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Effective Promotional Email Templates

Marketing and advertising have come a long way since the foundation of the Internet. Numerous platforms and marketing ways have been developed since then and ‘Promotional Email’ is one such kind. Promotional emails templates are a type of digital marketing which helps businesses generate sales/ retain customers/ promote new products or offers/ etc.

Significance of sending promotional email

While there are millions of businesses and products/services in the market, it’s definitely a tough choice for the customers to decide on one. That is where promotional emails arrive as an opportunity for businesses and a solution to their confusion to customers.

They directly serve the purpose of sending an email to the specific customer with a specific message. A properly written promotion email answers the why and how of the customers which makes it easy for the customer to comprehend the purpose and how they can take necessary actions.

Best practices to write promotional email

  1. Find purpose of writing: Before starting to write, it is mandatory to decide ‘what to write’ and give direction to your content. A directionless content piece or an email does nothing but leads your email to the trash by the customer.

  2. Personalized content: When somebody addresses something to you but if the same person specifies your name and then addresses the same information, it will have a different impact on you, psychologically. It is true that personalized messages have a higher chance of getting an email read or even taking necessary action.

  3. Share and NOT inform: Sharing and informing while writing an email are two totally different emotions and you may already know that sharing something is more lovable and polite to the reader or listener than informing. Writing an informative email is more formal and generates a sense of alertness.

  4. Emphasize on benefits rather than features: Define what value you serve to the table while presenting your email. A promotional email which only brags about the features and serves no value to the customers will unfortunately lead to bouncing back of your potential lead.

  5. Write relevant content: It is important for you to align your content with customer interests and existing content. Writing a promotional email which aligns with a customer’s preferences and solves his/her problem will have a higher chance of converting or retaining that customer.

  6. Maintain clarity: While drafting an email, ‘clarity’ is the primary requirement of any content piece above all. Later, you can show your creativity by adding a funny, witty, emotional, etc. tone to it but for the sake of entertainment, you mustn’t compromise with the clarity and message of your email.

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Promotional email examples & templates

1. Feedback email for recent purchase

Subject: Your feedback is valuable to [Company name]

Dear [customer name]

We heard you recently received your order from [company name]. It looks like it was your first purchase from [company name] and we are hoping that you liked our product from [brand name of the product they purchased].

We always ensure that our customers receive the best quality products with short delivery time.

Therefore, we’d like to have your feedback on your latest order for future improvements.

Share your feedback

1. I liked it very much

2. I do not like it

3. Could’ve been better

4. Others

Thank you for your valuable time. Your feedback means a lot to us. Our support team will reach out to you in case you face any issues with our services.

Warm Regards

[Company name]

2. Thank You email for sharing feedback

Subject: Hey, we just received your feedback on your recent purchase from [company name]

Dear [customer name]

We’re happy to know that you liked our services and we appreciate your efforts which you made to share the feedback from your precious time.

We’re constantly improving our services for our valuable customers and we just wanted you to know that we care for you and your feedback matters to us.

Stay with us and continue shopping with [company name].

Warm Regards

[company name]

3. Informing about new sale arrival

Subject: Live sale starting from [date]. Upto 70% off on all products

Dear [customer name]

We hope you’re doing your best and in good health.

[company name] wanted you to know that our Live sale is starting from [date] to [date]. Avail discounts upto 70% on all orders and get a FREE GIFT! From [company name] for being our consistent customer.

Thank You for choosing [company name]


[company name]

4. Email to have trial packs for new products launched

Subject: Free Mini Trial Packs starting from INR145 only.

Dear [customer name]

We are thrilled to announce that [brand name] has launched a new [product name] with impeccable benefits on [platform name]

Benefits are:




First 500 customers will be able to avail extra 20% off on all purchases with a voucher worth Rs. 100 for your next purchase with [platform name]

Check out [new product name] on www.[company’s website].com

We hope to hear from you soon.

Warm Regards

[platform name]

5. Payment confirmation email

Subject: Payment Received of [amount] on order [order no.]

Dear {customer name]

[company name] has successfully received your payment of Rs.[amount] for order [order no.] on [date].

Thank You for shopping with us. Can’t wait to have your feedback on the same.

Order Details:

[add details]

Your favorite brand

[company name]

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Email subject line examples

  • Thank you for shopping with us.

  • Missed us? We’re back with new discounts upto 50%

  • Hurry Up! Sale ends tomorrow

  • Facing issues with new order? Contact us at [contact no]

  • Your new friend is here. Say hi to [new product launched]

  • Congratulations! You’ve won 500 extra points on your latest order.

  • Sharing is caring. Share your experiences with others.

  • You are our loyal customer. Here’s your voucher worth Rs.[amount]

  • Welcome to Family Mr./Ms./Mrs. [customer name]

  • It’s been a pleasure to serve you. Kindly share your feedback.

Additional key points for promotional email

  • Easy language: Always remember to use such language which is easy to understand. Your customers wouldn’t like themselves to feel stupid when seeing an email which is difficult to comprehend. Avoid using slang, jargon or buzzwords. Keep it simple and clear.

  • Don’t use heavy and irrelevant designs: If you’re adding images to a promotional email, then make sure you only add relevant information in the image and the image must be relevant too. Stuffed images could act as a turf off for your customer so beware of using such images. Instead, you may use aesthetic images or simple images with just relevant texts inside.

  • Write in second person: Your audiences would love it if you speak to them directly. Your email copy should be reader oriented and not writer oriented. Second person language includes usage of ‘you’, ‘your’ and ‘yours’. Though, sometimes, it might be required to use first or third person but you must maintain a balance keeping the focus on the customer and not the brand.

  • Keep a back-up of the email list: Have you ever thought about who owns those emails whom you call your customers? Who owns the media you share while sending or receiving an email? How many customers would you hold if these platforms shut down? Therefore, it is important to keep a list of the customers you have and the media shared.

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