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How to make WhatsApp Live Chat with Appy Pie?

To create live chat on WhatsApp without coding, follow a three-step process:

  1. Create or sign in with existing Google or a Facebook account on Appy Pie Livechat

    Select the type of widget and color of your WhatsApp live chat window

  2. Customize your live chat window

    For better recognition, personalize window as per your brand theme

  3. Integrate WhatsApp live chat on the website

    Give your customers a smooth and seamless experience

Benefits of WhatsApp Business Live Chat

There are numerous benefits of both the WhatsApp live chat website and the WhatsApp live chat app:

  • Chat with your customers in real-time:

    WhatsApp live messages lets live agents chat, resolve queries, suggest products, etc. with customers in real-time. It assures fast and instant replies to customer queries.

  • Get feedback on your products and services:

    Live chat with WhatsApp allows you to interact with your target audience and take their reviews of products and services offered by your business.

  • Answer questions about your business:

    WhatsApp website live chat lets you build trust and loyalty of your web visitors and customers by answering questions as and when they encounter any doubts related to your products offered.

  • Send broadcast messages:

    WhatsApp live chat allows you to market and advertise your business at a large scale by sending new updates, product catalogs, and much more via broadcast messages.

  • Availability in multiple languages:

    You can easily interact with customers in their language and give them a personalized touch. It helps in nurturing and retaining customers in the long run.

What sets Appy Pie Livechat apart

  • Secured chat history:

    For future references, you can save your conservation taking place with potential and long-run customers in the safe and secure cloud storage space offered by Appy Pie Livechat. It helps in maintaining data privacy and security.

  • Chat ratings:

    With Appy Pie Livechat you can maintain the accountability of your live agents by allowing web visitors and customers to rate their chat experience. Appy Pie allows clients to leave their feedback and rate the live agent they talked to after they complete WhatsApp chat.

  • Add notes:

    Appy Pie live chat allows your live agents to add a note below the conversation and analyze it at the end of the day. It helps your agent update their knowledge base and give inputs to further improve products and services offered.

  • Multiple forms:

    With Appy Pie Livechat, you can add various forms to your WhatsApp like pre-chat forms, offline forms, etc. These forms help assure that neither any lead nor any customer is left unattended by your live agent.

  • Widget customization:

    No matter how colorful or small WhatsApp live chat widget you want to add to your website or app, Appy Pie livechat has got you covered. You can even add brand colors for creating better recall value.

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Page reviewed by: Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on January 24th, 2022 2:59 pm