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Promo code emails are often sent by businesses to their customers for a variety of reasons. But who doesn’t love shopping when there’s a sale going on or discounts available. Companies do take advantage of this and send promo code emails to their email subscribers as a marketing tactic to boost sales and increase engagement.

Such emails usually consist of a coupon code or a link to a landing page where the discount could be redeemed. These emails are targeted toward existing customers, potential customers, and returning customers. Businesses often use this opportunity as a season to sell off stock, build new customers and generate revenue.

Key factors to remember before sending promo code emails

  • Evaluation of profit margins: Before offering coupon codes, make sure to evaluate and analyze your profit margins to stay in profit, otherwise you’ll lose a lot of money out of a marketing strategy that was meant to boost revenue generation.

  • Recognize higher customer acquisition costs: Offering coupon code attracts new customers and with it comes high customer acquisition costs. Make sure to convert those new buyers into loyal ones so you don’t suffer from higher customer acquisition costs.

  • Ensuring discounts will bring results: Giving away big discounts often attracts deal shoppers. Therefore, analyze and test your email campaigns before making them live so that they reach the right audience.

  • Preparing for a negative impact: While coupon codes are effective in the sale and profitable for making new customers but they can turn back and cause harm. People quickly get addicted to discounts and switch to new products when the discount is not available on yours.

  • Targeting your audience for discounts: You must know that not everybody is your target audience but there is a specific group that will buy from you or wants to buy. Hence, keep your emails targeted towards your audience and not generic emails.

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Offering promo code email templates

1. Template 1

Hello [recipient’s name]

We’re happy to have you onboard for our newsletter subscription. As a token of reward, we announce to give you a coupon code worth $[amount] on your first purchase with us.

To avail of the discount, click on the link [link]

The code to avail the discount is [code]

Best wishes


2. Template 2

Hey [customer]

How you doin’?

[company] is offering a discount of 50% on all of its products. This email is a reminder for you to grab your favorites from the store before they get out of stock.

Please use code [code] to avail the discount through our website.

Deals last until [date&time]

Hurry up!

Happy shopping


3. Template 3

Hello [customer name]

It’s shopping season! And as you are our loyal customer, we have a surprise for you.

[Company] is issuing a special coupon code only for you.

Here’s the code:


Please redeem this code on any product/service. Also, you can only avail of this code by making a purchase from our website.

Thanks for shopping


4. Template 4

Dear [customer]

Congratulations on successfully completing 3 years with us. You are our favorite customer who has always stayed with us in any circumstance.

To show our gratitude, we have decided to give you a coupon code of [amount] which can only be availed on our website. Code is [code]

The code will expire after [no of days] days so hurry up!

Please contact our customer support team in case you have any doubts.

Happy shopping!


5. Template 5

Hi [customer name]

Thank you for placing an order with [company name]

We really appreciate your presence, and that’s why we want to offer you [x]% off on your next order with us.

To avail, simply use the code [code], and tada! Your code is redeemed.

Hope you enjoy shopping with [company]



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Promo code request emails templates

1. Initial request

Dear [brand representative]

I am an absolute fan of your [product/service]. It has helped me improve [details of improvement] impeccably. Your products are of great help to the people like us and I would appreciate it if you could do a favor by sending a coupon code on [product/service/.

I would be happy to promote your brand on my social media as I have an audience that would love to try your [product/service]. Waiting for you to revert soon.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards

[your name]

2. Follow-up request

Hello [recipient’s name]

I hope you are doing well and in good health. I am writing this email as a follow-up to my previous email regarding a coupon code. As I am your loyal customer, I requested a coupon code on [oprpdutc/service] or yours.

I have been using [product/service]for the past [no. of years] years/months and I absolutely love it. But for now, the price is out of budget for me. Therefore, I request you to share a coupon code and in return, I would continue promoting your [product/service] through my various social media channels.


[customer name]

3. Request for bulk order discount

Dear [brand representative]

Just got notified that your [product/service] is back in stock now and I’m super excited to make a purchase. But, this time I would like to place a bulk order as I don’t want to get them out of stock again and wait forever.

As I’m willing to place a bulk order and I’m also your loyal customer, I was hoping, if I could receive a coupon code to make them more economical for me.

Hoping to hear back from you soon!


[your name]

Promo code email subject line examples

  • Final hours for 20% off!

  • Don’t miss out on our exclusive sale!

  • Limited time offer: @5% off everything

  • Save big with our end-of-season sale!

  • VIP access: 30% off for our valued customers

  • One day only: 15% off your entire purchase

  • Flash sale alert: 20% off all products

  • Last chance to save: 10% off your order

  • Unlock your discount: 25% off today

  • Get ready to save 50% on all purchases

Benefits of giving promo code

  • Bring in new customers: Promo codes can motivate new customers to try your products or services.

  • Increased sales: Promo codes may increase sales, especially for products or services with less demand.

  • Clear inventory: Promo codes help businesses to clear out previous stocks and refill them with new ones.

  • Customer loyalty: Offering promo codes to old customers makes them stay a little longer with your brand and also makes them feel special and appreciated.

  • Competitive advantage: Customers love products and services which are available at discounted prices. Hence, it gives an extra advantage to businesses when their competitors aren’t offering any promo codes.

  • Generating buzz: Promo codes create a buzz around the market. Your previous and potential customers, both are hyper-attentive and ready to refer and buy your products or services.

  • Boosting cash flow: Discounts can encourage customers to make purchases sooner, which can improve cash flow for your business.

Benefits of asking for promo code

  • Cost savings: Asking for a discount from a brand can help you save money on the products or services you purchase.

  • Increased purchased power: Discounts allow you to buy more products or services than you would have otherwise.

  • Improved customer satisfaction: By offering discounts, brands can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Build relationships: Regularly asking for discounts from a brand can help you build a relationship with the company, which can lead to better deals in the future.

  • Access to exclusive deals: Brands may offer exclusive deals and discounts to customers who regularly request discounts.

  • Boosts confidence: Successfully negotiating a discount can boost your confidence and make you feel more in control of your finances.

  • Encourage brands to offer discounts: By regularly asking for discounts, you are encouraging brands to offer deals, which can benefit other customers as well.

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