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What is Facebook Messenger Live Chat

What is Facebook Messenger Live Chat

Appy Pie Live Chat brings you an exciting new way to interact with your customers on social media. With this live chat plugin for Facebook, customers can communicate with your business directly through their Facebook accounts.

Why you need a Facebook Messenger Live Chat

  • Interact with your customers and leads directly

    Facebook is a platform of the people. Send cards, product listings, suggestions, and respond to customer issues quickly and directly. Speed up your customer service with a Facebook Messenger Live Chat from Appy Pie Live Chat.

  • Simplifies your communication

    Why invest in expensive infrastructure to talk to your customers? Simply integrate your live chat with Messenger and call it a day! Talk to your customers in a friendly manner and reduce your resolution time.

  • Reduce your response time

    The average business can take a week to respond to a customer email. With live chat, customers can be responded to within minutes. Decreasing resolution time can help you retain customers and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Conversational customer support for the win!

Make your conversations richer, improve customer experience, and create unique support encounters for your customers. Use Appy Pie Live Chat’s Facebook Messenger plugin and get conversations from your Facebook to your live chat dashboard directly!

Why Appy Pie Live Chat

  • Affordable

    Appy Pie is one of the most affordable Facebook Messenger Live Chat solutions on the market. Talk to your customers with ease and save money with Appy Pie’s cost-effective solution.

  • Scalable

    Appy Pie’s Facebook Messenger Live Chat provides you with the best possible servers. Easily scale up your contact center and connect chats from multiple Facebook pages if needed.

  • Flexibility for your Agents

    Appy Pie’s Live Chat provides your support agents the flexibility they want. From inbuilt tools to make work easier and excellent features, they can enjoy a remote working experience if needed.

  • Minimal setup time

    Get your support infrastructure up and running within the hour with Appy Pie Live Chat. It’s simple to set up and use. For a Facebook Messenger Live chat, you simply need to copy/paste a few lines of code into your Facebook page.

  • Fast & Reliable

    Appy Pie is one of the most reliable live chat solutions on the market. With its superfast servers and excellent security features, your chat service will be online whenever you need it to be!

  • Completely on the Cloud

    Appy Pie is an entirely cloud-based platform. Your entire live chat works online with the help of the latest cloud solutions on the market.

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