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How to Make a Campaign Website in 3 Easy Steps for Free

Just follow 3 steps to create a Campaign website:

  1. Enter the name of your website

    Write an exclusive name for your Campaign website.

  2. Add basic features to your website

    Create website design without coding and add features by drag-n-drop to it.

  3. Launch your campaign website

    Test and launch your campaign website online to target a worldwide audience.

What are Important Pages for a Campaign Website?

Last Updated on October 14th, 2020

The campaign website is used to shape the vision and missions of the people by spreading their word worldwide. In this era, many people wish to reach as many people as they can for the support of their campaigns which could by social, political, environmental and many more. So, they launch their campaign website to fulfil the purpose.

If you are thinking about creating your own campaign website to help expand their reach for the success of the campaign, you must start soon. You must add a few essential pages to your campaign website. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Homepage

    The homepage of your campaign website design has the sign-up or login form. Most of the times, it is made visually appealing with the brief mention of latest and upcoming activities under the campaign. You must assure that the homepage can attract maximum people.

  • About Us

    About us is one of the most important pages of a campaign website. The page covers crucial information about your campaign. It briefs your website visitors, about the vision, mission, and team involved your campaign. On the about page, you can include the story behind your agenda, an overview of events, and much more.

  • News

    The news page keeps volunteers updated about the latest events of your campaign. On the news page, you can update the news in various sections like the latest events, new members added, progress report, etc. The news page can keep everyone who visits your website informed of the latest happenings.

  • Vision and Missions

    Vision and Missions page must tell the people what the target of your campaign is. You can add the missions in a pointer format so that anybody can understand about your agenda easily. The vision and missions page must be crisp and clear.

  • Contact Us

    Contact page shows various ways in which visitors can connect to your campaign. Generally, the contact page consists of business email and email address of key people, phone numbers, or both. You can also add your social media handles in the form of icons to reroute visitors to your social media accounts.

  • Contribute/ Donate

    Contribute page is the most essential page to keep your campaign progressing and receiving funds from donors. On this page, you can add the form for contributors to fill their names, contact details, and the amount they wish to contribute. You must include various payment options for donors so that they can easily contribute to your campaign and support the visions and missions of your campaign.

Why You Should Use Appy Pie’s Website Builder To Create A Campaign Website?

Appy Pie offers an easy-to-use no-code platform for making a campaign website. There are many reasons which let Appy Pie’s Website Builder stand out among competitors. Some of the unique ones are mentioned below.

  • No Code Development

    Appy Pie’s free campaign website builder helps you create an attractive campaign website without any coding skills. Also, for adding striking features to your website, you just need to drag-n-drop them from a list of hundreds of features.

  • Real-Time Updating

    Appy Pie’s free website builder helps in creating light and fast websites which can be easily updated at any point of time. Real-time updating feature help users to update the website as per their requirements.

  • Customer Support Team

    24/7 online available dedicated customer support team of Appy Pie can help the users from the time they start creating their website till they finish updating it online.

  • Save Time and Efforts

    To develop a website from scratch requires a highly dedicated team to work for months. With Appy Pie free campaign website maker, a new website can be designed in a few easy steps, saving time and human efforts.

  • Buy Domain

    Appy Pie helps you in buying a business domain for your campaign website. You can make your website online and update with your business domain name in a few clicks, which could certainly improve the credibility of your campaign website.

  • Highly Safe and Secure

    Appy Pie website maker creates a completely safe and secure website. It assures that businesses do not have issues related to cyber threats and data privacy.

Why You Need a Campaign Website

In this fast-paced era, every campaign needs an online presence to get the maximum support of people. The attractive website lets campaign leaders get support for their agenda worldwide.

Creating and launching an online campaign website can be the easiest way to reach the maximum audience of every age group from every corner of the world. Nowadays, making a campaign website is not a difficult task, one can easily take the help of no-code platforms. Without even coding a single line, you can affordably make an impressive campaign website.

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