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Kasib Khan

Billing Advisor at Appy Pie

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Kasib Khan, Billing Advisor at Appy Pie, has over a decade of experience working in the IT industry. During his tenure as digital marketing expert, he has successfully delivered over 1000+ digital marketing campaigns. Today, he is responsible for reducing the churn and increasing month-on-month revenue of Appy Pie.

Create UIs with Views and Modifiers in SwiftUI

Kasib Khan
By Kasib Khan | December 27, 2021 | 5-min read

How do you create User Interfaces with SwiftUI? In this tutorial, we’ll dive into the fundamental concepts and approaches that make SwiftUI work. We’ll discuss views and modifiers, and create a card view in the process. Here’s what we’ll get into: How SwiftUI’s syntax and composition works What views and modifiers are, and how they work How to work with VStack, HStack, Text, Spacer and Image views Using modifiers like frame(), font(), padding() and shadow() Tips and tricks to[...]

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