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Hashtags are a critical part of your social media growth and performance. Trending hashtags can help you gain more visibility and expose your content to the maximum audience. Despite its importance, finding the right hashtags that will get you the maximum engagement for your content can be challenging. Hashtags are metadata tags prefaced by the ‘#’ or the hash sign. A hashtag is a form of generated tagging that lets the search engine cross-reference the content by topics or themes. Though hashtags started on Twitter, but have quickly caught on over the years on other platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and even Facebook.

What is a hashtag generator?

A hashtag generator is a software or tool designed specifically to help you find the most relevant hashtags for your post or photo based on the keywords you choose. There can be multiple other supporting features like analytics, AI, and ML-based analyzers to check the image content and intent to upload before suggesting relevant keywords to find hashtags.

Best free hashtag generators

While we all know how important it is to find the right hashtags for your social media content, it is difficult to judge what will work best for your niche and content. We have compiled a list of the top hashtag generators so that you can choose the one that suits you the best!
  1. Flick

    Regarded as the best Instagram hashtag generator, Flick has everything one may need for Instagram hashtags. The platform makes it easy to find and manage hashtags a lot easier. Additionally, it also tells you which hashtags are increasing your discoverability. Apart from the comprehensive analytics tools, Flick has great training tools and courses.
  2. Instavast

    A web-based tool, Instavast generates relevant hashtags according to photos, posts, and keywords. You can generate hashtags in one of these three ways - upload a photo, enter the post URL, or enter a keyword. The hashtags generated by the tool will help you boost the post’s engagement.
  3. RiteTag

    Though RiteTag is a part of the social media toolkit RiteKit, it can also be used as a standalone tool. It instantly gives hashtag suggestions for images and texts on desktop and mobile devices. The tool also has a Chrome extension that lets you right-click on any image or select some text and then choose the option ‘Get Hashtag Suggestions.’
  4. HashTagsForLikes

    HashTagsForLikes is one of the most powerful hashtag generators that give you a list of the most popular and trending hashtags that will work for you. Apart from being a hashtag generator, the platform helps you manage your social media account and posts to gain more followers with better content and hashtags.
  5. #HashMe

    An AI-powered hashtag generator - #HashMe, is an iOS app and has a free version with a premium version available for $8.99 a month. The app lets you upload a photo or find hashtags with text input. Once you have a list of trending hashtags, you can choose to copy and paste them on your next Instagram post.
  6. Photerloo

    Photerloo analyses the content of your photo and then uses machine learning to generate relevant hashtags and keywords. You can drag and drop the photo you are going to post to see multiple options of hashtags that go with the post.
  7. Hashtagify

    A unique hashtag generator tool, Hashtagify searches for real-time data and offers insights about hashtags. It also lets you analyze competitors’ content while giving you information and insights about relevant content posted by similar influencers. This powerful Twitter hashtag generator tool includes multiple features like hashtag suggestions, analytics, and insights on the hashtag.
  8. Inflact

    Inflact is a unique and effective Instagram growth tool with a powerful hashtag search feature. The tool is often used as a service of Instagram growth and has multiple awesome features like a hashtag generator and an auto like and follow tool that logs in to your social media account and auto follow other accounts and like posts.
  9. Seekmetrics

    An intense social media marketing tool with about 22 free social media tools will help you grow your social media presence. Among these 22 tools is a very powerful and free hashtag generator that lets you generate hashtags for Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. As soon as you enter a keyword, you immediately get 30 related hashtags.
  10. Ingramer

    An AI-powered hashtag generator, Ingramer has multiple smart features where you can search for relevant hashtags using a keyword, photo, or link. The results are categorized into frequent, average, and rare hashtags. Each displays the number of shares received to help you pick the most effective hashtags. The platform recommends using two frequent hashtags, 8 average hashtags, and 10 to 12 rare hashtags for the best results.
  11. Kicksta

    A free hashtag generator, Kicksta lets the clients find the best hashtags for their images and find out which hashtags have been banned in the past. This will help you determine which hashtags you should use and whether they will help keep your content’s reputation. The platform also provides local proxies to keep you safe online, especially while sharing personal information. This list has the most popular hashtag generators, but if you are looking for something more specific, creating your own app is a good idea. Appy Pie’s app maker lets you make an app in minutes without spending a bomb! Try it out!

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