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How to make a short video sharing app in 3 easy steps

  1. Choose the app design of your choice

    Customize the look and feel of your short video sharing app and optimize user experience

  2. Add necessary features, like crop, filters, tone selection, etc.

    Make a short video sharing app like Tiktok without coding.

  3. Launch your app on Google Play & Apple App Store

    Let people find your short videos sharing app on leading iPhone & Android app stores.


Top 6 Must-Have Features in Your Short Video Sharing App

Your Video Editor App must have a few effective features that can encourage the target audience to download and use your app. Some of these effective features are mentioned below:

  • Filters

    Your short videos sharing app must have a few essential features necessary for a modern-day video-based social media. Some of these features are mentioned below:

  • Short Video editor

    The short video editor feature allows your users to create their own short videos by adding music, filters, and more. This is the most basic and functional feature present within your short video app.

  • Home Feed

    Feeds are a crucial component of every social media. Short video apps like Tik Tok display videos on the feed section. Here users can see uploads from the accounts that they follow.

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  • Profile

    The profile section of your short video app is extremely important. Once included in your app, this feature allows your users to build their own profiles. The content that users create is uploaded on the profile page.

  • Sound effects

    Short videos need fun sound effects. Appy Pie’s short video app builder allows you to add and upload your own unique sound effects directly into your app. Feel free to upload the sounds that you want.

  • Filters

    Filters in short videos are the new trends of today. With filters, short videos can have unique styles and let people show off their creativity. Appy Pie’s short video sharing app builder allows users to add their own filters and text.

Why should you choose Appy Pie’s Short Video Sharing App Builder?

Mobile apps have changed the way we interact with other people. Right from listening to music to completing critical business jobs, mobile apps are necessary for all walks of life.

Social media has changed how we communicate with each other. Short-form video apps are among the most popular mobile apps. The top short video apps like Tik Tok can draw over a billion users daily. However, there is always room to experiment in the short-form video space. Apps for short video clips often compete on format, filters, features, and following.

Currently, Tik tok leads the charge. However, more innovative short video apps are rising to give it a stellar competition. Users are spoilt for choice for the best app for sharing short video clips. With Appy Pie app builder, you can build your own tik tok like app with ease. Here are the reasons that make Appy Pie the best short video clips sharing app builder.


The best apps like Tik Tok serve a global audience. Appy Pie’s short video sharing app builder features . It helps in breaking language barriers and expands your reach worldwide as you can localize your app with multiple languages.

User friendly

Appy Pie’s App Builder is a user-friendly platform. It has a simple interface that allows users to build a short video sharing app easily within minutes without coding.

Unique Features

Appy Pie’s Video Editor App Builder helps you incorporate various effective features in your app. It allows you to add exclusive features to your short video sharing app and stand out from the competition.

Codeless app builder

Appy Pie’s App Builder helps you create excellent short form video apps without even coding a single line. You can add your preferred features to the app by simply dragging and dropping.

Push Notifications

Appy Pie’s App Builder allows you to add push notifications to your short video app. You can use these push messages to notify your users about new features/filters, latest updates, newly added templates, uploads from friends and much more. This helps your app users get the best out of their short video app like tik tok.


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