Neha Tyagi

Neha Tyagi

HR Manager at Appy Pie


HR Manager at Appy Pie, Neha Tyagi, has 11+ years of experience in Human Resource Management with a master’s degree in the same. With a management acumen, Neha is responsible for managing the life cycle of an employee within the organization.

Her areas of expertise are human resource management, compliances, payroll, reporting and audits. When Neha is not working then she is either doing adventures or resting in calmness of mountains.

How To Think Like a Programmer

Neha Tyagi
By Neha Tyagi | December 31, 2021 | 5-min read

Learning how to code is challenging, that’s for sure. How can you make it easier for yourself? Learn to think like a programmer! The right mindset, mental models and problem-solving techniques make learning how to code a breeze. Plenty of people who want to learn to code, give up early. That’s why skilled developers make five and six figure salaries. It’s also why there is a shortage of developers in just about any industry you can think of. The supply is low and the demand is high. How[...]

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