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No amount of marketing can get you customers than testimonials in today’s market. Growth in digital marketing and its various formats have stuffed the screens of customers with lots of options and varieties. With so many options available in the market, customers tend to choose products which are liked and rated positive by previous customers.

Testimonials are in a huge gameplay now, they directly influence new customers to opt for products/services with high ratings. Brands and businesses investing efforts into asking for testimonials have agreed that they experienced a rise in revenue after successful customers posted their testimonials. It also helped them gain new customers and improved ranking on google.

Influence of testimonials

Businesses need to understand that their customers are facing real serious issues in their lives and using your product or service may change their life. Therefore, emotional influence plays an important role while making a purchase decision.

  • Elevated brand reputation: Customers look out for many product options available before making a purchase decision. Hence, customers are easily influenced by the products having positive reviews even though they were new to the brand.

  • Credibility and trustworthiness: Your testimonials add a human touch to your marketing needs resulting in generating credibility and trust among your previous and new customers.

  • Free promotion: Having testimonials on your website or any other platforms are eventually promoting your brand for free. Satisfied customers posting positive reviews helps generate more sales and increase awareness.

  • Boosted SEO: Customer testimonials directly impact the website’s performance and domain authority of your website which is linked to improved SEO.

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Best practices to write promotional email

While there are multiple channels where you can ask for your testimonials, all these mediums come with their own challenges. Some of the common channels where you may ask for testimonials are via email, an SMS to a customer, social media, interviewing a client, in-person, etc.

However, here we will learn how to write better testimonial request emails for better reach and improved customer-base.

  • Ensure right timings: Sending a testimonial request email at the right time is much more important than just sending an email requesting for a testimonial. An email without an occasion will unfortunately not let your customer take necessary action and may lead to staying in the inbox forever. Upon analyzing your customer’s journey with your business, write an email requesting for a testimonial.

  • Customization of your testimonial request: Customers like it when they receive emails which are only meant for them. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to make your customers feel special anyhow. You can start customization by calling your customers by their first name and sharing a little bit about your experience with them.

  • Provide an offer: Customer’s inboxes are filled with many emails at the same time. Therefore, it becomes important for you to let them know what extra you serve to the table. Providing an extra service, a discount or an offer may trigger your customer to take action.

  • Provide multiple options: Every customer has their own preferences while sharing a testimonial. Hence, you must make this process easy for them. Offering many options will ease it out for them to choose from. Some of the options you may keep for them are:

  • #A short paragraph about their experiences with you.

    #Recording a short video

    #A live interview with one of your executive

    #Social media takeover

  • Asking the right questions: While asking for a testimonial, you must ask relevant questions from your customers. Asking irrelevant and unnecessary questions may bore your new customers. In some cases, customers may not know how to write or give testimonials where you must ensure to ask them questions that serve your purpose. Consider them asking questions like, ‘How did we solve your problem?’, ‘Would you recommend us to others?’, ‘What was your experience working with us?’, etc.

  • Ask for a referral: When asking for a testimonial, is the best time to ask for a referral as you’ve already satisfied your customer with your product/service. You can ask your customer to refer your services to other clients or businesses. Even if the customer doesn’t have any referrals, you can definitely ask for a testimonial and share that he would like to recommend you services.

Testimonial Request Emails Samples

1. Project completion

Hello [customer name]

We’re thrilled to recall that we just finished [project name] with you on [date] and we are very humbled to get a chance working with you. Your knowledge and expertise has deepened our proficiency. Also, we would love to get another opportunity to assist you anyway we can.

However, the purpose of this email is to request a testimonial from you for the services we offered while working with you. Your shared experiences are valuable to us and they help us get more outstanding customers, just like you.

We’d be pleased if you take out some time to answer a few questions like ‘What was your problem before meeting us?’, ‘How our services helped you solve those problems?’, ‘How would you like to rate our services in a few sentences?’, etc.

You can either write to us or share a video of yourself sharing your views on our [service/product name].

Here’s a link to previous testimonials in case you need help writing yours. However, we are here to help you out at any step of the process and would love to assist you again. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

You are a part of [company name] family and we care for our family members.

Yours Sincerely

[company name]

2. Foundation day of company

Hey [customer name]

I’m glad to share with you that we have completed [years] since our [founder’s name

] founded [company name]. All these years, we’ve had a lot of experiences including fun, parties and sometimes it also involved working late nights to complete our projects within deadline.

We are sharing this experience with you because you were once a part of [company name] family and we have our own memories of yours always in our hearts. Working for you was a learning experience for us which can’t be forgotten.

[company name] writes this to you to ask for a favor from our favorite customer. We’d love to know what you think about us, our services and products, and the time you spent with us through a testimonial.

It will hardly take 5-10 minutes for you but it will surely make our day. You can add your testimonial by clicking here at [link]

We’ve also added some sample testimonials to help you out with the process of sharing testimonials. In case you need any help, we’re one call away.


[company name]

3. Reminder email request to share a testimonial

Hi [customer name]

It is nice to talk to you again after a long time. We’re pleased to serve you with our services and with reference to our last email to you, we’d like to know your interest in sharing a testimonial for our website.

Your feedback is valuable to us and your shared experiences help us improve for the future.

Help other customers know about our services by sharing a written or video testimonial. You can find the link [link] here which will take you to a google form where you can answer our questions within 5 minutes.

Thanks for being a loyal [company name] customer

Kind Regards

[company name]

4. Building a portfolio for our company

Hi [customer name]

We hope you’re doing well.

You’re receiving this email to let you know that [company name] is expanding digitally and we thank you for the opportunity you gave us to work for you.

We’re very excited to share with you that we’re building a new portfolio for our business needs. Therefore, we’ll be highly thankful to you if you can share a few words about your experience with us. We can’t wait to see your name beautifully crafted on our portfolio.

For your help, we’re attaching a simple guide to let you know how you can easily write a testimonial within minutes.

Contact us at [phone no or email] if you need any help writing a testimonial.

Best Regards

[company name]

5. Extra Discount on writing testimonial

Hi [customer name]

Congratulations! You’ve received a gift card worth Rs.[amount] on your next purchase.

To avail the discount, we request you to share a testimonial for your previous purchase with order no[order no.] made on [date]. Your feedback will be valuable to us and will help us know if we need improvisations.

You need to follow very simple steps to share a testimonial with us. For your convenience, we’ve added a list of questions if you find it difficult to write/record on what to share.

Please go through the files attached and let us know if you have any questions.

Best of Luck!


[company name]

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Methods for receiving client testimonials

  • Email: Asking for testimonials via email is a great start to do because emails are accepted and used globally. Also, it is free and easy to use. For ideas, you can have a look at our testimonial request email templates.

  • Interviewing client: Being in touch with your client either physically or virtually will be an extra advantage for you to ask questions related to their purchase with you. Conducting an interview is a great way to ask for testimonials as the customer is pre-prepared for the questions.

  • Co-write testimonial with client: Your customers are not professional testimonial writers. So, it’s completely okay to help your customers write a testimonial for your company.

  • Send an SMS template: Customers are more likely to read SMS messages but you must ensure to have permission from the customer to send SMS. Adding basic information with politeness will motivate your customer to share positive feedback.

10 testimonial questions to ask from customers

  • What was your biggest challenge before you met [company name]

  • How we solved your problems with our product/ services?

  • How would you like to rate us in terms of quality and improvement?

  • What were some of your achievements after using our product/service?

  • What made you choose [company name] for your [problem name]?

  • Did we exceed your expectations with our service/product?

  • Would you recommend our product/service to other customers?

  • What are some specific benefits you received after using our product?

  • How did you find us and did we solve your problem?

  • How will you differentiate us from your competitors?

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