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How to Make an Insurance Website in 3 Easy Steps for Free?

Just follow 3 steps to create an Insurance website:

  1. Enter the name of your website

    Select a short and easy name for your Insurance website.

  2. Add standard features to your website

    Make a website design without coding and add features by drag-n-drop to it.

  3. Launch your Insurance website

    Test and launch your Insurance website online to target an audience worldwide.

What are Important Pages for an Insurance Website?

An Insurance website is used to give information on the best insurance policy which suits the needs of an individual. It also helps people to sign their insurance policy and renewing it every year until maturity.

To launch your Insurance website, ensure that you have proper knowledge of every guideline and how to mention them on your website. You must add a few essential pages to your Insurance website design to fulfill the purpose. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Homepage

    The homepage of your insurance website must be simple, crisp, and clear. It must contain relevant information and have the sign-up or login form. You can add your featured policies, highlights of services, and testimonials on this page.

  • About Us

    About us is one of the most essential pages of an Insurance website. The page covers crucial information about the company which includes their profile, visions and missions, management structure, and other relevant information.

  • Products/ Policies

    Product page provides a brief insight to users of various policies with their terms and conditions. This page lets users check their eligibility and find the best-suited policy. For user convenience, you can include comparison charts of various policies.

  • Support

    Support page of an insurance website basically provides information related to support users with issues related to grievance redressal, unclaimed funds, payment status, online complaint system, and consumer education.

  • Info Centre

    Info Centre provides information related to Acts related to an insurance policy, terms and conditions of public disclosures, tax benefits, latest updates, and articles related to insurance policies.

  • Contact

    Contact page shows various ways in which users can connect to your Insurance company. Generally, the contact page consists of business email and email addresses of key people, phone numbers, or both. You can also add the address of the office headquarters if any.

Why You Should Use Appy Pie’s Website Builder To Create An Insurance Website?

Appy Pie provides a no-code platform to make your own Insurance website. Appy Pie’s Website Builder has many features that can help you in making the best Insurance website design. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Codeless Development

    With Appy Pie’s free Insurance website builder, you can build Insurance website without coding even a single line. For including features to your website, just drag-n-drop to select and add desired features.

  • Lightweight and Fast Websites

    Appy Pie’s cloud-based website builder creates light and amazingly fast websites that can are easily accessible on both desktop and mobile devices even if the internet speed is limited.

  • Extremely Safe and Secure

    An insurance website created on free Appy Pie website builder be served through HTTPS which assures that site is well protected from cyber threats. Cybersecurity and data privacy will be assured.

  • Real-Time Updating

    Appy Pie’s Website Builder lets you make changes to your insurance website in real-time at any point in time. You can make changes to your website without the need for any technical knowledge.

  • Low Data Consumption

    As compare to a traditional website, an insurance website made from Appy Pie’s Website builder consume much fewer data. Users can easily explore your website without exhausting daily data limits.

  • Buy Domain

    Appy Pie helps you to buy a business domain for your Insurance website. You can create your website online and launch with your business domain name in a few clicks. It could certainly improve the credibility of your Insurance website.

Why You Need an Insurance Website

In this fast-paced era, every insurance company needs an online presence to spread its word to a wider audience. They need a crisp and clear insurance website with relevant information to encourage people to take the insurance policy.

Creating and launching an online Insurance website can be the easiest way to reach the maximum audience of every age group from every corner of the world. Nowadays, making an Insurance website is not a difficult task, one can easily take the help of no-code platforms. Without even coding a single line, you can affordably make an impressive Insurance website.

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