Affiliate Website Builder

How to Make an Affiliate Website for Free in 3 Easy Steps?

To create your own affiliate website, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Enter the name of your website

    Create an impressive name that represents your affiliate website/brand

  2. Add your preferred features

    Build your affiliate website without coding and add the striking features using the drag-n-drop interface

  3. Publish your affiliate website

    Test and launch your affiliate website to bring your brand online

What Pages are Important for an Affiliate Website?

Affiliate website gives users plenty of opportunities to earn income while sitting at home. Users have to promote the products listed for affiliate marketing. They will earn commission if somebody in their network ends up buying from the listed products. So, if you are all set to create an affiliate website, then you must start soon. Before initiating, you must go through the summarized list of essential pages you can add to your affiliate website.

  • About Us
  • About us is the most essential page of an affiliate website. The page covers crucial information about your company. It tells your website, visitors, about the vision, missions, and team behind your company. On the about page, you can include the story of your company, an overview of achievements, and much more. This page is necessary to develop the reputation of your brand.

  • Sign Up/ Login
  • Sign Up/ Login page is a must-have on an affiliate website. Sign up page lets users start their journey with your company. Sign up or login page must be simply designed and must ask for a few basic details like username and password. You can also add a brief step-by-step guide or chatbot assistant on the sign-up page for swift signing in process of users.

  • Our Program
  • Our Program page is meant to provide a brief insight to users of various programs. This page informs users of the structure, commissions, targets, perks, etc. of different programs of affiliate marketing offers by your website. You can include comparison charts of various plans for a better understanding of users. 

  • Updates
  • Updates page is meant to notify the users about the latest change in any of the programs offered by your website. On the updates page, you can add a few sections like news, insights, pricing changes, new products, etc. You may notify your users of updates and changes at frequent intervals. 

  • Marketplace
  • Marketplace mentions the range of products and services you are offering for affiliate marketing on your website. You must list every product clearly and crisply with a brief description on this page. The marketplace page must be attractive enough to encourage users and shoppers to shop.

  • Blog
  • Blog page has become the part of a content marketing strategy. You can share your opinions, highlight the features of your programs, and write various articles related to your industry. Also, a blog page can be used to provide important information to your visitors and users.

  • Contact
  • Contact page displays different ways for visitors to connect with your brand. Generally, the contact page shares the business email, phone number, or both. You can also add a chatbot on the contact page to handle various queries of users. You can also screen your social media handles either in the form of icons or URLs on this page.

Why You Should Use Appy Pie’s Affiliate Website Builder?
  • Codeless Development:
  • Appy Pie’s affiliate website maker allows you to build an affiliate website without coding a single line. Also, unique features can be added to the website by simply dragging and dropping.

  • Light Websites:
  • Appy Pie helps in creating light and fast opening websites. It can minimize the time taken by users to open your website and ensure seamless user experience.

  • Customer Support:
  • Appy Pie provides immediate customer support in the form of tutorials, FAQs, and guides, in case something goes wrong while building an affiliate website.

  • Time Friendly:
  • Developing a website from scratch requires a lot of time and a dedicated team of developers. With Appy Pie affiliate website maker, a new website can be designed in a few easy steps, saving time and human efforts.

  • SEO Friendly:
  • Appy Pie’s website builder creates SEO friendly websites that can help your website to rank higher in Google search.

  • Purchase your domain:
  • Appy Pie’s Smart Assistant assists you in buying your domain. You can have your business domain and make your website online in a few clicks.

Why Do You Need To Make An Affiliate Website?

Affiliate marketing has come a long way. Lucrative commissions in the form of passive income convince people to promote third party products listed on the affiliate website.

Undoubtedly, it is a great time to invest in the affiliate marketing industry and launching your affiliate website. 

In this digital era, the affiliate industry is not only limited to a few players, but it includes users and shoppers across the world. Highly reputed companies like Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and many more have already launched their affiliate programs to engage a large chunk of audience.

Affiliate marketing allows earning money to people of every age group who know how to market and promote various products. The future of the affiliate industry is undoubtedly tilted on the positive side. So, if you have planned to build an affiliate website, then you must positively go ahead with it.