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Graphic Design Website Builder

How to Make a Graphic Design Website for Free in 3 Easy Steps?

To create your own graphic design website, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the name of your business

    Select a unique name for your graphic design website

  2. Add Desired Features

    Make your own graphic design website without a single line of coding

  3. Publish your Website

    Test your graphic design website and launch it to bring your business online

What pages are important for a Graphic Design Website?

Graphic design website helps users in creating beautiful designs to make their business website look attractive. The features provided on a graphic design website can be used in modifying images, posters and webpages etc. Some essential pages for a Graphic-design website are stated below:

  • Home

    This page has a brief introduction to the company and the clients. It has information about all the sections of the website.

  • Design Templates

    This is an important part of the website. It has all the design templates that are available to use. This page also shows the samples of the work done by the company.

  • News and blogs

    This section displays the news and blogs related to the company products and services. It also provides users option to comment and send their feedback.

  • Products & Services

    This page has all the detailed information about the products and services that the company provides for the users of the website.

  • Contact

    This page has the contact information for the company with the e-mail address and the helpline number. Users can get in touch with this helpdesk if they have any queries.

Why you should use Appy Pie’s Website Builder for a Graphic Design Website?

  • Provides fulltime Helpdesk

    The company offers immediate help and support for the users in case they have any questions. The company updates guides, FAQs and tutorials on the website.

  • Builds fast-loading Websites

    Appy Pie website builder makes fast-loading websites for the users, that load in few seconds and deliver an excellent user experience.

  • No-Code featured Websites

    The company’s website builder builds the websites with no-code feature and an easy to use option of dragging and dropping the pages to add them to the website.

  • Provides user domain

    Smart Assistant feature of Appy Pie’s Website builder offers users their own domain and creates it in sometime.

  • Provides SEO Friendly feature

    Website builder builds SEO friendly websites for the users and makes Google ranking a very easy task for them.

  • Creates Time-friendly Websites

    Appy Pie website builder has assigned a team of developers to helps users create soft-running and time-saving websites that start working in a few minutes.

Why you need to make a Graphic Design Website?

Graphic designing is a part of the print industry and web projects, excluding programming. It is more popular than web designing. Graphic designers are more involved in artistic impressions but it does not include all the elements that are required for web development.

Graphic designers design ideas combined with art and technology and they create websites to communicate these ideas with their users. Graphic design is all about creating attractive and beautiful ideas with different graphics, images and typography.