Convert Catalog and Brochure into App

It is super easy to convert your business catalog and brochure into an app. You can choose to make an Android or iOS app from your business catalog or brochure without learning to code. Appy Pie lets you publish your catalog or brochure app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app stores can offer you an audience of millions, giving your app great exposure.

DIY Catalog and Brochure App Builder

Give new life to your business catalog and brochure with Appy Pie’s app builder. With our app builder, you can easily convert your business catalog and brochure into an app with amazing features that make you showcase your latest business assets. Publish the app on Google Play Store and Apple app store to gain new customers and recurring revenue for years to come. Converting your business catalog and brochure into an app improves your overall user engagement and experience, helping you gain more customers and retain them for longer.

Convert Catalog and Brochure into App

If you have a great idea and a bit of a creative streak, Appy Pie’s no-code app builder can help you convert your catalog and brochure into an app in just a few minutes. The best part, you do not have to worry about learning to code, investing thousands of dollars, or waiting for months before the app is ready to go live. In fact, you may require as little as 10 minutes or lesser to create an interactive catalog or brochure app with the unique and easy-to-use code-free, drag & drop app builder. Your new catalog and brochure app can help you improve your brand awareness, market your business, expand your business, and increase your revenue.

Low Cost with Long-Term Revenue

Using our cost-effective platform, you can surely create a long-term revenue opportunity by your own catalog or brochure app. You can also enable in-app purchase for catalog or brochure subscription, or on pdf, videos, and images content shared on your app, and gain a good amount of money. Not just this, you can also announce new products and deliver real-time offerings for product discount and deals.

What’s Included

The catalog and brochure app you create with Appy Pie’s app builder features:
Deliver high quality user experience
•Deliver high quality user experience
•Create engagement and boosts sales
•Promote brand awareness
•Deliver real-time deals
•Add video and audio
•Push notifications, text messages, and emails
•Available on iOS and Android


Keep track of user behaviors and other activities with our one-of-a-kind analytics feature. Our analytics feature allows you to gain insights of page visits, time spent, search topics, and much more, helping you get an upper edge over your competitors.