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Best Time To Post On Instagram For The Most Engagement

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on July 9th, 2023 10:00 am

You might think that the best time to post on Instagram is when you have the most followers, but in my experience, posting when your audience is more active and awake gives you a better chance of getting noticed. There’s nothing wrong with posting in the early hours of the morning if it works for you and your target audience. Just remember: Instagram posts don’t autopost on Facebook or Twitter! You need to manually share them there too.What About Instagram Hashtags?Yes, they work… but not as well as they used to. The algorithm has changed since I wrote my original guide, and Instagram is no longer showing people all of the hashtags you use in your post. So while it’s still worth using hashtags in your descriptions, don’t expect them to pull people into your content. It’s also important to note that certain hashtags are more popular for specific industries. For example, #fashion has over 45 million posts while #fashionphotography only has about 6 million. I recommend doing some research on which hashtags are right for your brand before diving in.Instagram Stories: The Best Way to Connect With Your FollowersAs I mentioned earlier, Instagram is changing and evolving faster than any other social network out there. Their newest feature is Instagram stories, and it’s a game changer. Because of their ephemeral nature, stories allow for a greater level of engagement that we just don’t see on other platforms. People use Instagram to tell *and* show their story. And because stories disappear after 24 hours (unless you add them to your profile), there’s less pressure to create something perfect. You can experiment with new things and go off the cuff without worrying about making a mistake or losing followers in the process. I’ve had some of my best conversations on Instagram stories and seen incredible growth by leveraging this new format. So, what are you waiting for? Go start telling your story!How to Use Instagram Stories Like a ProThe best way to get started is to watch someone who’s already doing it right. In my experience, no one does it better than Gary Vaynerchuk. He uses his Instagram stories as an opportunity to give behind-the-scenes content from his day, offer helpful advice, and share little nuggets of wisdom from time to time. In addition to using your own personal stories, you can also use stories in a more tactical way to promote your business or product. This is especially powerful for businesses that have a physical location or products that require a hands-on experience in order for customers to understand them better. Take this example from Donuts Delight: One of the most important things you should consider when creating an Instagram story is when they appear in the feed of your followers. When you upload a post on both Facebook and Instagram at the same time, they display in reverse chronological order on Facebook while they display in chronological order on Instagram (if you upload directly from your phone). That means if you want people to see your story first—and therefore have a chance at growing it into something bigger—you need upload it directly from your phone instead. If you don’t have access to an iPhone or Android device, there are still options for posting multiple photos at once on Facebook and Instagram! Check out this article for more information on this topic: How To Post Multiple Photos On Facebook & Instagram At Once!6 Ways Marketers Can Use Snapchat For Business GrowthSnapchat has quickly become one of the most dominant social networks among college students and younger demographics since its launch in 2011. While marketers initially thought Snapchat was only good for sexting (guilty), over the past few years we’ve realized how much potential there really is—especially when used in combination with other channels like Twitter and Facebook . Here are 6 ways you can use Snapchat effectively as part of your social media marketing strategy: 1) To Create Engaging Content People actually enjoy watching short videos on Snapchat instead of scrolling endlessly through their newsfeeds like they do on Facebook and Twitter . They even prefer watching these videos over reading blog posts or getting emails ! You can create text overlay images that show up when you tap the screen while recording video like below: 2) To Promote Your Events As someone who grew up with four siblings all within five years apart, I know firsthand how important it is for people planning events (like birthdays) to communicate effectively with their friends—especially when it comes down to finding the best location/time/date/price for everyone involved! If you have an event coming up that isn’t too formal or too casual , then you might be able to take advantage of Snapchat’s geo-filters feature by submitting an event request through their website here . 3) For Customer Service One way companies are using Snapchat successfully is by using its live chat feature during business hours so users can chat instantly with customer support reps without having to wait until regular business hours or send email tickets back and forth with no real resolution . Since everything is recorded automatically, users can easily replay questions they missed while talking so they don’t feel like they have to repeat themselves every time they want customer service help . 4) For Product Launches An interesting white paper came out last year that discussed how brands could leverage our innate curiosity toward serendipity when launching new products . It basically says that marketers should create opportunities for random discovery rather than forcing users into planned campaigns . By adding “swipe up links” within ads or product packaging, consumers would be prompted by surprise moments where they would be led directly into product pages where they could learn more before deciding whether or not make a purchase decision . 5) For Behind-The-Scenes Marketing Many small businesses are turning toward Snapchat as another way they can connect with their fans , gain exposure , generate leads , retain customers , collect email addresses , etc . Both Snaps Incubator and The Snack Pack have put together simple but effective content strategies geared towards helping small businesses grow their audience on Snapchat fast! 6) To Create An Emotional Connection With Your Brand Most marketers agree that trying hard doesn’t work–it fails more often than not because brands try too hard instead of being genuine with what makes them different . So instead of trying hard all the time, why not try being yourself ? A great example of this comes from Harpoon Brewery, which recently launched its 100th beer named Citra Fresh IPA . They didn’t focus entirely on promoting the fact that it was their 100th beer; instead, they chose to focus on what makes Citra Fresh IPA unique compared to other beers by making fun GIFs focusing around citrus fruits like limes : What Makes A Good Snap? If there were one thing I could teach every marketer about using Snapchat for business growth , it would be this: be authentic.

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