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Streamline and manage customer conversations from multiple communication channels, such as email, social media, chat and phone in a single ticketing inbox. There is no requirement to switch between multiple tools, and platforms, ensuring no missing out on replies and follow-ups.

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Use in-built trigger rules to respond quickly to standard requests with predefined actions. You can also generate other actions, like changing the status of a ticket or altering certain fields, sending email notifications, changing priorities. Default SLA policies help ensure on-time response by sending required reminders, and alerts to your team. It can also provide for escalations of tickets. Canned Responses provide quick pre-composed replies to save time and efforts.

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Resolving customer queries, and complaints is a lot easier when the agents can see the customer's previous tickets raised and other activities like comments and posts on the forums from any channel, along with their latest ticket. When the agents are empowered with this context, they can solve customer issues better and faster. With our ticketing software all the information your team needs to provide a personal and connected customer experience is right at their fingertips in the Ticket activity section.

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Our ticketing software is designed with the powerful collaboration features to help agents ensure better support experience for the customers. Assign tickets to either a specific agent or a department so there is no confusion about who should be working on which ticket. Loop teammate on the same ticket to resolve the issue faster.

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Take the complexity out of customer support. Support, now simplified. 

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Custom status
Create custom status for tickets based on their needs and importance for faster support.
Ticket priority
Divide and distribute tickets into more manageable chunks based on their priority. Based on the priority, the agents can cater to urgent and more critical needs first.
Follow a ticket
Invite followers to a ticket or follow a ticket to monitor the progress as it updates. Receive notifications regarding various events taking place within the following ticket.
Pin a ticket
Mark the important or on-hold tickets which require your attention as Pinned. All pinned tickets are displayed on the top for easy routing and searching.
Label your support tickets for quick response. This feature helps you categorize tickets at the most basic level to help customer your agents track, search and sort related tickets efficiently.
Bulk actions
There can be cases when you want to reply or apply the same actions to multiple tickets at once. Using the bulk update feature, one can apply bulk status, priority, and much more at once.  
Smart notifications
Enable email and system notifications for various events to keep a track of the agent and customer activities related to a ticket.
Satisfaction surveys
Collect feedback from end users, to measure their satisfaction, by automatically sending custom survey questions when tickets are closed.
Custom ticket forms
Customize the ticket forms to create different forms to match multiple incident types.
Powerful search & filters
Drill down to find what you are looking for in no time. This feature lets customer support agents find tickets without any fuss and fluster.
Direct link to knowledge base
Encountering a frequent query? Directly convert a ticket response to the Knowledge base article to enable self-customer support 
Our ticketing software easily integrates with varied third party apps you use in your business, and can be customized according to your requirements Integrate with CRM, Chat bots and Live Chat modules and provide end to end customer support.

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Lead your customer to happiness with quick and easy resolutions to their issues. Our ticketing system is designed to help you provide your customers with personalized and quick support. Using a ticket management system ensures professionalism, and builds a sense of trust amongst your customers. 

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Provide support to your support team. With an automated and advanced ticketing system, agents are able to cater to issues in a smarter and faster way. Productive agents are happy agents. Give them all the support tools to organize and find the information they need to best serve your customers.

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Communication across channels is absolutely seamless and almost effortless. We let you customize your ticketing system to suit any workflow. Designed to handle the most complex business processes, yet flexible enough to scale with you as you grow.

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Appy Pie’s Help Desk Ticketing System

Built to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Agent Productivity

Businesses that are closer to customers will win.

One of the most important things you can do to improve customer satisfaction is to adopt a robust Helpdesk Ticketing System.

With Appy Pie’s ticketing software, you can track and organize all your customers’ queries in one dashboard that’s accessible to your entire support team. It helps businesses to save your agents time, allowing them to focus on finding customer support requests, prioritizing them, and making sure that no one else is working on the same. Unlike other help desk software, Appy Pie’s help desk ticketing system focuses on team collaboration and productivity. It is designed with the powerful collaboration features to help your support agents ensure effective communication within the team for better customer service.

You can integrate Appy Pie’s ticketing system with the popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and more. Once you integrate it with the social medial platform, it will automatically create tickets for every post where your business is tagged or mentioned. With an intuitive user interface, Appy Pie ticketing system makes it easy for your support team to easily manage all customer interactions at one place without any fuss and fluster.

Here are some of the major benefits of using Appy Pie’s help desk ticketing system:

  • Simple to deploy and easy to integrate with existing services
  • Offers an Omni-channel customer support
  • Keeps track of customer issues and organizes them in one place
  • Priority based resolution for bulk tickets
  • Enables the supervisor to monitor the status of the tickets with detailed reports
  • Easy to customize reports
  • Creates notification within the system when ticket status is updated
  • Creates a personalized journey for every customers

Appy Pie’s help desk ticketing system is a sophisticated tool for routing, prioritizing, and solving customer queries and complaints professionally, ensuring loyal customer base. Our software is tested and proven to increase agent productivity and improve customer satisfaction. If you’re looking for the best ticketing tool that can improve support agents productivity, Appy Pie’s Helpdesk Ticketing System is the best option for you.

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