Shefa Eram

Shefa Eram

Customer Success Manager at Appy Pie


Shefa Eram, Customer Success Manager at Appy Pie, with over 3 years of experience in customer onboarding and technical support has an excellent progressive track record. Key areas of expertise include on-boarding, Technical support, Customer Success Strategies, and Client Retention.

How To Keep Up with Swift Changes

Shefa Eram
By Shefa Eram | December 30, 2021 | 5-min read

How do you deal with Swift changes as you’re learning how to code iOS apps? It’s a frustration that many beginner iOS developers share. When I recently asked iOS developers for their biggest challenges, here’s a comment I got: The fact that Apple is CONSTANTLY changing Swift!!! The liberal use of all-caps and exclamation marks says a lot… The Swift programming language is powerful, innovative and always in flux. The same is true for SwiftUI. How do you keep up, avoid learning ou[...]

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