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How to make an app like Postmates?

By Snigdha | August 5, 2022 6:07 pm  | 5-min read

Food delivery apps have become more common than we even notice. As the days get busier, people have lesser time to spare, especially in their daily commute. Ordering food from an app can save them time and the trouble of stepping out in the traffic while still getting the food they are craving.

Food delivery apps have mushroomed, and every restaurant, entrepreneur, and logistic service provider is asking the same question – how to make an app like Postmates. Now, it is true that creating an on-demand delivery app from scratch is expensive and time-consuming – impractical for most businesses.

Hence Appy Pie offers a no-code food delivery app builder which lets you make an app like Postmates in minutes!

What is Postmates, and how does it work?

Postmates app is a sort of a courier service. A service that combines technology with a unique business approach that has managed to digitize the on-demand delivery space. Postmates is unique in allowing anybody to work as a courier.

From the delivery person’s end, the process is simple. They only need to fill in a form and don’t even need to own a car. They could be a pedestrian, a bike owner, or a car owner to opt for one of the many delivery schemes offered by Postmates.

The process of ordering is quite simple. Once a customer places an order and pays for it, one of the couriers nearest to the destination accepts it and gets on with the delivery.

Top features you must add to an app like Postmates

Postmates is unique in its services and operations as it provides flexible work hours to the delivery personnel and quick and convenient delivery service to the customers.

  1. Registration and Login

    To be able to use the Postmates app or the on-demand delivery app you make, the user must first create an account and log in. Once they log in, they can enter their location information, payment details, and any other information that may be needed to help the food delivery app work better. When you are making an app similar to Postmates, make sure that you add this ability to your own app.

  2. Ordering

    This feature forms the core of the Postmates app. This feature lets the app users place an order by sending out an alert to the couriers around the pickup location so that one of them can accept the order. Make sure that you include the ordering feature in your on-demand delivery feature so that the entire system functions flawlessly.

  3. Payment

    Integrating multiple payment gateways into your delivery app helps you serve more customers to their utmost satisfaction. The more options you offer, the greater the chances of casual browsers converting into paying customers. The order will only be considered to be placed after the payment has gone through.

  4. Order Tracking

    Once the order has been placed and the payment has been processed, the user must be able to track the order as it moves from the pickup place to the destination. Customers do not have much patience when it comes to getting their orders delivered and when an app like Postmates offers them the ability to track it in real-time, it is a gratifying experience. As the customers can see the order move in the right direction, they automatically become a little more patient.

  5. Reviews and Ratings

    Let your app allow two-way interaction between the customer and the business. Like Postmates, make sure that your food delivery app has a review and rating feature. This feature lets the app users express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the service by leaving reviews and ratings for the service they paid for.

  6. Real-time Messenger

    The messenger lets you connect with the delivery person and quickly have a conversation or leave special instructions about the pick-up or delivery. This channel of communication can reduce any chances of miscommunication.

  7. Pickup

    Another feature that adds to the ease of use is the pickup feature that lets a customer pre-book an order so that the item can be picked up later. This feature ensures you do not miss out on booking an order while handling a hundred other things.

How to make an app like Postmates?

Now you know what goes into an app like Postmates and all the features that make it great – it is time to come up with an answer to the real question of how to make an app like Postmates. A food delivery app similar to Postmates has a lot of potential for success today as people are getting more comfortable ordering their food instead of stepping out to dine.

Making an app is not as much of a challenge as it used to be even a few years ago. You do not have to worry about coding your app from scratch. You can go the no-code way and use Appy Pie to make your app like Postmates in just a few minutes!

  1. Begin by naming your app

    Choose an app category, a design theme, and a layout to make your app truly unique.

  2. Add the on-demand delivery feature to your app

    Make as many edits as you want to your app so that it works exactly the way you want.

  3. Test and launch

    Once you are happy with the app, test your app on real devices. That’s it! You are ready to go live on both the app stores.


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