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Vacation email examples

Businesses make the most profit while holiday or vacation season and it has become an important email marketing strategy of today’s digital era. Customers are also excited about holiday sales or greeting emails so they can make buy their favorite products at lower prices. Brands often take advantage of their customer’s excitement and craft emails that help them drive more sales.

Vacation emails turn out to be so effective because customers are generally active more than usual to look out for beneficial deals and offers. But to achieve these goals, it is essential to write action-driven emails that offer results.

Reasons customers are excited about vacation emails

  • Deals and promotions: Customers are often excited about vacation emails because such emails often include exclusive sales, promotions, and discounts that are only available during festive seasons. These offers help customers to purchase products of their choice that they might be not able to afford earlier.

  • Gift ideas: Gift ideas are such an important event in any vacation email. A lot of customers struggle to find the right gift for their loved ones and emails become a lifesaver for them.

  • Festive spirit: Customers are already too excited about vacations and festivals, on top of it vacation emails with a cheerful tone make them more cheerful. Emails even help people who may be stressed during the holiday season.

  • Exclusive content: Vacation emails often contain DIY recipes or gifts and, inspirational stories which make the customer feel valued.

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Vacation email templates

1. New year template

Dear [customer]

A very Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. May this year fill your life with health and wealth.

Your presence with us in the last year brought us luck and improvement to [pain point] in your life. As a token of appreciation, we created a memoir for you with the feedback and pictures shared by you. And we couldn’t have done all this without your help. You are an amazing customer and we’re glad to have you!

Thanks again for making this journey wonderful and valuable. We want your presence this year too!

Best wishes to you and your family,

[your signature]

2. Christmas Eve template

Hi [customer name]

We know you’re going to be swamped this week but we just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family. As you are our loyal customers, we can’t resist caring for you.

This Christmas, we’ve brought something special for you. A DIY gift to gift your loved ones!

[steps to making the DIY gift]

We have also attached a written and a video tutorial for you to take help in case you miss any steps. If your loved ones like it, a feedback would make us feel great.

For feedback, click here [link]

Heartfelt blessing to you and your family,

[Business name]

3. Valentine’s day template

Dear [customer name]

Sometimes, all you need is to hear the voice of the person you love. Their voice is so soothing that it makes you relaxed.

Valentine’s Day is coming and we want to make this one very special for you and your valentine. We’ve launched an app [app’s name] that will automatically make an animated film with pictures of you and your partner.

Browse our app through the link [link]

Loads of love to you,

[your name]

4. Easter template

Dear [customer]

Bunnies are going to start hopping in your backyard soon and we know you’re going to be occupied chasing them.

But it’d be great if you could take some time out to check a few discounts we’re offering which may catch your attention. If you’re planning to buy some [products/services], please go through the current discounts going on.

Let us know if you need any help with deciding your favorite [products/services] or with the buying process.

Best wishes,

[your signature]

5. Summer season template

Hello [customer name]

Summers are quietly knocking on the door and we can’t wait to reduce the baggage of so many clothes and finally wear cotton.

Check out amazing offers going on on all cotton wear. Some lucky customers even got a discount of 80%. Amazing? Huh…

Just enter the code [code] and avail discounts unto 90%.

You can make your purchase through our website [link]

Happy summer to you!


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Vacation email subject line examples

  • Out of Office: Taking a break!

  • Vacation Alert: Time to Unwind

  • I’m away on vacation – here’s what you need to know

  • Enjoying Some Time Off My Vacation Dates

  • See You Later! Taking Time for Vacation

  • Away from Work: On Vacation Until [Date]

  • Taking a Break: Be Back Soon!

  • Time to Relax: Vacation Bound

  • On Vacation: Disconnecting to Recharge

  • Relaxing Getaway: Away from the Office

  • Escape to Paradise: Book Your Dream Vacation Now!

  • Discover the Magic of [Destination] this Holiday Season

  • Relax and Unwind: Special Offer for Your Next Vacation

  • Your Perfect Getaway Awaits: Save [Discount] on Your Booking

  • Treat Yourself to a Well-Deserved Break this Holiday Season

  • Celebrate the Holidays with Our Exclusive Vacation Packages

  • Get Ready to Make Memories: Book Your Vacation Today

  • Escape the Cold and Embrace the Sun: Special Holiday Offer

  • Experience [Destination] Like Never Before: Book Now and Save

  • Make Your Holiday Dreams Come True: Exclusive Offers Inside

Vacation email tips

  • Plan your campaigns: You need ample time to plan for your holiday campaigns to succeed. Think about your content, offers, customer care, and even your website design, to ensure everything aligns with your holiday marketing campaigns.

  • Planning helps you avoid the needless stress and frustration of scrambling to put together your holiday campaigns at the last minute. Create a list of marketing tasks and materials you need before the holidays. That way, your campaigns can run smoothly, and all the materials you need are prepared.

  • Clear and concise: Resist the urge to send long and hearty messages. Chances are, your customers are busy with the upcoming holidays and don’t have time to read through everything. Keep your business holiday greetings short.

  • It doesn’t take an entire page to let customers know you value them. If you’re using customer service software for your live chat support, you can include automated holiday messages at the end of every customer interaction.

    Long holiday messages are also not ideal for mobile devices since customers need to scroll to read the entire content. This ruins the customer experience. If your customers are busy, they might find your holiday message annoying.

  • Avoid salesy messages: Tone down the sales talk when sending holiday greetings. Sometimes, being too salesy can turn your customers off and reduce their buying.

  • Instead of aggressively telling your customers to buy, why not greet them and ask if there’s anything your company can do to make their holidays extra special? This builds your image as a company that cares.

    When businesses use holiday greetings strategically, they can establish a meaningful connection with their customers, which ultimately leads to more sales down the line.

  • Keep it generic: Unless you’re sure all your customers celebrate the same holidays, or if your business centers on a specific group of clientele, keep your holiday greetings generic. It helps you avoid isolating any individual or group of customers. Consider saying “Warmest wishes!” or “Happy holidays!”

  • If your customers celebrate specific winter holidays, such as Kwanzaa and Hanukkah, tailor your message to acknowledge those. It’s a great way to show inclusivity and appreciation, helping you connect with your clients and improve the customer experience.

  • Personalize the greeting: While it’s crucial to keep your holiday greetings generic, add a level of personalization so your message becomes more catchy. Address your clients by their names in your greetings and include exclusive offers based on their previous interactions and purchases. This shows you are aware of their preferences.

  • When businesses send personalized season greetings messages, their holiday marketing campaigns become more impactful regardless of the marketing channels they use.

Benefit of vacation email to businesses

  • Increased Sales: One of the main benefits of holiday emails is that they can lead to increased sales. By offering exclusive deals and promotions, businesses and brands can entice customers to make purchases they may not have otherwise made.

  • Improved Customer Engagement: Holiday emails can improve customer engagement by providing customers with valuable content, gift ideas, and inspiration. This can help businesses and brands build stronger relationships with their customers and keep them engaged throughout the holiday season.

  • Brand Awareness: Holiday emails can help businesses and brands increase their brand awareness by reaching a wider audience. This can be especially important for smaller businesses and brands that may not have a large marketing budget.

  • Data Collection: Holiday emails can be a great way to collect valuable data about customers, such as their email addresses, purchase history, and preferences. This data can be used to improve future marketing campaigns and personalize the customer experience.

  • Competitive Advantage: By sending holiday emails, businesses, and brands can stay competitive with other companies in their industry. This can help them stand out from the competition and attract new customers.

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