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How to Convert your YouTube live streaming video into an App in 3 Easy Steps?

Follow these steps to convert your YouTube live streaming video into an App:

  1. Enter app name

    Choose category and color scheme.

  2. Add YouTube live feature from the Video features list

    Convert your YouTube live streaming video into the app without any coding.

  3. Submit your app to Google Play & App Store

    Let people download your iPhone & Android app on leading app stores.

Convert your YouTube live streaming video into an app without any coding!

Bring your YouTube channel to the next level with Appy Pie’s online YouTube live video app maker. Appy Pie’s app builder lets you easily convert your YouTube live streaming video into an app. You can create your own mobile app to enhance your paid and free YouTube streaming and gain more viewership by pinching new viewers from the hundreds of millions of people using your app. Appy Pie’s online YouTube live video app maker offers all the tools that you need to create a highly functional mobile app for your YouTube channel in just a few clicks.

Converting your YouTube live streaming video into an app helps you enjoy more customer loyalty and engagement and establish your own unique identity. You can easily monetize your content and earn money. With Appy Pie’s App Builder, you can add more functionality to your live streaming app and give it a unique look and feel so that it stands out from all the rest. Appy Pie allows you to convert your YouTube live streaming video to a native app for mobiles, and tablets simply and conveniently.

Benefits of Converting Your YouTube Live Video into an app

Creating a YouTube live streaming app for your YouTube channel is a great way to expand your audience by reaching new viewers who are not familiar with your channel. It’s especially great if you’re looking for getting your video content out there in front of a huge audience. Not only does it require breaking down the potential barrier of an internet connection, but it also requires nothing more than a smartphone to be able to watch live. There’s no need to worry about getting people to subscribe to your channel or even follow you on social media. Once they download your app, they’ll be able to watch whenever and wherever they want as long as they have Wi-Fi or a data connection.

  • Mobile access

    Mobile apps offer a variety of advantages for those trying to grow their customer base and increase engagement. Converting your YouTube live video into an app for mobile devices will significantly increase your broadcast range, both in geographical and demographical meanings.

  • Audience Feedback

    It can be difficult for YouTube channel broadcasters to obtain reliable feedback on their channel. In a mobile app, though, you have many options for gathering input and measuring user involvement.

  • Analytics Tracking

    If you want to make your live streaming a success, you keep continuously track the user behavior. App created with Appy Pie is equipped with tracking tools and analytics dashboards to help you evaluate the outcome of your videos.

  • Real-Time Engagement

    One of the most compelling reasons to use an app for live-streaming is YouTube’s ability to enable real-time user involvement and allows users to join a direct conversation with the influencer.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

    Many organizations are investing their time in marketing with live streaming apps because of the associated cost savings. With live streaming video, companies can cut down on marketing costs.

Why should You Convert your YouTube Live Streaming Video into an app with Appy Pie’s App Builder?

Appy Pie’s Online YouTube Live Video App Maker is a great platform for anyone who wants to quickly create an application that can be used as a business or entertainment app. From creating a live streaming video app to adding features and functionalities, it does not matter which way you want to go about it, Appy Pie’s Online YouTube Live Video App Maker is your best bet.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should use Appy Pie’s Online YouTube Live Video App Maker:

  • Customized Design and Branding

    You can choose from thousands of pre-designed templates or choose to design your own from scratch with your own images, videos, and graphics. Appy Pie also lets you fully customize the app’s color scheme, font, logo, splash screen, and many other features.

  • Video

    Add and stream YouTube channel videos in your App with ease without any additional effort at your end. All you will need to enter the channel URL into App.

  • Push notification

    Tell your users what’s happening, in real-time, with push notifications. You can use this feature for almost any event, ranging from new user announcements to leaderboards, and more!

  • Review

    Add a review feature in your app and ask users for feedback and figure out which videos are doing well, and which ones need improvement.

  • Contact

    Add a contact feature and give your users a convenient medium to get connected with you. Add brief information including name, email id, website, and social media links.

  • Blog

    Connect your blog to the app and convert a new visitor into an engaged, loyal reader. This feature benefits both your app users and your business.

  • Complete Support

    Our customer service is available 24/7 to assist you through the entire process of building an app from our YouTube live video. We also offer free video tutorials to guide you through each step of the process.

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