How to Create NewsStand In App Purchase from Play Store on Android Devices?

Follow below mentioned steps to learn how to create newsstand in app purchase form Play Store on Android devices:

  1. If you have created Google Play Developer account, login, else Signup
  2. Click on the specific app for which you want to create IAP product
  3. Click on In-App Product present on the left-hand side window
  4. Click on Add New Product button
  5. Now you need to select the type of product that you like to add - Managed Product(Onetime) or Subscription based IAP product. Provide Product ID, and click on Continue to move ahead
  6. Enter Subscription Details and Pricing as per your needs, and click on Save
  7. Select Active option from drop down menu present on the top right-hand side corner
  8. Go back to In-App Product section
  9. Here you will see Product ID of your IAP products

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