Mahima Singh

Mahima Singh

Product Manager at Appy Pie

Product Manager at Appy Pie, Mahima oversees the product organization, which encompasses Product Management and Product Design. Energetic and enthusiastic professional with hands-on experience right from Concept, Idea forming, Market research, and Wireframing product flows to Competitor analysis. She also has a broad base of experience in monitoring and analyzing customer feedback and taking care of issues with the best problem-solving strategies. A free thinker, Mahima can be seen working out, cycling, and adventuring in her free time.

How to start your own Podcast?

How to start your own Podcast – The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Mahima Singh
By Mahima Singh | August 5, 2019 | 8-min read

In this post we are going to talk about starting a podcast and give you a breakdown of the entire process from the scratch. This post covers the following topics: How to start a podcast? What you need to make your own podcast? How to record a podcast? How to edit your podcast? How to launch a podcast? How to make money from your podcast? The audience for podcasts is expanding and the reason for the popularity is the sheer convenience of accessing all that audio content[...]

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