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Copy-paste your content into the box and sit back while our software counts the number of words in it. Appy Pie’s Online word counter will display both the number of words and characters in your text.







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Appy Pie’s online word counter tool to help you count words and characters

Many online platforms accept content that strictly adheres to their word limit. So, keeping track of the number of words, characters, lines, etc., becomes important to get your content accepted and published.

To ensure that your content fits in the given word limit, check your word count with Appy Pie’s online word counter. No matter how long your content is, Appy Pie’s word counter tool can count the number of words in seconds.

Besides counting the words written, you can keep track of words read as well with our tool. Just copy the text you are reading and paste it into the box given for your word count.

Appy Pie’s online word counter is meant for everyone who wants to know how many words they have written or read.

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How to use the word counter tool?

Our free online word counter has an intuitive interface and can count words in a few clicks. You must follow a three-step process to count words:

  1. Copy-paste content

    Whether you want to count words in your pdf or your doc file, you need to copy and paste your text in the word counter box offered by our tool. It will be read by our tool, and the counting starts immediately.

  2. Count your words

    Your content will be analyzed, and the algorithm will count your content. Our word counter does not have a document limit. You can paste large documents and count them with ease!

  3. Word count display

    Word count will be displayed at the end of the document. As soon as you delete your text from the box after counting, it will immediately get deleted along with its cache from our servers to assure data privacy.

  4. Get Started
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Why choose Appy Pie’s online word counter tool?

Appy Pie’s online word counter tool has an edge over the other tools available on the internet due to the following reasons:

  • Free online tool

    Unlike other word counter tools that might cost you after a few trials, Appy Pie’s online word counter is entirely free. Appy Pie offers you a free word counter tool irrespective of the number of documents you want to check.

  • Easy-to-use

    Counting the words with Appy Pie’s online word counter is not rocket science. You just need to copy your text and paste it into the given box. Rest will be taken care of by our online word counter.

  • Saves a huge amount of time

    You can instantly count words in your document with Appy Pie’s online world counter. It helps you save time as it ensures that you strictly adhere to the word limit before submitting your content for online publishing.

  • No additional plugins are required

    Appy Pie’s online word counter is a web-based word counting tool, so you do not need to install any software or plugin to your device. You only need an internet connection and your document to get the word count.

  • No registration or sign-up process

    There is no need to register or sign up before using Appy Pie’s word counter software. You can conveniently count words as you don’t have to go through all those procedures before using it.

  • Safe & Secure

    Appy Pie does not retain any data for the text you enter into the word counter tool. Once you close the webpage window, all your data is deleted meaning you can safely word count important documents and information without worrying about data retention.

Benefits of word counter tool

There are numerous benefits of the online word counter tool. Let us explore a few of them.

  • Serves various purposes

    Whether you want to count the number of words in your article or blog before publishing it on any website or adhere to the word limit of social post content meant for a specific platform, the Word counter tool can be your savior!

  • Accuracy

    Many online platforms do not leave space for a few extra words in your content and simply reject it before publishing. The word counter online tool lets you maintain the accuracy of word count in your document.

  • Automates word counting

    You won’t have to count the number of words in your text manually, and you can focus on other tasks. Word counter tools are also very easy to use – all you need to do is copy and paste your text into the tool.

online word counter

What are you waiting for?

Let every word count!

Use Appy Pie’s online word counter and count the words in each document, blog, or article. Keep up with the word limits of all your documents.

Appy Pie’s Word counter can serve as a web page word counter, Google doc word counter, and much more! Count the words in any text-based document with ease!

Try our word counter today! Click on ‘Get Started’ and start counting!

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