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You get more than just a website with Appy Pie Website for free

Professional Domain Name

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Choose a free domain name that aligns with your business, brand image, and offerings. For every website you make, we will give you a complimentary domain name of your choice.

Web Hosting Service

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Get free hosting for your brand-new website and you don’t have to do anything. Your free website hosting will be automatically set up as soon as you publish your website online.

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Send all official communication from a custom professional email address to match your domain name & get free access to Google Workspace for every custom website you create.

An App to Match Your Website

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Get a free mobile app that matches your website and completes your online presence with multiple ways to reach your customers without breaking the bank or hiring new resources.

How to Create a Web3 Website Using AI Web3 Website Builder?

Following are the steps to create a web3 website using our AI Web3 Website Builder:

  • STEP 1
  • Write a Detailed Text Prompt

    Describe in detail the exact expectations you have from the web3 website you want to make using AI.

  • STEP 2
  • Edit & Test Your Web3 Website

    Make as many changes as you need to customize your website and test it across devices and browsers.

  • STEP 3
  • Go Live!

    Connect your web3 website to the desired domain name and launch it to go online.

How to Make a Web3 Website Without Coding in 3 Steps?

Follow the steps below to make a web3 website without learning to code:

  • STEP 1
  • Enter the Name of Your Website

    Name your web3 website and choose a color theme and design layout for your website.

  • STEP 2
  • Drag & Drop Desired Pages

    Add the right pages to your web3 website without coding and tweak the features to suit your preferences.

  • STEP 3
  • Publish Your Web3 Website

    Connect your domain name to your web3 website and launch it online.

AI Web3 Website Builder to Make Web3 Websites with Ease

Web3 is a new platform that’s being developed as an extension of the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to access the Ethereum blockchain and its capabilities without the need to install heavy forms of technology. You’ll be able to access DApps from Web3 and interact with them on a simple web page.

Web3 provides a powerful abstraction layer allowing applications to easily use the features and functionality of the Ethereum network. It is the evolution of the original web, which brought us the ability to share information without central authorities.

Web3 websites are websites that can be accessed through your Ethereum wallet’s browser extension. These websites can show you a bunch of information about your wallet, the blockchain, and the decentralized applications (DApps) you’re using.

Web3 websites are very popular among users, because they enable a lot of anonymity surrounding the use of the website. The user doesn’t want people to know where they are connecting from or what kind of information they are using, and therefore this is a great option for them. The owner of the website will also be able to enjoy anonymity, since their IP address will be masked, and they will be unable to see the IP address of the user.

Create your own Web3 website without even writing a single line of code. Yes, you read it right. With Appy Pie Website, it’s as easy as pie to build Web3 websites in just a matter of minutes. Simply go to our online website builder, enter the website name, select the category, pick a color scheme you like, customize the website design the way you want, add the best features, connect the website to your desired domain, and make your website live.

Pick A Website Template You Love

Appy Pie’s AI-powered Website Builder has a rich library of brilliantly designed website templates to inspire your next unique website design. Find a design you like and edit it to make it your own!

Benefits of Web3 Websites

Web3 is an interactive platform which offers compelling content to its customers and helps them to increase their business. Web3 websites seem to be a perfect solution to the typical problems found in most e-commerce sites. Listed hereunder are some of the benefits of Web3 websites –

  • Easy to use

    Websites built on Web3 are easy to use because they’re designed in a straightforward manner. The platform has intuitive navigation and a very user-friendly interface making the platform perfect for even those who have never worked with technology.

  • Secure

    Websites built on Web3 are highly secure because they are built on a decentralized network where everything is encrypted. This means that your data cannot be stolen or hidden by hackers.

  • Fast

    Websites built on Web3 are fast because they are hosted on a decentralized network that is connected to many nodes, making them ideal for businesses as they can perform thousands of transactions per second without delays.

  • Highly Interactive

    Web3 websites are highly interactive and user friendly. The customers who are not interested in the website or have no knowledge about the transaction details can easily place their orders. The web3 websites also offer a customer-friendly approach and help the customers to place their orders in a hassle-free manner.

  • Low Initial Cost

    A Web3 website is constructed using open-source software and technologies. This means that it will cost less than conventional e-commerce websites. These low costs are particularly important for small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs with stringent budget restrictions.

  • Broadband Efficiency

    The browser-based nature of Web3 websites allows for use of broadband networks for delivery of all the information. This increases the scope and potential of the platform and the web3 websites powered by the Appy Pie platform.

  • Flexibility

    Web3 websites can be easily changed based on customer preferences and market changes. This flexibility ensures that you, as the website owner, can adapt and tweak the website to your specific needs and requirements.

  • User Control and Privacy

    Users have greater control over their data on Web3 platforms. They can manage permissions and have ownership of their information, leading to improved privacy and reduced data exploitation by centralized entities.

  • Future-Proof and Innovation-Friendly

    Web3 lays the foundation for future innovations and disruptive technologies. It encourages experimentation and fosters an environment conducive to rapid technological advancements.

Why choose Appy Pie’s AI web3 website builder?

Using Appy Pie’s no-code website builder, anyone can create amazing web3 websites in minutes. Be it a novice or an experienced, our platform offers all that you need to make great looking web3 websites. Discussed here a few reasons why you must choose Appy Pie’s web3 website maker for developing websites –

  1. DIY Interface

    Appy Pie’s website builder has a drag and drop functionality that allows users to create web3 websites easily.

  2. No Coding Required

    You don’t need to have any technical knowledge or coding skills to develop web3 websites using our platform.

  3. Hundreds of Templates

    Appy Pie Website offers hundreds of templates to choose from, making it easy for users to build web3 websites.

  4. Lightning-Fast and Lightweight Sites

    All websites built on Appy Pie’s website maker are lightweight and fast. Your Web3 website will work flawlessly even on a 2G connection.

  5. 24X7 support

    Enjoy round-the-clock support on email, chat, and phone, plus access to hundreds of tutorial videos, help articles, and FAQs.

  6. Real-time updates

    Any changes you make to your Web3 website will be updated in real-time directly on your website, saving you time and trouble

Make Web3 Websites with Our AI Web3 Website Builder

Crafting Web3 websites demands cutting-edge technology, and our AI Web3 Website Builder is the solution to empower your decentralized web presence. Our builder leverages blockchain technology to create decentralized websites, ensuring increased security and resilience. By eliminating single points of failure, it establishes a robust architecture that enhances trust and reliability.

One of the core principles of Web3 is empowering users. Our Web3 Website Maker integrates user-friendly tools that grant individuals complete control over their data and interactions. Users can manage permissions, ensuring enhanced privacy and ownership of their information. Seamless integration with various blockchain networks is a cornerstone of our Web3 Website Creator platform. This not only ensures transparency but also opens up possibilities for tokenization, smart contracts, and other blockchain functionalities. Smart contracts, in particular, automate processes, enhance efficiency, and eliminate intermediaries.

Our Web3 Website Builder supports tokenization, enabling the creation of digital assets or tokens. This not only opens up new revenue streams but also allows for innovative monetization models, fostering user engagement and participation.

Interoperability is key in the Web3 landscape. Our Web3 Website Maker emphasizes interoperability, allowing integration with different blockchain networks and applications. This flexibility ensures your Web3 website is not confined to a single network.

Fostering community-driven decision-making is another pivotal aspect. Our builder integrates features for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), enabling users to participate in governance, voting, and shaping the future direction of the platform.

Privacy is prioritized throughout the design process. Features such as end-to-end encryption and secure identity management are integrated to enhance user privacy, establishing a trustworthy environment for users.

Lastly, our Web3 Website Builder ensures inclusivity by providing access to underbanked populations or regions with limited internet infrastructure through decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. With continuous updates and a focus on innovation, our platform ensures that your Web3 website remains at the forefront of technological advancements and innovations.

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