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Create the best app landing page

For the first time, Appy Pie has made inline editing possible for your app landing page. Create the perfect app landing page design without leaving your app dashboard.

Promote your app using your landing page

Even if you make the best app ever, unless you market them to the right audience group, not many people will know about it. Your app landing page can help you promote your app and put it in front of the right audience.

Claim & connect your free domain

Appy Pie offers a free domain with every mobile app subscription. Once you have designed your landing page for app, all you need to do is claim your free domain name and connect it to the mobile app landing page design.

Ready to use app landing page templates

Appy Pie offers multiple app landing page templates categorized under meaningful categories. Choose from the free app landing page templates and exploit the inline editing abilities to see the changes in real-time on real devices as you make changes to your app landing page.

How to make a landing page for mobile apps with Appy Pie?

  1. Claim your landing page
  2. Go to your app management section and claim your app landing page.

  3. Choose an app landing page template
  4. To create the perfect landing page design for mobile apps, start by selecting the best-suited app landing page template.

  5. Edit app landing page design
  6. Every app landing page template is entirely editable. You can now edit it to your satisfaction and edit every single element of the landing page for your mobile app.

  7. Claim & connect your domain
  8. Claim your free domain from the app management section and connect it to your brand new app landing page.

  9. Publish your app landing page
  10. Once you have your landing page and domain in place, just click on publish to get your app landing page live and accessible for everyone on the internet.

Why choose Appy Pie’s mobile app landing page builder to create an app landing page?

Creating a landing page for your mobile app may sound intimidating and challenging, but with Appy Pie’s app landing page generator, it is a breeze. The platform is the perfect solution for business owners, business users, and entrepreneurs with a limited understanding of technology.

Creating a landing page for apps with Appy Pie takes only a few minutes and does not require coding knowledge. All you need to do is choose a template, edit it to your satisfaction, connect it to an existing domain, and publish your app in minutes.

Let’s see why Appy Pie is the perfect choice for the same.

  • Needs no coding

    You don’t need coding to create an app landing page with Appy Pie! As a part of your Appy Pie app subscription, you get access to a free app landing page that is entirely editable. You can edit it, connect it to a free domain and go live without needing any coding knowledge at all! This meant that anyone with access to an internet-connected device could use Appy Pie to create their own app landing page in minutes.

  • Free-to-use, editable templates

    You get access to several editable app landing page templates. All the templates are entirely free to use, and we keep adding new templates regularly to enrich our reserve of creative properties. The inline editing functionality allows users to make desired changes to the landing page without leaving the app. Even more interesting is the fact that you can see all the changes being reflected in the app in real-time, which makes the experience even more rewarding.

  • Round-the-clock support

    The mobile app landing page builder makes the entire process of making an app landing page easy, but should you run into any challenge, you can access support anytime, anywhere. The support teams are available to help you out over chat, email, or phone. Additionally, the platform provides an entire knowledge database with several help articles, FAQs, and video tutorials.

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