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How to Create an Online Shopping Website for Free in 3 Easy Steps?

To make your own shopping website, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the name of your shopping website

  2. Enter the name for your shopping website. Appy Pie’s shopping website builder also provides a free domain for all shopper websites. You can also enter your existing shopping domain name if you want.

  3. Add the features you desire

  4. Browse through Appy Pie’s plethora of shopping specific features such as shopping cart and multiple payment gateways. Add the shopper features/webpages you need by simply dragging and dropping them into your website.

  5. Launch your website

  6. Publish your shopping website and get your business up and running within minutes. Use Appy Pie’s real-time update features to update your shopping ecommerce website according to your user’s requirements.

What pages are essential for a Shopping website?

Shopping Website is a platform for the customers to place orders online and get them delivered at home. They may represent local stores, brands, major retailers or third-party vendors. These websites are compatible with all the browsers. The important pages for a shopping website are stated below:

  • Sign up/Login

    The sign-up option on this page is to get the users registered for the security purposes. So that whenever they shop, they should have a unique ID and password to login to the website.

  • Profile

    Every shopping website has a lot of visitors, some of them skip the sign up page and just have a look on the variety of the products but the ones who shop, they create their profiles and enter their personal information, like name, phone number, address for the delivery of the product. The profile page contains the user details of those customers.

  • Products

    This is the most important page for a shopping website. The products that the company offers, will be displayed on this page with different filters and categories. The categories will be mentioned as per the nature of the products.

  • Wishlist and Cart

    This is the section particularly for the products that users shortlist. The products user will place on hold will be in the wish-list and the ones user is ready to buy will be in the cart. As soon as user clicks to buy the product the website shows the payments page.

  • Track orders

    This is the page for the orders already been placed. Users can check the status and track the location of their orders on this page.

  • Customer support

    Every shopping website should have this page. It is necessary to keep the customer happy in order to increase the sale. This page offers the help and support to the customers in case they need questions or any other concerns.

  • About Us

    This page on the website includes the information about the history and background of the company. This page has detailed information about the products and services the company offers.

Why you should use Appy Pie’s Website Builder for a Online Shopping Website?

  • No-Code Shopping Website

    With Appy Pie’s shopping website builder, you don’t need to code to create a website. The website builder offers codeless designing and a feature of adding the pages by dragging and dropping.

  • Light Websites

    Shopping websites are likely to have hundreds to thousands of web pages depending on how many products you sell. A good shopping website needs to be light and fast. With Appy Pie’s optimized back end and localized CDNs, your website will be extremely fast and lightweight

  • SEO Friendly

    SEO is extremely important for ecommerce and shopping websites. Use Appy Pie’s excellent analytics dashboard and rank your website on Google to increase your revenue substantially.

  • Custom Domain

    Appy Pie owned Smart Assistant helps the customers buy their own domain. Buy your domain instantly. You can also use your existing domains for your shopping websites that you create with Appy Pie shopping website builder.

  • No Appy Pie branding

    Your website is yours to keep. No matter what kind of shopping website you build, you will brand it with your own logos and colors. Appy Pie does not keep any branding on your website or web pages.

  • 24*7 Support

    Appy Pie Website Builder is supported by excellent support teams. Get instant support for any problems that you experience while using our product. Get 24*7 email and chat-based support for your shopping websites.

Why you need to make a Shopping website?

Online shopping helps customers browse the wide range of products along-with the products specifications’ information, prices and features. The search feature in the websites enables an option to find specific brands, models or items as per the customer’s requirement.

Creating a shopping website will make the product more recognizable, when customers try to search online. The website makes the business gain competitive advantages in the industry and improve the business image. A website needs an effective marketing strategy and if it is an SEO friendly website, it will boost the ranking and increase the sales with higher profits.

The website has always been a great tool to share useful information about the business and draw the fact that you offer the best service or product. There are plenty of advantages of creating a website such as to acquire the customer’s attention, win new customers, promote goodwill of the business and many more.

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