Festival App Builder

How to Create a Festival App in 3 Easy Steps?

  1. Enter the name of your festival app
  2. Choose a friendly layout for better user experience.

  3. Add features to grab the user’s attention
  4. Make a festival app without coding.

  5. Go live on Google Play and the App store
  6. Engage with the customers using your own festival app.

Festival App Maker

With Appy Pie’s App Builder you can now create a festival app for Android and iOS. By using this tool, you can design excellent apps with multiple effective features in minutes. With Appy Pie’s no-code DIY app builder you get access to a broad range of basic to enterprise features. You can add these features to your app with a simple drag and drop functionality. The online app maker will help you create your own festival app without any technical knowledge or previous experience in mobile app development.

Here is what you can offer users in your festival app.

  • You can provide the list of the artists performing, categorized as per music genres in different folders with customized icons.

  • You can offer the links to playlists of the songs being performed.

  • You can provide the links to relevant websites.

  • Display the list of food stalls and merchandise that stands. You can also share information related to other important locations like as toilets.

  • Use the interactive mapping feature so your attendees know where they are all the time.

Now that you understand what information you should provide in your festival app. Let us find out how Appy Pie’s Festival App Maker is going to help you with it.

Features of Appy Pie’s Festival App Maker

Appy Pie’s Festival App Maker offers various effective features, here are few.

  1. Demand Delivery
  2. Appy Pie’s Festival App Maker helps users create a festival app with the demand delivery feature. You can offer your clients an option to place orders for food & essentials and, deliver these items at their doorstep.

  3. Taxi Booking
  4. By using Appy Pie’s Festival App you can help your clients book taxi from the event location to their place and vice versa. You can save your clients from the hassle of traveling in public transports.

  5. Event Page
  6. Appy Pie’s Festival App Maker creates a festival app with an in-built feature of booking tickets online. You can save your users from standing in a long queue to buy tickets. All they need to do is install your app on their smartphones.

  7. eCommerce
  8. Appy Pie’s Festival App also helps users with online product sales. If you are organizing an event you can offer your clients with the facility of buying your business products and event accessories online.

  9. Push Notifications
  10. You get the push notifications to feature in the festival app created using Appy Pie’s App Builder. By using this feature, you can send important messages to multiple users in one go. For example, you have any last-minute change in the event activities, you can send notifications in the app instead of announcing it on the loudspeaker.

  11. Navigation
  12. Appy Pie’s Festival App Builder helps users create a festival app that has an in-built navigation feature. You can help the attendees reach the venue by adding directions to the app.

Appy Pie’s Festival App Builder creates festival apps with a wide range of unique features that save your clients with the last-minute hassle. Create your festive app and spread joy and happiness among your clients!

Top Frequently Asked Questions

The best Festival apps are:

  1. Electric Castle Festival
  2. Secret Solstice Festival
  3. Festival Estéreo Picnic
  4. Sziget Festival
  5. Find My Friends
  6. Periscope
  7. Songkick

Follow the steps below to make a festival app with the help of Appy Pie AppMakr without any coding:

  1. Go to appypie.com and click on Get Started
  2. Enter the name of the app and click on Next to continue
  3. Select the category that best fits your needs
  4. Pick the color scheme of your choice
  5. Choose the test device where you want to test your app later on
  6. Click on Save and Continue
  7. If you have already created an account with Appy Pie, login, else Sign up
  8. You will be redirected to app customization section, change the look and feel of your app as per your needs and click on Save and Continue
  9. Wait while your app is getting ready. Once the app is created, scan the QR code or send the app installation link to your device by email or SMS, and test your demo app
  10. Go to My Apps section and click on Edit option
  11. You will see the Basic plan. Now you can either go with Try Now or Buy Now option. The ‘Try now’ option comes with a 7-Day Trial so that you are fully satisfied with the app before you make the purchase.

    Note: Whichever option you choose, you need to provide credit card details. We use credit card details to check the authenticity of the users

  12. Add events, blog, photo, video features
  13. Once the features have been added, click on Save and Continue to finish creating your festival app

Appy Pie AppMakr is the best online festival app builder. You can create a festival app in minutes using Appy Pie AppMakr.

Yes you can make money from an online festival app. Listed below are some ways:

  1. In-app Advertising, In-app purchases, Subscriptions
  2. Paid apps
  3. Sponsorship and Affiliate programs
  4. Selling your merchandise
  5. Crowdfunding

It is free to develop a festival app with the help of Appy Pie AppMakr. However, if you want to publish your app on Google Play Store or Apple App store, you need to upgrade to our paid plans. To check our paid plans click on https://www.appypie.com/app-builder/pricing-plan.