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Top 15 Front Alternatives & Competitors in 2023

Neeraj Shukla
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Strong tools are more important than ever in the fast-paced world of modern business, where efficient communication is essential to productive teamwork. Although Front has long been the recommended option, a flurry of challengers and alternatives have appeared in recent years. We examine all 15 of the Front alternatives in detail in this blog post, carefully dissecting each one's unique features and functionalities. Our investigation seeks to give companies insightful information about how these options meet a variety of communication requirements, promoting flexibility and success in the dynamic world of contemporary business.

Top 15 Front Alternatives & Competitors in 2023

  1. Appy Pie Desk
  2. HubSpot
  3. Google Collaborative Inbox
  4. Hiver
  5. Kayako
  6. Missive
  7. Trengo
  8. SysAid
  9. Gorgias
  10. Zendesk
  11. Freshdesk
  12. Kustomer
  13. Superhuman
  14. Crisp

Appy Pie Desk: Revolutionizing Customer Support and Collaboration

Appy Pie Desk

Appy Pie Desk revolutionizes customer support and collaboration with a strategic focus on key features. With a strong emphasis on customer support and task management, the platform ensures efficient handling of inquiries. It excels in ticket management and tracking, enabling businesses to promptly address customer needs. What sets it apart is its integration capabilities, providing an adaptable solution that seamlessly incorporates other applications. This makes Appy Pie Desk a versatile and comprehensive choice for businesses seeking an integrated customer support system, ultimately enhancing team collaboration and customer satisfaction.

Key Features:
  • Emphasis on customer support and task management
  • Efficient ticket management and tracking
  • Integration capabilities for an adaptable customer support solution

HubSpot: A Comprehensive Solution for Sales, Marketing, and Service


HubSpot emerges as a comprehensive solution for businesses, offering an integrated platform that spans sales, marketing, and service domains. With a strategic focus on providing a unified approach, HubSpot becomes a central hub for organizations. Its robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionalities streamline sales processes, while marketing tools enhance outreach and engagement. The service capabilities ensure efficient customer support and satisfaction. HubSpot's strength lies in creating a seamless ecosystem where teams can collaborate effortlessly, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking an all-encompassing solution for their sales, marketing, and service needs.

Key Features:
  • Integrated platform for sales, marketing, and customer service
  • Robust CRM functionalities
  • Automation tools for streamlined workflows

Google Collaborative Inbox: Google's Collaborative Power

Google Collaborative Inbox

The Google Collaborative Inbox continues to underscore Google's collaborative power, making it worthy of revisiting. Leveraging the robust features of Google, this tool creates a collaborative environment that fosters effective teamwork. With a particular emphasis on shared communication, the collaborative inbox ensures that teams can collaborate in real time, capitalizing on the collaborative features within the Google ecosystem. Its seamless integration with other Google Workspace apps enhances its utility, offering businesses a centralized hub for efficient collaboration. By revisiting Google's collaborative power, this tool reaffirms its position as a reliable choice for teams seeking cohesive and streamlined collaboration within the familiar Google environment.

Key Features:
  • The second mention emphasis Google's collaboration capabilities
  • Reiteration of how it enhances teamwork and communication

Hiver: Transforming Gmail into a Collaborative Workspace


Hiver transforms Gmail into a collaborative workspace, offering a unique solution for teams looking to streamline their communication within the familiar Gmail environment. By seamlessly integrating with Gmail, Hiver brings shared inboxes directly into the email platform, creating an efficient collaborative workspace. Teams can manage shared inboxes, delegate tasks, and collaborate on emails in real-time. With workflow automation features, Hiver ensures a smooth and organized email management process. This transformation of Gmail into a collaborative hub enhances team productivity and communication, making Hiver a valuable choice for businesses seeking to optimize their email-based collaboration within the Gmail ecosystem.

Key Features:
  • Collaboration directly within Gmail
  • Shared inboxes for efficient team communication
  • Workflow automation for increased productivity

Kayako: Elevating Customer Service with a Multichannel Approach


Kayako takes customer service to new heights with its multichannel approach, providing businesses with a comprehensive solution for managing customer interactions. By offering support across multiple channels, including email, chat, and social media, Kayako ensures that businesses can connect with customers wherever they are. The platform excels in its ticketing system, automation capabilities, and knowledge base creation, empowering support teams to efficiently address customer inquiries. Kayako's commitment to a multichannel strategy not only enhances customer service but also enables businesses to create a seamless and integrated support experience, making it a valuable choice for those prioritizing comprehensive customer interaction management.

Key Features:
  • Comprehensive help desk and customer support software
  • Multi-channel support for diverse communication channels
  • Knowledge base creation and automation features

Missive: Redefining Email Collaboration with Shared Inboxes


Missive is at the forefront of redefining email collaboration by introducing the concept of shared inboxes. This innovative approach transforms traditional email communication, allowing teams to collaboratively manage and respond to messages within a shared environment. Missive's real-time chat and collaboration features further enhance team communication directly within the email platform. Integration with third-party apps extends its functionality, providing a holistic solution for efficient collaboration. By blending communication and collaboration seamlessly, Missive stands out as an email-centric platform that transcends conventional boundaries, making it an ideal choice for teams seeking a fresh perspective on email collaboration.

Key Features:
  • Shared inboxes for collaborative email management
  • Real-time chat and collaboration features
  • Integration with third-party apps for enhanced functionality

Trengo: Unifying Communication Channels for Seamless Interactions


Trengo takes communication to the next level by unifying various channels, ensuring seamless interactions for modern businesses. This platform excels in providing a multi-channel communication experience, offering a unified inbox that streamlines message management. With features like a unified inbox, Trengo ensures that teams can efficiently handle messages from different sources, enhancing overall communication efficiency. Collaboration and automation tools further contribute to streamlined workflows, making it a valuable solution for businesses seeking a comprehensive platform that unifies communication channels. Trengo's commitment to a seamless experience sets.

Key Features:
  • Multi-channel communication platform
  • Unified inbox for efficient message management
  • Collaboration and automation tools for streamlined workflows

SysAid: A Comprehensive IT Service Management Solution


SysAid stands out as a comprehensive IT service management (ITSM) solution, providing organizations with an integrated platform that addresses various aspects of IT support. With a strategic focus on efficiency and seamless operations, SysAid becomes a central hub for businesses aiming to streamline their IT processes. Its robust ITSM functionalities cover incident management, problem management, change management, and more, ensuring a cohesive and well-managed IT environment.

Key Features:
  • Unified solution by integrating sales, marketing, and customer service functions
  • Provides strong Customer Relationship Management tools to streamline sales processes
  • Automation features for efficient and streamlined workflows in IT service management

Gorgias: Enhancing Customer Support with AI-Powered Automation


Gorgias takes customer support to the next level by incorporating AI-powered automation into its platform. This forward-thinking solution empowers businesses to deliver efficient and personalized support experiences through the utilization of artificial intelligence. Gorgias employs AI tools for sentiment analysis, enabling teams to accurately gauge customer satisfaction levels and tailor responses accordingly. The platform's automation features significantly contribute to faster query resolution, thereby enhancing overall efficiency in customer service. With seamless integration capabilities, Gorgias emerges as a comprehensive solution that adapts to the evolving landscape of customer support, making it an invaluable choice for businesses looking to optimize their support processes through cutting-edge AI technology.

Key Features:
  • AI-powered tools for sentiment analysis and automated responses
  • Integration with e-commerce platforms
  • Focus on efficient and personalized customer support

Zendesk: A Leader in Customer Service and Engagement


Zendesk stands as a stalwart leader in the realm of customer service and engagement, providing businesses with a comprehensive platform for exemplary customer interactions. Renowned for its robust ticketing system, Zendesk streamlines customer inquiries, ensuring timely and efficient resolution. The platform's automation capabilities enhance workflow efficiency, while AI-powered tools contribute to predictive analytics for proactive customer engagement. With a focus on creating a unified customer experience, Zendesk's multi-channel support and knowledge base functionalities further solidify its position as a customer service powerhouse. For businesses prioritizing top-notch customer service and engagement, Zendesk continues to lead the way in delivering excellence and satisfaction.

Key Features:
  • Comprehensive customer service and engagement platform
  • Ticketing system with automation capabilities
  • AI-powered tools for predictive analytics

Freshdesk: Simplifying Customer Support with an Intuitive Platform


Freshdesk simplifies the landscape of customer support with its intuitive platform, offering businesses a user-friendly and efficient solution. At the core of its offerings is an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface that enhances the overall customer support experience. Multi-channel support ensures that businesses can engage with customers across various communication channels seamlessly. The platform's automation features streamline repetitive tasks, optimizing support workflows. Collaboration tools further contribute to effective team communication. Freshdesk's commitment to simplicity and functionality positions it as an ideal choice for businesses seeking a customer support platform that prioritizes ease of use without compromising on advanced features.

Key Features:
  • Intuitive and user-friendly customer support platform
  • Multi-channel support and automation features
  • Collaboration tools for effective team communication

Kustomer: Elevating Customer Experiences with Personalization


Kustomer emerges as a leader in elevating customer experiences by placing a strong emphasis on personalization. This innovative platform provides businesses with the tools to create highly personalized interactions with their customers. With a unified customer view, Kustomer enables businesses to gain valuable insights, fostering a deeper understanding of customer needs and preferences. Automation tools enhance proactive customer engagement, ensuring that interactions are not only personalized but also timely. Kustomer's commitment to elevating customer experiences through personalized interactions positions it as a strategic choice for businesses that prioritize creating meaningful and lasting connections with their customer base.

Key Features:
  • Focus on personalized customer experiences
  • Unified customer view for better insights
  • Automation tools for proactive customer engagement

Superhuman: Redefining Email Productivity with AI


Superhuman is at the forefront of redefining email productivity by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This innovative platform introduces AI-powered features that significantly enhance the efficiency of email management. With advanced search capabilities and organization tools, Superhuman empowers users to navigate through their emails with unprecedented speed and precision. The platform's focus on speed and efficiency in email communication sets it apart, providing a tailored experience that adapts to individual user preferences. Superhuman's strategic integration of AI positions it as a transformative force in the realm of email productivity, offering users a sophisticated and personalized approach to managing their email correspondence.

Key Features:
  • AI-powered features for enhanced email productivity
  • Advanced search and organization capabilities
  • Focus on speed and efficiency in email management

Crisp: Revolutionizing Customer Communication with Live Chat


Crisp spearheads a revolution in customer communication by placing live chat at the forefront of its platform. This innovative solution transforms the way businesses engage with their customers, offering real-time communication capabilities. Crisp's live chat functionality ensures immediate and personalized interactions, fostering a dynamic and responsive customer support experience. The platform goes beyond traditional communication methods, providing multi-channel support and automation features for streamlined workflows. Crisp's commitment to revolutionizing customer communication through live chat positions it as an invaluable tool for businesses seeking to enhance their customer engagement strategies with cutting-edge and real-time communication solutions.

Key Features:
  • Live chat functionality for real-time customer communication
  • Multi-channel support and automation features
  • Integration with various business apps Beyond Project Management, a Collaboration Powerhouse stands out as more than just a project management tool; it is a collaboration powerhouse that transforms how teams work together. Offering a versatile work operating system, provides a visual and collaborative platform where teams can plan, track, and manage projects seamlessly. With customizable workflows, task dependencies, and integrations with third-party tools, the platform adapts to diverse project management needs. Its intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality make it easy for teams to tailor to their specific processes. From timeline views to workload tracking and real-time collaboration, serves as a comprehensive solution for teams across various industries, reinforcing its status as a collaboration powerhouse.

Key Features:
  • Versatile work operating system for collaboration
  • Visual and collaborative project management
  • Customizable workflows and integrations/li>

Why Choose Appy Pie Desk as a Front Alternative?

Appy Pie Desk serves as a robust alternative to Front due to its strategic emphasis on customer support and collaborative task management. Its key features make it a compelling choice for businesses seeking a versatile and integrated solution:

  • Customer Support Focus: Appy Pie Desk places a strong emphasis on customer support, offering efficient ticket management and tracking to address customer inquiries promptly.
  • Task Management and Tracking: The platform extends beyond customer support, incorporating task management and tracking features. This ensures that teams can efficiently manage and monitor their tasks within the same platform.
  • Knowledge Base Creation: Appy Pie Desk empowers businesses to create a knowledge base for self-service support. This reduces the workload on support teams and allows customers to find answers independently.
  • Email and Chat Support: Real-time communication is facilitated through email and chat support functionalities, ensuring that businesses can connect with customers seamlessly.
  • Integration Capabilities: Appy Pie Desk seamlessly integrates with other Appy Pie tools and third-party applications. This adaptability makes it a valuable choice for businesses looking for an integrated and versatile customer support solution.


The landscape of communication and collaboration tools has evolved significantly, offering businesses a plethora of alternatives to Front in 2023. Each of the mentioned alternatives brings unique features and strengths to the table, catering to diverse business needs. From Appy Pie Desk's focus on customer support to HubSpot's comprehensive sales and marketing integration, and from Google Collaborative Inbox's leveraging of Google's collaborative power to's role as a collaboration powerhouse, businesses have a rich array of options. Whether you need thorough project management, improved customer support, or faster email communication, the best option will depend on your particular organization's needs. With its focus on customer service and collaborative task management, Appy Pie Desk stands out as a unique option, giving companies an adaptable and integrated solution for customer support.

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