mobile devices. This is one of the most popular mobile learning advantages, as the process of learning suffers from a lack of collaboration among learners quite often.

  • Multi-device Support:
  • Another significant benefit of mobile learning is that of multi-device support. Mobile learning apps provide the same courses on various devices ranging from laptops, PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

  • Flexibility for Learners:
  • There is no limit to flexibility at any one time or place when learning by using your mobile. Flexibility in mobile learning involves learning videos, podcasts, and other multimedia learning material on smartphones.

  • Learning Path:
  • Phone-based organizers and reminders are incorporated with mobile learning platforms. Learners get real-time updates and notifications on their courses, which they check anytime on any device. The apps also help learners resume their course easily, by skipping the previous content. The learning path created in the mobile learning platform is more continuous and personalized.

    Now that you know the benefits of using mobile learning, it will be more convenient for you to create a quality mobile learning program for yourself. Go ahead and do that today!

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