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You get more than just a website with Appy Pie Website for free

Professional Domain Name

Free Professional Domain Name

Choose a free domain name that aligns with your business, brand image, and offerings. For every website you make, we will give you a complimentary domain name of your choice.

Web Hosting Service

Free Web Hosting Service

Get free hosting for your brand-new website and you don’t have to do anything. Your free website hosting will be automatically set up as soon as you publish your website online.

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Free Business Email Powered by Google Workspace

Send all official communication from a custom professional email address to match your domain name & get free access to Google Workspace for every custom website you create.

An App to Match Your Website

Free App to Match Your Website

Get a free mobile app that matches your website and completes your online presence with multiple ways to reach your customers without breaking the bank or hiring new resources.

How to Make a Salon Website using AI in 3 Easy Steps?


To create your own salon website, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the business name

    Choose a name for your salon website to help your brand stand out

  2. Add features to your website

    Build an excellent salon website without any coding

  3. Publish your salon website

    Publish your salon website to bring your business online in just a few minutes

What pages are important for a Salon Website?

Salon website is the first interaction that the customer has with the salon. The website should be creative, attractive and well-organized. The website should be able to convince the visitors that the salon is right for them. Some important webpages that should be a part of Salon website are mentioned further:

  • Sign up

    It is not necessary for every user to sign up. They will have to create an account to book appointments or to avail the products and services online, offered by the company. This page asks the users for their personal details like name, contact number, e-mail address etc.

  • Services

    This page displays the detailed services and packages provided by the company. This page shows the charges applicable for particular services. User will have to go to the booking page in order to book any of them.

  • Team

    This section of the website has a brief introduction to the team and the staff of the salon with their ethical beliefs and stories.

  • Bookings

    Users can check their exiting bookings and make new bookings on this page. They have to create an account in order to make a new booking and can just login with their username and password to check the existing bookings.

  • Contact

    This page of the website has the contact information of the salon. The visitors could find the name and address of the salon and make a visit.

  • About Us

    This page has the details of the company’s background with the customer service experiences and contact details. It has the information about the social media websites that the company has tie-up with.

Pick A Website Template You Love

Appy Pie’s AI-powered Website Builder has a rich library of brilliantly designed website templates to inspire your next unique website design. Find a design you like and edit it to make it your own!

Why you should use Appy Pie’s AI Website Builder for a Salon Website?

  • Builds codeless Websites

    The website does not need a code, if created using Appy Pie website builder. It offers codeless designing with dragging and dropping feature to add pages.

  • Creates Soft running Websites

    Appy Pie Website Builder helps users in creating light and soft running websites in order to ensure seamless user experience.

  • Help and Customer Support

    Appy Pie gives immediate customer support with tutorials, FAQs and guides, if anything goes wrong.

  • Builds Time-saving websites

    Appy Pie’s team of developers develop a website from scratch which is often an expensive affair. It helps to get a new website online in few hours.

  • SEO Friendly Websites

    The website builder develops SEO friendly websites and makes ranking in Google an easy job.

  • Make your own domain

    Appy Pie’s Smart Assistant feature helps users in making their own domain instantaneously.

Why you need to make a Salon Website?

It is important for every business to create a great website, but for the salon business it is more intense to have an engaging website. This is a competitive market where stylists are not only looking for new customers but also to retain the existing ones.

Salon website has to be up to date, fresh and organized, so that the new customers think that the salon stylists are also up-to-date with advanced products. Even if you have brought the great products into the store, it is not always easy to convince the customers to spend more money on beauty products. They need to be advertised in a way that the customers learn how great the product is.

Salon website must have online booking feature so that new customers don’t have to go through the steps for making a purchase, they can just book an appointment in a few clicks and regular customers can also make the appointments hassle free.

Revolutionize Your Salon’s Online Presence with AI-Powered Website Creation

In the bustling beauty industry, your salon’s digital footprint is as crucial as the quality of services you offer. Appy Pie’s AI Salon Website Builder is your partner in crafting an exquisite online presence that not only reflects the essence of your salon but also engages and attracts new clients.

Begin Your Salon’s Digital Transformation

  1. Launch with Ease: Enter your salon’s name, and our AI-driven builder will kickstart your website’s creation, suggesting design elements and content tailored to the beauty industry.
  2. Secure and Reliable: New to Appy Pie? Sign up to access a suite of robust features within a secure web-building environment. Existing users can log in to enhance their site further.
  3. Customize to Your Brand: With our intuitive design tools, personalize every aspect of your website to align with your salon’s unique brand and style.

Why Opt for Appy Pie’s AI Salon Website Builder?

  1. No Technical Skills Needed: Our no-code solution empowers salon owners and stylists to create stunning websites without any technical know-how.
  2. Top-Tier Security: We ensure your website and customer data are protected with the latest security measures.
  3. Dynamic Content Updates: Keep your site fresh with new services, styles, and salon updates using our easy content management tools.
  4. Peak Performance: Enjoy a smooth, fast-loading website that provides an excellent user experience, crucial for retaining clients.
  5. Cost-Effective with Great Returns: Transform your salon’s online presence without breaking the bank. Our AI Salon Website Builder is an investment in your brand’s growth and client satisfaction.

Additional Perks of Using Appy Pie

  • Cross-Device Compatibility: Your website will look stunning and work flawlessly across all devices, ensuring your clients can reach you anytime, anywhere.
  • Insightful Analytics: Track your website’s performance and gain valuable insights into client behavior with our integrated analytics tools.
  • 24/7 Support: Our dedicated support team is here to help you every step of the way, ensuring your website remains up-to-date and effective.

In the beauty industry, an online presence is not just about aesthetics—it’s about connecting with clients and providing them with an accessible platform to explore your services. With Appy Pie’s AI Salon Website Builder, you’re not just building a website; you’re enhancing your salon’s digital experience. Start your journey to a more beautiful online presence today!

Top Frequently Asked Questions

Here is how you can create your own salon website without any coding –

  1. Go to, select Website and click on Get Started or go to Appy Pie Website and click on Get Started
  2. Enter the business name and click on Next
  3. Choose the category that best meets your business needs
  4. Pick a color scheme of your liking
  5. Click on Save & Continue
  6. If you own an Appy Pie account, login, else create an account
  7. Please wait while your website is getting ready. It is the mobile version of your salon website.
  8. Click on Preview Website
  9. On this page, you will get 2 options – ‘Back to My Website’ and ‘Configuration’
  10. Click on ‘Back to My Website’ and it will take you to My Websites page
  11. Click on the ‘View More’ tab next to your website name
  12. You will be taken to the Website Overview Page. Click on ‘Edit’
  13. You will be redirected to the design customization section. Here you can modify the visual appearance of your salon website and add your preferred features
  14. Click on Save & Continue
  15. Click on ‘Configuration’ to connect the website with the domain
  16. Buy a new domain or connect with your existing domain and launch your salon website in no time

Here are the steps you can follow to start a successful salon business.

  1. Create a business plan
  2. Figure out funding
  3. Find a mentor
  4. Create an accounting and inventory program
  5. Find a suitable location
  6. Hire experienced staff
  7. Try to deliver better customer service
  8. Promote your business well
  9. Try to find new customers and retain them
  10. Review your business plan regularly

You can make a good amount of money owning a salon website. As per a study, depending upon the location, the hair salon owners can earn up to $75000/year on average.

A good hair salon should have following qualities-

  1. Should be affordable
  2. Should have experienced employees
  3. Should be clean and well-equipped
  4. Should have a dedicated staff

You can search online for the best hair salons in your area and go for the ones that have these qualities.

You can create your own salon website under free trial plan using Appy Pie Website Builder.

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