Submission Guidelines
  • Every entry that gets published, receives an assured award worth up to $100 and can participate in sweepstakes for a chance to win an iPad!
  • An engaging blog that gets shared for 200 times or more gets an additional $50 as a reward!
  • You may write on any of the topics listed below:
    1. Restaurant Apps
    2. Radio/Music/Entertainment Apps
    3. Real Estate Apps
    4. Wedding Planning Apps
    5. Dating Apps
    6. Quiz/Survey Apps
    7. Mobile App Builders
    8. Small Businesses
    9. Chatbot Builders
    10. Website Builders
    11. Workflow Automation
    12. App Marketing
    13. Case Studies on Brands that have met success with mobile apps or any of the related categories above are welcome
  • Word Count – 1000 – 2500 words (based on the topic you may have longer posts; we encourage in-depth content)
  • Write a strong and straight, to the point blog supported by examples or images. Avoid long introductions.
  • In the entry, please include an infographic, data, and research to better illustrate the argument (our design team can help), statistics to support the content, and quotes from relevant personalities (entrepreneurs, authority figures, etc.). We’d love it if you could also conduct a keyword research.
  • Examples
    1. Reference for creating an outline of the blog -
    2. Reference for the blog styling and standard -
  • Include a headline and author bio, along with your area of expertise and URLs for your Twitter and LinkedIn Profiles
  • If you are contributing on behalf of any organization, do mention the name of the organization
  • Disclose any conflict of interest, such as partnerships with, or investments in any companies/technologies covered in the story
  • Make sure to send the content in a format that is easy to edit i.e. Word Document or Google Docs (should be editable)
  • Make sure the content you send is original and unique. We do not accept content that has been submitted simultaneously to other publications, even to your own (self-plagiarism is also a form of plagiarism)
  • We do not accept stories that — either explicitly or implicitly — promote the author’s company or offering(s). If you do mention your company in the story, it should be in the context of a larger trend or insight that is applicable to other companies
  • Send in complete entries to [email protected]
  • Once you submit the content, it will be lined up for scrutiny. We review every single entry we receive, so it sometimes takes as long as 3 weeks for us to respond. But don’t you worry, we will definitely get back to you.