How to Make a Video Editor App in 3 Easy Steps?

  1. Choose the app design of your choice

    Customize the look and feel for a better user’s experience.

  2. Add necessary features, like crop, filters, tone selection, etc.

    Make a video editor app with no coding interface and add your desired features to it.

  3. Launch your app on Google Play & Apple App Store

    Let people find your video editing app on leading app stores of iPhone & Android.


Top 7 Must-have Features in Your Video Editor App

Your Video Editor App must have a few effective features that can encourage the target audience to download and use your app. Some of these effective features are mentioned below:

  • Filters

    Users must be able to select from a variety of filters as per the feel of their video. Your video editor app should offer filters like landscape, food, sky, vivid, and much more to help users make their video exclusive.

  • Aspect Ratio

    Users wish that their videos can perfectly adjust and run on every screen. You can help users by giving them the option to select from various aspect ratios like portrait, widescreen, Tik Tok Video, etc. as per their requirements.

  • No Ad

    Your video editor app must not show a third-party ad to interrupt the users while they edit their videos. If ads constantly pop up on the app or consume a part of the users’ screen, it might hamper users’ interest.

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  • Sound Effects

    Users want to transform their simple videos into exclusive one with the help of video editor apps. So, if your video editor app can offer the options of various sound effects like applause, explosion, chime, etc., for the different clips of video, it would be a plus point for your app.

  • Theme

    Your video editor app must provide a variety of themes to help users make their videos more attractive. By adding themes to their video, users can create the desired feel of the video in no time.

  • User Interface

    An intuitive user interface of video editor app can help users easily edit and add their chosen features in the video. In your video editor app, you must segment the features, controls, and various other settings in clearly defined sections for ease of your users.

  • Compatibility

    One of the must-have features in your video editor app is its compatibility with various operating systems. Your video editor app must be compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

9 Best Video Editor Apps in the Market

  1. BeeCut

    It is a free and popular video editor compatible with both Windows and Mac users. It offers a simple user interface with powerful editing functions.

  2. Videoshop

    It is one of the best video editing apps for Tik Tok videos. It offers a variety of features for video editing.

  3. Magisto

    It is a video maker that assists users in creating and editing videos. It provides the option to share videos on social media platforms.

  4. VideoShow

    With options of over 50 themes, Videoshow helps users in editing Tik Tok videos and videos made on other platforms.

  5. VivaVideo

    It is a popular and easy-to-use video editor that provides various editing options like cut, copy, merges, etc.

  6. Quik

    It is a free video editor that lets users choose from 23 video styles and make their video more realistic.

  7. ViaMaker

    It is an all-in-one video editing app that helps users create and edit amazing videos. It provides a wide range of magical effects.

  8. Zoomerang

    Perfectly suited for beginners, Zoomerang is a simple video editing app that provides their users with step-by-step tutorials for editing videos.

  9. InShot

    It is a free HD video editor app that offers various audio and visual effects, helping users edit their videos with exclusive sound effects.


Why Should You Choose Appy Pie’s Video Editor App Builder?

The technological revolution especially the mobile apps, have changed the way we work, live and communicate with others. Right from listening to music to completing critical business jobs, mobile apps have become the heart of every small and big task. This trend is, however not just limited to the business sector, almost every section of the society is jumping on the app bandwagon to stay atop of this technological revolution. Churches today are not an exception to this trend anymore. Today, a good number of churches worldwide have their own mobile apps, which helps them stay in touch with their community from anywhere, at any time, through any device. If this doesn’t convince you, here are some reasons why your church should have a mobile app:


Appy Pie’s Video Editor App Builder comes with a multi-lingual feature. It helps in breaking language barriers and expands your reach globally as you can localize your app with multiple languages.

User friendly

Appy Pie’s Video Editor App Builder is highly user friendly. It has simple and visually appealing features that allow users to build a video editor app easily.

Unique Features

Appy Pie’s Video Editor App Builder helps you incorporate various effective features in your app. It allows to add exclusive features in your video editor app and stand out from the competition.

Codeless app builder

Appy Pie’s Video Editor App Builder helps you create an excellent video editor app without even coding a single line. You can add your preferred features to the app by simply dragging and dropping.

Push Notifications

Appy Pie’s Video Editor App Builder allows you to add push notifications service to your app. You can use these push messages to notify your users about the advanced features, latest updates, newly added templates, and much more. This helps your app users get the best out of their app.